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  1. yes i seen the show, and it not that its Subliminal, hey fam like i said, if you want to Converse about this subject, MSG me, this thread is for Questionable Pics
  2. and its all good, just watch what you do... that all im saying i didnt like it,
  3. No Kind Sir, when White people do black face, its racial, did they ever teach you that in school? but besides the point, not to make this a history lesson post, yes i found it offensive, and its not just you, i think MODZ should keep a eye on Questionable Profile Pics, thats all, nothing more, PS i watched the video, and i dont find black face very funny, that is clearly black face, just look up "Minstrel Shows" but like i said this is not a History Post, im not going to go into detail, MSG me if you want to Converse about these subjects, and for people who have questions
  4. has anybody think how they would die, and how its going to happen? I Thing when i die, ill get to look at my self laying their and see what happens Just a random thought
  5. captain crunch, i say this because after you eat 3 bowls the roof of my mouth hurts lol, and when females take duck pictures
  6. Love life- Sprung with Tisha Campbell and Rusty Cuendieff, (Cuz im a good dude, looking for a honest relationship no games, all trust, good movie go peep it, personality- Movie Friday (LMAO That my Movie and Cube is Ma Dude fa show) appearance- Movie Casino/Malcolm X/Good Fellas/The Eastsidas Movie/3 Strikes/BanginOnWax (Yea I like Suites, Bow Ties, Gators, and 3x Whites tees and Croker Saccs lol) Mental- Jeru The Damaja feat. Afu-Ra - Mental Stamina Psychokinetic forces proceed to smash in your cerebellum Phonetian with more stamina than a Christian my mind, C3 H5 N
  7. yes i am, and ive seen some spam accounts i mean, lol sometime i swear i see things but im definitively not lying but its not that big of deal,Yes im talking about his, im just surprised its not delt with. Im Just Giving a heads up to the MODZ and Community,
  8. This is just a notice to the moderators i feel some peoples profile pics should be moderated because i seen a user or two that have some questionable pics and also what really pisses me off is a users has a white dude in black face. I mean im surprised its not delt with. PS Im Putting it in Off Topic,Im not too shure where to put this thread and i hope users and moderators can crack down on Offensive Pictures
  9. i seen that movie, dayummmm man that is the grosses movie i ever seen lol
  10. lol thats not happening just think, when GTA III came out i bet it took them a while to find that dodo, hahaha their was no help, so i mean we will figure it out we just need to work harder thats all
  11. yes i think this is the end of zombies, and it should be its smart for them to end it right and now turn it into a cash hog
  12. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  13. lol its all good fam, we all have them kind of moments
  14. Yea thank you for feeling and understanding how i feel, and also im tryin to work on my typing, but i mean uhh oh well, i mean ive seen worse typing just saying
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