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  1. i seen that movie, dayummmm man that is the grosses movie i ever seen lol
  2. lol thats not happening just think, when GTA III came out i bet it took them a while to find that dodo, hahaha their was no help, so i mean we will figure it out we just need to work harder thats all
  3. yes i think this is the end of zombies, and it should be its smart for them to end it right and now turn it into a cash hog
  4. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  5. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  6. hey carbon how do you get a job like this a QA, because i have interest into entering the gaming industry
  7. lol thank you fam, that means a lot, ill do my best on my next post
  8. yes kind sir im trying thank you im going to try harder to make solid posts
  9. Yes thats my point Tattoo the voices and transmitting their voices i mean im just thinking out loud and i mean sorry if im doing what you guys called BS Posts,
  10. Do you even speak English? correction
  11. Still not answering what i did wrong, and why is everybody so mean on here i mean jezz oh wizz, no wonder why i never comment that much
  12. So true. But I have to say that your post was not hard to read. I mean it wasn't easy but still I understood what you are saying. I have to agree with the others though. This doesn't deserve it's own thread. But don't be so mean about it people. :3 Thank You, At least one person understands, now that i reread my post im going to try and improve,
  13. The problem is not that i don't respect your opinion, it's that this has hardly anything to do with Die Rise and really could be put in another thread you made Also your grammar/speaking style is also unreadable/unbearable to read. This is a public forum by the way. Anyone can comment on anything. So simply pulling the "It's my opinion" card isn't going to give you a get out of jail free card. is it really that big of a deal, i mean i guess you can read it, so thats why your commenting on the post, i mean you guys can help me out and point out my errors on this post, instead of saying "Oh this is bad typing" Ive been here since 2009 ish, ive seen pretty awful typing in my years and i seen no problems people commenting on it and stating their views,
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