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  1. I think I found what could possibly be an important part of the storyline. In Nazi Germany there was a society of people who believed in a Book called "Vril, the Power of the Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. In this book a young weathly man who accidently finds his way into a subbterraean world occupied by people who resemble angels that are called the Vril-ya. The hero soon discovers that the Vril-ya are descendants of an antediluvian civilization who live in networks of subterranean caverns linked by tunnels. This civilazation is technologicaly advanced the most important tool "all-permeating fluid" called "Vril", a latent source of energy which his spiritually elevated hosts are able to master through training of their will, to a degree which depends upon their hereditary constitution, giving them access to an extraordinary force that can be controlled at will. The powers of the will include the ability to heal, change, and destroy beings and things; the destructive powers in particular are awesomely powerful, allowing a few young Vril-ya children to wipe out entire cities if necessary. It is also suggested that the Vril-ya are fully telepathic. The uses of Vril in the novel amongst the Vril-ya vary from an agent of destruction to a healing substance. According to Zee, the daughter of the narrator's host, Vril can be changed into the mightiest agency over all types of matter, both animate and inanimate. It can destroy like lightning or replenish life, heal, or cure. It is used to rend ways through solid matter. Its light is said to be steadier, softer and healthier than that from any flammable material. It can also be used as a power source for animating mechanisms. Vril can be harnessed by use of the Vril staff or mental concentration. As you can see the Vril could quite possibly what is called 115 by our Group 935. Which would explain how 115 powers weapons, bombs, drinks, and teleporters, since Vril "can also be used as a power source for animating mechanisms". This would also explain the voices since in the novel the Vril-ya would eventually run out of room underground and need to inhabit the surface, wiping out mankind if nessacry. Maybe Richtofen is just a tool the Vril-ya are using in order to take control of the Earth. Since Maxis blew up the Earth the Vril-ya would be realeased upon the earth,well whats left of it, and the characters would have to fight them off. The Vril-ya could also be on of the oddly shaped skulls found in shangri-la. Tell me what you think. :P
  2. This could be proof that the original crew will return except Richtofen
  3. As most of you know Black Ops 2 will have a Zombies mode with many new features such as campaign, new game modes, bigger maps, (possibly) Double PaP. Now this might seem like a cool edition to Zombies but, to hundreds if not thousands of people in the community wouldn't like this to happen. Think about how much the game would change if this happened. The reason bigger maps would be a problem is 1. Perks more spread out so juggernog is far away. 2. Teammate is more than likely away from you harder to revive. 3. Harder to find power and box. New game modes, most likely people will play these at the beginning and begin to gravitate away from them after they play them for a week or so, which isn’t a problem but, why make it then. Double PaP it wouldn’t make much sense to implement this seeing as though it would 1. Probably be very expensive. 2. Be difficult to get to. 3 May not even be worth it. My main point is Trearch please don’t turn my favorite game of all time into a ridiculously over complicated no good game.
  4. Well you never know if she is ead as a radio on moon says that all alive members were sent to Kustover Posten Posten is German for post Kustover is just a name dosen't mean anything. So maybe that is where Sophia went as to the man talking asbout Sophia being dead and Maxis saying it Maxis has only said that Samanthas mother has died
  5. Ill remeber that thaks for the feedback but sry about brains think im a newbie :p
  6. In the song Coming Home on Moon the first lyrics are I need you! To sacrifice the vermin martyr To! Bring me back where i saw you Die! I will make your last words come True! Now I know what I must Do! A martyr is somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious. This could be a reference to Takeo from Sam as Takeos last quote in Moon easter egg is I will destroy every last remnant of Group 935. This ties into arussian monkeys forum post about Takeo in the song. Richtofen would most likely be the martyr because of his belief to take over the world. The next screaming lyrics are Oh how I tried To separate reality from Truth! Now you'll see what I can Do! This could be Richtofen saying since he has schizophrenia he tried to seaperate the real world from the voices in his head showing possibly his refusal to cooperate with Maxis and Samantha. then now you'll see what i can do is probaly his schizophrenia coming out again. Who know say what you think in the replay section arussianmonkey's forum post: viewtopic.php?f=68&t=15023
  7. See I know that Chopper could too but like he said his life doesn't allow him to play 20 hours a day on Zombies .
  8. I love Zombies but I am not going to spend an entire weekend playing it just so I look cool on a leader-board which is already hacked/glitched. What do you mean finding a match is fun your just one of those guys who wont play with other people but your friends you see on the leader-board because you find yourself superior to others.If that's the case this is just anthor example of what's wrong with the Zombie community today some jerk who thinks he is better than everyone else because of a round on a leader-board.
  9. Well think of the people who do have time if they have enough time to get to insanely high rounds then imagine how high they could get if they were able to pause it.
  10. Also you have to put in consideration of the people who like both. Would you go out and buy 1 60$ dollar game for zombies then anthor 60$ dollar game for multi-player. Plus if Zombies is too small to be in a whole game by itself unless they added a campaign which would be strange. It would do more harm then good.
  11. Hello my name is QuickReviveGuy or Quick. I live in Prattville, Alabama, I love playing Zombies on the PlayStation 3. I have an Xbox 360 but I don't use it often. I am decent at Zombies all rounds are at least 25 up except Shangri La (I hate that map). I hope to become a very active member of the community on Call of Duty Zombies. Thank You>
  12. If you haven't notcied Zombies have been "getting smarter" all through out the zombie saga. Nacht Der Untoten WaW Zombies walked at a very slow pace and couldn't attack through the windows. Verruckt Zombies could reach through windows and walk a bit faster. Skip to Kino Der Toten or Der Riese and the Zombies began to sprint at surprising speeds. Then in Ascension they were able to dodge objects. Imagine what will happen in the new black ops to Zombie AI
  13. As most of us would agree what do you think Kevin Sherwood's songs will be like in the new Zombies usually the songs have some sort of reference to the story Beaty of Annihilation Paridollia Coming Home all have some sort of story to them what do you think of the new Zombz songs. Also most of the time there is a sneak peek to the song after a round of zombies.
  14. Also if you do the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg at Area 51 you can see the destroyed Earth floating behind it. Therefore Area 51 couldn't be any sort of transportation back to Earth as it isn't there and its overrun with Zombies. This could mean though that since Maxis's calculations were incorrect instead of destroying the places on earth (in my opinion the old maps we played on ex Kino Five Der Riese and Area 51) he could have accidentally blown it out of Earth's atmosphere.
  15. Maybe the Events were seeing aren't in chronological order. Possible all the Zombie maps were playing don't flow as they seem. 1. Richtofen has the space suit costume on two maps (Ascension and Moon) also I don't quite get how the gang ends up coming from an abandoned Theatre to a Russian Rocket Facility. 2. In the Moon easter egg Richtofen states that Maxis is in the Mechanism which is a reference to the kassmir Mechanism. Heres something that I think will prove the nuclear aftermath theory. Outside the map Ascension there are several storage tanks. On them is written "ЗАРАЖЕНО" and "КОНТРОЛЬНО-ДОЗИМЕТРИЧНИЙ ПУНКТ 'ДИТЯТКИ' ." In Ukrainian, this translates to "Infected" and "Control-Dosimetry .(A 'Control Dosimeter' is a device used to measure background radiation in a given area.)
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