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  1. Can somebody explain to me how to install nuketown zombies on the xbox? I have the coin with the code on it but i have no idea where i am supposed to type it in.
  2. Just a quick question; Do you think Ipod zombies should be considered to be in the same class as console and PC zombies, or do you think it is to different to be compared to zombies on consoles and PC?
  3. Today me and my some friends were debating on how Griffin Station was created. I said that Richtofen created it after he accidentally teleported to the moon and found the pyramid. One of my friends said that the American government created it, and thats why the group has to go to Area 51 to get to it. What do you guys think?
  4. I'm sure other people have come up with this idea before but personally I've never heard anybody but my friends and I talk about it. So basically the idea is this: The game mode can either be played in 1v1 or 2v2. The goal of the game is just to survive longer then the other team. This means maybe setting traps to sabotage them in a bad part of a map, or maybe bringing a large amount of zombies to them when they are in a cramped space. If you team mate goes down you can revive them. Once somebody dies, they are out for good. They can stay in the game and spectate but they can not come back in and play. Once both members of a team are out, the other team wins. One thing i find interesting a game mode like this is that on some level you have to work with the other team (opening doors and stuff like that) but at the same time you are trying to find every possible way to sabotage the other team. Tell me what you guys think of this idea!
  5. Maybe cavemen or something, idk. Maybe the Easter Egg could be getting a meteor made of 115 to strike the earth, killing the dinosaurs. Idk i'm just brainstorming.
  6. The only possible thing i could see them doing is having the group travel back in time. I would love to see a map that takes place during the Jurassic Era.
  7. Quick Question: Can you imagine using Samantha as a playable character? There are rumors that in Black Ops 2 she will replace Richtofen. Personally I can't rap my head around playing as Samantha. Would you want to use her?

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