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  1. Money and guns can be stored in customs. I've put around 100k in a custom game bank and it transferred over to a public bank.
  2. Do not play on the custom match lobby. If you do your round will not be saved to the leaderboard. I personally got to 36 in a 2 player custom and it didnt count towards the leaderboards (i would have been rank 350) Also if a player leaves the match, whatever round he leaves on will be what goes toward your leaderboard. Ex. your friend has to go at round 20 and you continue to play and go down at round 42. Round 20 will be what shows up on your highscore. Just thought i would warn you guys before you made the mistake i did!
  3. You asked for it so here it is. The dual player (co-op) tunnel train for tranzit. Here is the video link: http://youtu.be/FGJoOH5GVrM Everything should be explained on the video but feel free to ask questions.
  4. Yes im actually planning on making that one tonight, I just need to wait for my friend to get online. I usually don't carry any specific item other than the turbine. Its an option to carry an item but not an essential.
  5. Yes I always trade out the 1911s. Reason is if your in a tricky situation using the 1911s may take you down with its massive splash damage. If you really need/want a launcher, when you upgrade the M16 to the "Skullcrusher" it also comes with an under barrel grenade launcher (noobtube). So now you can get the Ray Gun and the launcher. Yes it was just us. There is a way to fit 2 people in the tunnel (3 is a bit of a stretch and 4 people wouldnt work). And of course the money from the bank carries over. Thanks
  6. Hey i found the best way to a zombie train in Tranzit. Its a tunnel train but i polished it up to make it even better. I and a friend used this strategy and got to round 36. (we downed our selves out of bordem) here is a video where i explain everything you need to do. http://youtu.be/0tjWSbaKYfQ if im asked to do so, i will also make a video on how to train in the tunnel with dual players.
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