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  1. Hi guys, I just did an anagram of Samuel J. Stuhlingers name, and I got some pretty odd results. some of them were: Aether Jig Mulls Sun Aether Jig Mulls Nus Aether Jig Mull Suns Aether Jig Null Sums Aether Jig Null Muss Aether Jigs Mulls Nu Aether Jigs Mull Sun Aether Jigs Mull Nus Aether Jigs Null Sum Aether Jigs Null Mus etc, etc. Now, what word sticks out the most? Aether. Probably nothing, but still pretty cool. :D
  2. Figures, but look at the progress they're making! Seriously, they're already in Alpha-Pre Alpha. That awesome! :D
  3. Alright guys, this may not be much, but it still is something. during the interview with Mark Lamia, he showed some people testing the game. Thankfully a youtuber screencapped it and Luckily i found it on youtube. Here you go. g4nniUqbzHc If you cannot see, here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4nniUqb ... _embedded#! Post comments and tell me your thoughts!
  4. Hey guys, lttankor7 here. I think i found something new. i dont think anyone else has found it yet, and i dont think its normal. it freaked me the hell out enough to make a video. its a loud banging. not in the dressing room. check it out, heres the video and let me know what you guys think. qL5vQBZWljs
  5. crap. okay, im not good at this. are there any other ways to insert photos?
  6. Hey guys, check out these things i found while no clipping on five. if anyone asks, i was playing on the xbox 360. and yes it was modded. but these are some cool finds to make up for it. so here. also, sorry for the crappy quality. also, any finds on 5 are relatively new to me, so im sorry if i accidently stole someone elses find. so, without further adieu, here they are. 1: Dead guy in the staircase. This freaked me out when no clipping. a lot. 2: Chalkboard with ominous stuff on it. I saw this on der riese. so i guess america stole it from germany in operation paperclip 3: NUCLEAR WEAPON SCHEMATICS!! These are really cool! They could be hints to ascension. i was really intriqued by them. 4: model nuclear rocket. This is in the same room as the schematics, but is very hard to see. I hope the picture didnt come out too blurry. the rocket is the big thing on the right. 5: SR71 blackbird downings. Though they may be no connection to the story whatsoever, the sr71 blackbird was researched in area 51, and a photo of area 51 (an aerial photo) can be seen in the starting room. pretty neat. 6: another dead body. down in the labs. yippee. found while no clipping. the dead body is in the middle rightis area. hard to see because of blurriness. Okay, so i'll admit. The finds kinda suck. except the nuclear missile. thats pretty cool. but hey, more finds, more clues, right? -peace out- :D
  7. And what else would they use as a conductor for a large broadcast field? THE EIFFEL TOWER. Think of it. Its metal. Metal is a conductor. And it's been hinted at in der riese as another map from the photos. Pic related: Eiffel tower pic close up- Pic Related:- other map hints on der riese - I hope the images arent too big. Happy Theorizing!
  8. Hey guys, Me here. i have a theory for you all today! my theory is simple, and comical. it is this: after you blow up the earth, you will get transported back to the other earth...and takeo, since he is sick (possibly infected) starts up ANOTHER ZOMBIE PLAGUE. AND if you heard the rumor about the Call of duty:space/future game...and COMBINE that with the cryo that our 3 heroes were put in AFTER the moon...we have a done deal. feel free to post :)
  9. Uhhhhh so much stuff has been found by no clipping in almost every zombie map, things that are impossible to see without doing it. Again, Thank you. things supporting this are the SNN meteor occurrences, and the items that don't move inside the flytrap.
  10. Exactly! oh- btw...if you no-clip to the meteor in SNN, your character turns dizzy, and the screen keeps flashing red...as if being exposed to high amounts of 115...pretty cool.
  11. i used No-Clip on the 360 through Modio... oh- in light of that statement, i use no-clip for research purposes mostly, unless im playing with friends. thanks for the welcome!
  12. i wonder, i haven't seen any posts about No-Clipping outside the map. it's VERY POSSIBLE there could be something we havent found yet out there (eg: No zombies sign behind verrukts mystery box, Meteor on shi-no-numa) comment please!
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