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  1. MrShortKhop793

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    OohUzqPlwKA (Beat Im Spitting Over Producer: DJ Pooh Released: 1995, ©: Death Row Records Up Jump the boogie, wake'in up throw the Dogg Pound Hoodie....on, Throw on the Kackies an croker sacc glide on, Run down stairs, sister chillin play'in wit nair, but momma knows how to take care, Cookin Breakfast with no hog, Sunny Sunny LA Wit no Fog, Umm Lookin like today was a good day, Cube Vision, Ready to make a killin, Slangin Birds that dont fly, Hit the Lo-Lo Wit Stride, K.S.G Ready to ride, Killin Makin Skrilla, Gettin Rella, on the Della, Cookin up funky Consumption this nigga is ready to get the dumpin, eat a MC like a Lunch-in, Lighting Strike in bunches, Bo Knows This MC can Flow, Co Sign wit the raw 16 hittin 3's like Eric Snow.......Yo, This Average Joe Can Blow Major Yola, Motoarolla Holdin, SkY Pager Blowin Up, (Honestly U gotta Know How Daz and Kurupt Flow or Just Know Cadience and Timing, cuz this flows Nicely, it needed touched up, and it usually takes me longer to Write 3 Verses aka 3-16 Bars or 4 verses, U gotta be a Big rap head to understand, and also this means nothing if i cant record it, i can write my ass off and im good at it, but at the same time nobody really gonna know your style, if you dont record) Food for thought but u guys are good keep it up, nice rhymes
  2. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

  3. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

  4. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

  5. MrShortKhop793

    Fattening up Zombies

    BOOM that sums it all up, to me zombies is all fun, and it is, but to me its kinds stale, and also since im going to further my education, i will not have as much time to play Video Games, so i think if different modes will freshen up Zombies, make quick to play mode, fun 4-8 player fun fests, because i LOVE original ZOmbies but i just dont have the time to waste ( I.E 4-5 hrs) anymore, to Call of duty, I have a Life lol
  6. MrShortKhop793

    You're Banned!

    your banned for having no beans in the soup
  7. MrShortKhop793

    You're Banned!

    your banned for MOAR Krabs Not having enough JellyFishes lol
  8. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

    Goobers (PBanJ together Mixed) lol
  9. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

    Kobe Bryant
  10. MrShortKhop793

    CoDz Word Association Game

    Criminals lol
  11. MrShortKhop793

    You're Banned!

    Your Banned For fk6JJ875x20 Not getting Lisa Braces

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