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  1. the lyrics are a riddle. the answer is a shadow
  2. or the cryogenic slumber party means that you wake sam up from her sleep
  3. i think it turned out to be the QED. treyarch probably was going to have the gersch emblem but then people would get confused
  4. the spinning ray gun comes from mule kick. when you buy it sometimes a random weapon drops so you can grab it for the 3rd gun so it just so happened a ray gun popped up. and they got a fire sale out of it because the guy who got the ray gun already had a ray gun so the game wouldnt let him get 2 ray guns
  5. im guessing in the trailer they were planning on having the waterfall be a trap but instead they had it not cost anything and u can use it freely. so in the trailer they still havnt finished the map
  6. there is a picture of the zombie anatomy that we have seen throughout the maps to the right of the scientist head
  7. that one picture were you though it was the silverback it is actually just the zombies blood after he got shot by the gun
  8. hey carbon. i posted my picture and you still have not put me in the group
  9. i think everyone would agree with me that treyarch should have put in the M60!!! that would own! with the big ammo and the power
  10. zombienerd

    Moon song?

    eminem's space bound would be perfect for this map!!!
  11. o. didnt see that :?
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