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  1. I think it's because during the easter egg when you have infinite beast mode, you can jump down into the canal by the subway rift entrance with no way of getting back up. You jump down there to shock the gate keepers in the Easter Egg and then you use the hook to get back up.
  2. Mob of the Dead was ruined by a YouTube channel that I don't think I can mention on this forum xD that was like the first day, they literally took all the steps out of the files, that was super annoying..
  3. Whilst I'm super annoyed about this, what more did you expect? This has happened on pretty much every Easter Egg and it's incredibly annoying, now we just have to wait for DLC where people on PC can't touch it for a month.
  4. Hi guys, I usually just lurk around the forums and read what others have to say, but after thinking about this for a little while, I think I may have a theory for the Easter Egg. Now, in Call of the Dead, the characters we played as had to help the O4 get out of the room. Now what if, the O4 have figured out how to correctly use the teleporter correctly and have traveled back in time to where they have first encountered the zombies. Why I mentioned Call of the Dead, is because they could be trapped in a room so they don't encounter their former selves and create some type of paradox. BUT, if Treyarch do wish, they could even have the O4 (of course, with Samantha in Richtofen's body) be NPC's outside along with the younger O4, except much older/elderly, showing that they have been stuck on the Moon for many years. Anyway, maybe the Easter Egg could be that you have to help the older O4 try and change the timeline so they didn't get trapped on the Moon in the first place, or maybe even go the MOTD route and KILL the younger Richtofen to prevent it all from happening. To go the MOTD route would be to finally end the Great Zombies Storyline, but to try and change their timeline could continue the story in the next Treyarch game, leaving you to play as the younger O4 in the games to come. Like I have said, this was just something I thought of off the top of my head, but it would be great to see some feedback and opinions on what I have said Thank you, -HH.
  5. Thanks for ruining the egg! I'm joking XD but I'm glad others can confirm it,
  6. Where were you when he said this? Down in the room where you have to turn off the three power panels to turn off the electrified gate in the Wardens Office.
  7. Hey guys, just playing some solo mob of the dead and I noticed Weasel say "Nikolai, Nikolai, Nikolai.. why do I keep hearing that name?" Has anybody else heard any quotes like this? -HH
  8. This is a bit late, and I'm not sure if anyone has already said this (did not read the whole topic) but yesterday I watched the animated shorts on the I Am Legend DVD, this one particular short kind of links with what others are saying. In the short, it talks about a prison, ADX Florence, supposedly America's best prison, in Colorado. Now, you're all talking about a prison shown in a picture from Treyarch, and you're also saying that they aren't leaving from TranZit or Nuketown, but Colorado/New Mexico. This prison, as stated, is in Colorado. What if, for some odd reason, this was a map? It's just a theory :D
  9. Looking back on this post, the tear in the comic looks like the cracks on the floors of TranZit and has the same lighting :P
  10. It's not really a glitch, more of a spawn exploit. It's actually quite clever, using the spawns to their advantage.
  11. Before I ask you guys, I want to apologize as I didn't know where to put this topic as it queries both maps. Anyway, my friends and I are playing TranZit and we haven't done the TranZit EE yet (had no time or someone's been offline). We wanted to do Maxis' side with the Electric Zombie (refuse to call him Avogadro). Two people went to turn the power off and on and two of us went to the tower. We waited at the tower from about round 5 to round 14 and he didn't spawn. There was lighting and everything, but he just wouldn't spawn. I have built the NavCard table in Die Rise and put my TranZit card into it, so I was wondering, does this stop the Electric Zombie from spawning in TranZit? Thanks.
  12. Again, sorry for bumping an old thread, but you can also use the hacker on other plays and then it deducts 500 points from you and gives those 500 points to your team mates. -HH
  13. Not meaning to bump an old topic, but today whilst playing Moon, I threw a Q.E.D and nothing happened, but then my whole train of zombies started sprinting at me (like they do on Call of the Dead) Thought this would help -HH
  14. HeadHunter

    Mystery Man

    It's Richtofen..
  15. Maybe the Rockets also hit at different points in time, meaning Tunguska was in 1911 (or around the time the meteor hit) Rising Sun was when it hit and the third was when you are in Area 51, so whatever the date is for when you arrive at Moon/Area 51.
  16. MORE : If Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Samantha find out that this was the plan all along, they could go back through time trying to stop those events from happening, say they try and go back, but end up in different places just because Richtofen was the expert on the future technology. This could mean that if they go back and stop the events of Moon happening, there would have never been a Group 935, there would have never been any zombies, wonderweapons, Maxis and his daughter would survive, and these are all things that the current gang want and need. This makes total sense now, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.
  17. Hi, I was watching a fan made trailer on youtube just now http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv ... ion_297565 When I thought of two things:- 1) This is some sort of butterfly effect that the space station Richtofen made, was actually on the Moon for millions of years, since the dinosaurs. You all know Richtofen was sent through the MDT and did not return for quite some time, and in that time he built the Griffin Space Station, but what if the MDT sent him back say 2 million years back, when the Earth was run by dinosaurs? This could mean that when the gang actually fight zombies on the moon, Area 51 is in the future and the Moon (space station) was actually millions of years in the past? This could mean that what wiped out the dinosaurs, was not a meteorite, but was the 3 115 rockets that hit the Earth? Your thoughts on this? 2) Again, another butterfly effect. Moon is the last map in Richtofen and the gangs timeline, so far, but it does not mean that it can be in the past? Maybe the plan was to make more 115 from the beginning, they would load up the 115 in the past and when the rockets hit the Earth, they hit 3 major points in the world. Tunguska The Rising Sun Facility And wherever else there are 115 meteors. Thus, making more 115 for the people in the future. This idea would mean Moon is set in the early 1900's, giving Richtofen time to utilise the 115 group 935 scavenged from these 3 points in the world. Your thoughts on this? Any good or bad opinions are welcome, just give me some constructive criticism. Thank you, Double H.
  18. Dude, when you going to finish? This is an excellent read!
  19. If this idea happened, it would make sense to not have the original characters, it could have like an opening video (like Call of the Dead) where people see the missiles heading for the Earth whilst at the Carnival, a lot of the people die and only 4 survive, and these people are random survivors. Then the next map could have the original characters back. I really like this map idea, it would be great fun and you deserve brains for creativity my friend. -HH
  20. Sorry to disappoint but Treyarch have said that they will not mess with the Zombies element they already have aka, random box, points, doors, weapons on walls, pap, perks all that jazz.
  21. Nope you're friends just an idiot :P
  23. You don't know this, it could be another Earth, you never know. Nobody will know until Blops 2 or whatever they will call it.
  24. If you guys remember, Richtofen got a scar under his LEFT eye in Shi No Numa. The guy in real life has a scar under his left eye. Just saying. Also, the poster Richtofen's uniform at the neck looks a lot like the real life guy's uniform at the neck. Again, just saying. -HH
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