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  1. Awh, I missed mine by three days! Perhaps should have been more active when I first made this account though. I don't think I made a single post in 2012.
  2. I still need to have a *full* game of Grief within Buried. I've had two games now, both with leavers and unfortunate disconnects before round 10. Anyone here feel like leavers are more frequent now than they were on Black Ops 1? If I play with three other randoms, I am genuinely amazed if they're still in the game by at least round 10.
  3. Probably unconventional here in this thread, but the Man of Steel soundtrack. Amazing stuff. Hans Zimmer is so great.
  4. Whaa? I swear it seems this site is Xbox dominant. Nothing wrong with that of course. It shouldn't be too hard to party up with some people here on the site?
  5. Must....not....click....Buried....board. Arghhhhhhh. I keep hearing these little nuggets of information and OH GOD IT SOUNDS SO GOOD :cry:
  6. Yep. I was once dumped twice in one weekend by the same girl.
  7. 30. The other two players I was with were glitching. Not only did I want no part of it, I knew they were going to keep on going for hours and hours. I didn't want to wait that long for the game to end, so I just left.
  8. Impressive stuff. Nice job guys! Sad that PS3 and PC players aren't here to help.
  9. I think it's a novelty... Another JBG-3179. *Sigh* was hoping we'd get another "Wave Gun" or even some Thundergun variant.. So what's the odds of lots of high round runs on DR? Not likely without a knock-out WW.. While it's hard to say without using it, don't forgot the power of PaP. Could give it quite a significant change.
  10. I believe it's just there as a homage/easter egg. TranZit/Green Run is the Nacht (beginning) of Black Ops 2 Zombies.
  11. There were two 'acts' to the Moon egg. There was one achievement/trophy from opening the Pyramid and there was one was blowing up Earth. No glitches or anything related to OPs post.
  12. I love grief. Specifically on Town because of the PaP. Some notes: - For those that don't know, throwing grenades at the mystery box works great. When an enemy is using it and the guns are cycling through, throw your grenades just near the box. The enemy won't be able to pick up the gun, all the enemy will see on his/her screen is "Press X to throw back grenade". They actually can't pick up the gun. As long as you keep throwing grenades, the option to pick up the weapon won't appear - You can knife players of ledges, causing them to fall down. A great strategy (on town) is to throw a monkey bomb right under the hole in the quick revive building (second story). Since an enemy player will notice this, he'll be right near the ledge, shooting directing below at the zombies grouped up. Just knife the unsuspecting player and he'll fall down into the massive group of zombies, heh. - Make sure you pick up the power ups right away, even if you should reload (if there is a max ammo), if the enemy team picks it up, you won't have it at all. All power up effects don't do anything if the enemy team picks it up. - This is risky and sort of a jerky strategy, but throw an EMP grenade at Jugs. This will cause the enemies (and your team) to loose it. The thing is, there is no warning other than the perk icon becoming a darker color. The effect is so minimal that the enemy team will most likely not notice it and eventually go down since they are playing thinking they have Jug. - Make sure to use the 'meat' on an enemy player, specifically on one is downed or a player who may be attempting to revive someone. Using it on Jugs after someone has downed could be effective, since they are trying to get Jugs back and can't with all the Zombies in the area. - Finally, some more obvious tactics: Throw EMP grenades at the enemies mystery box turn. Throw EMP grenades at the PaP when an enemy is using it. Throw Monkey Bombs at a downed player. Shoot players when they are near a big group of Zombies to slow them down. Knife players to cancel their revive. Stand infront of doors to block the enemy from entering. There are some more obvious ones, but you'll most likely come accross them anyway from general play.
  13. Actually, Activision's contract with Microsoft has expired, everyone will get the maps at the same time now. Hopefully this means we get them for the same price now. Not exactly. Assuming CoD Elite works the same way, non-elite users will still have to wait a month, PS3 & 360.

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