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  1. ​I dont think something important comes up every time you play and if that is the case you never play a full game anyways so it would be ok if you get in the same matchmaking as all the other leavers who also dont play the game until the end.
  2. Hi, I hope there are many new and innovative gameplay features in the new BO3 Zombies. But the most important thing Treyarch needs to implement is a system, which deals with all the leavers in public games. Because in mostly all the the public games people just leave whenever they bleed out. This is very frustrating when you just want to play with 4 people. So there should be a system which punishes leavers. For example a lower priority matchmaking where leavers get matched together or you simply lose xp whenever you leave a game. I really hope tryarch implements something against all the leaver.
  3. If there is a transportation it will be a helicopter (from the revolution poster) which brings you from one tower to another.
  4. The perk does work, its not just lit up.
  5. Hm. But for me it only works for the second perk.
  6. Hello, i played solo a couple of times and i first go to the bank before turning on power. Then I buy Stamin-up and Juggernog with the turbine. But the second perk u buy of these two gets active even if I take away my turbine . I dont know if it is a glitch or maybe another Perma-Perk. This also works if I buy Juggernog first. But then i get Stamin-Up without power. I didnt turn on the power. And there is no turbin powering Juggernog. Is this a Perma-Perk or just a bug?
  7. Wait, what? What do downs and revives have do do with anything? It isnt possible to lose if you didnt go down. So it is also impossible that you get more losses than downs.
  8. I think it wasnt right what he said because today i talked to another customer supporter and he said the rank depends on the average score you get.
  9. I really like this mode and i try to get a Win/Loss Ratio over 1 but i think it is impossible. I got 8 wins and 13 losses on Farm but only 8 downs. And i got revived about 6 times so i really only got 2 losses. The other 11 times the host just leaved and migration failed or the game just freezed. Anyone here got the same problem?
  10. I think it this is one challenge out of 50 or so. I think you need to complete more to get a higher rank.
  11. Today I talked to the customer support and asked them some questions about my connection problems. Then I asked him about the ranking system. He didnt tell me much he said that there are challenges to complete like surviving 15 rounds with the same weapon. In addition, he said that Treyarch will release some new information on Twitter and official forums in the next few weeks. So stay tuned This is the Chat Log (I deleted the name of the customer supporter) ( 25m 57s ) Visitor: how does the ranking system in zombies work? ( 26m 34s ) Customer Support: What do you mean by ranking? Are you referring to leader boards of Zombies? ( 27m 16s ) Visitor: No there are symbols like the crossed bones, skull and skull with shotguns ( 27m 30s ) Visitor: i want to know how to get a better one ( 27m 42s ) Visitor: nobody in the internet knows the answer ( 29m 3s ) Customer Support: Okay. Got it. Some of the emblems for zombies requires finishing some of the challenges. Like, You have survive up to 15 levels with the same weapon. ( 29m 18s ) Customer Support: Those are unlocks for the game. ( 29m 56s ) Visitor: Ok, and where do i find the challenges or are they secret ( 30m 23s ) Customer Support: I'm very sorry but we don't have that information yet. We would recommend you check our forums for updates. ( 31m 12s ) Visitor: Hm ok ( 31m 58s ) Customer Support: We will be sending updates about that. I would recommend following treyarch through their twitter account for further information. ( 33m 7s ) Visitor: ok, when do you give these upates roughly ( 34m 0s ) Customer Support: A week or so. Some gamers try to do their on compilation of the game. Best information to get it is through the forums ( 35m 15s ) Visitor: Ok, thanks for the great infos ( 35m 33s ) Customer Support: You're very much welcome Scott. Is there anything else that I can assist you with today? ( 35m 47s ) Visitor: No, then bye ( 36m 0s ) Customer Support: Goodbye and take care!
  12. There is already a possibility to create custom maps for call of duty world at war. Some maps are good and some are bad. But its definetly more fun to play the real maps. So you still get the hype for new maps and you never get bored. So its the best feature I could ever imagine.
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