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  1. what fact? that time travel would cause a circular paradox, because that is my reason for saying why time travel shouldn't occur. Well that's the fact "circular paradox" My main theory is to why Treyarch made the group time travel into Kino around the 60's was to fit the Campaign storyline. But other wise if they had kept Kino in WaW it would have taken place in the 40's. They didn't want to keep the characters in the past and the rest of the game in 60's. Paradox's are cool and all, I for one have a passion for info like this :ugeek: ...But coming from a Zombie theorist point of view time travel just seems like a waste and too complicated. just my 2 cents ;)
  2. I like Nachos how would it never work? All I have to say is that will it blend? lol
  3. So your mouthwash taste like Root Beer? Free soda for you then...
  4. Very nice and i think it would be a perfect follow up to Moon, If Europe wasn't already blown up. I also remember reading months ago that the most likely maps are Paris i think it was something to do with the Aztec temples and what not and Egypt because of the pyramid on Moon loading None the less good idea :mrgreen:
  5. Some type of underground city sounds interesting ;)
  6. Speaking of Chernobyl there is a movie being released involving that area. Eerie map man.. :?
  7. I believe Samantha should be playable but not using Richtofen's body.
  8. HAHAHA... That made my day. Back to OP, We know bowman is dead, but I honestly don't thing Reznov is dead. You didn't SEE him die...he just drove away in a truck from what I remember...maybe he got taken back to the prison and escaped again...maybe he did make it out, with a little help from someone else which we could get to know in BO2. Anything can happen, and nothing IS confirmed except for the fact that bowman is dead . Poor Bowman...Well yeah I wouldn't doubt bringing back Reznov, it just seems unlikely.
  9. Not a space map, it's in the remnants of a German Military facility. Well if you go with the technicality yes. Come on though they were on the MOON! fighting Zombies up there... In general though that map was just terrible
  10. Agreed my friend they need to go back to their dark origins like WaW...
  11. Predominatley i understand where you two are coming from. But that fact is intergrating even more time travel into the game is way to complicated for the average zombie player...
  12. First seen on Der Riese solo loading screen in W@W. Then there was image in Der Riese server in BO terminal. And record cover with group 601 logo in one of the DLC MP maps. That's where is the evidence for Group 601. Well saying this i still don't know what exactly what the group is. I mean what is their relation to the story? Anyway I think it would be interesting if they killed off one of the main characters, say like a sacrifice. In saying this they pick up a character along the way such as that Mexican dude Richtofen had from CotD. Samantha could act as a control unit like that little girl from ResidentEvil movies...
  13. I've been thinkin about this for a looooooong time. They need to fix things that are internally and basic like the very prestigious man said. Fix script errors. Fix animation issues with the zombies and players. All has been said :)
  14. Bowman got raped by those dudes in the cave. ReZnov died at the railroad. Maybe some type of minigun?
  15. No more space maps please...Moon was terrible
  16. Where did you pull group 601 from? Anyways yes a twist would be epically awesome. Although no more time travel...if they do then they would be able to stop Richtofen somehow but then he would know that THEY would try to stop him time traveling even more...Point is no more time travel because it just creates more paradox's, more holes to fill, and might be too confusing for people, unless you're an Inception mind licker That is all :D
  17. I think it would be cool it was a shotgun, that did shoot railway spikes. I don' think there has been a WonderWeapon shotgun before. Good idea bro, but yes please elaborate. Maybe Group 935 didn't make it, what if it was Majestic 12 and they wanted a better Winter's Howl. Say bigger punch and what not? :)
  18. In theory it sounds good. But not to be johny rain cloud. i believe a couple months back , people already posted 3 maps that would fit into the now storyline. Nice work though
  19. :O contacting aliens maybe???? :shock:
  20. total epicness, but how did they obtain the mystery box?
  21. very graphic i like it, well there isn't much help i can say but it does seem like an extra gland which in zombie mythology would be located at the frontal lobe of the brain.
  22. HOLY BUTT NUGGETS!!! That's insane! I never noticed that! It definately looks like a little girl holding her teddy bear. Awesome eye man! And now that you pointed it out, it's kinda giving me the creeps! [brains] HOLY CRAP!!! i never noticed that! that is some real creepy s#!t going on there..... :shock:
  23. Greenchico97

    Moon song?

    Agreed but i still prefer Elena though
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