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  1. Isn't it because the celebrities from CotD sent them there? They helped our heroes that were stuck inside that room and just before they got teleported, you could hear in the background some jungle noises. Which foreshadowed the next map, Shangri-La.
  2. I don't think Moon is going to be the last map because in the CoD Zombies Panel Live video, Treyarch mentioned that they were deciding to end Black Ops zombies with Paris, but they said they didn't want to end Black Ops zombies with Paris so they slapped in Moon instead. I honestly think the next zombie map for the next CoD Treyarch game is going to take place in Paris. :D
  3. Hey there CoDzsters! Here again to ask for help with the new easter egg: MOON. I could only get to the part with the hacking 4 little computers. After that, I get stuck on the next step which is the excavator on Tunnel 6. I mean I know how to perform the easter egg it's just that I get stuck on this step and need help. Please leave you PSN GT beneath and congratulate to Treyarch for making the most epic zombie killing game of the century!!! :D
  4. This is a glitch because there wouldn't be anything further after receiving the trophy/achievement and perks.
  5. Yeah, its too bad Treyarch can't fix this =(
  6. True, but if you study the video well, you can see that they have more than one box. So maybe they have several boxes so they have least chances of recieving the teddy bear.
  7. Thnx i found this within the second time i saw the trailer to analyse any signs. i saw the guns on the table but i had figured someone already had posted that.
  8. It seems they obtain the Mystery Box in the lab... Tell me what you guys think =)
  9. Hey there CoDzsters, here to show you guys a video that some guy was playing on Shangri-La on round 69 and when he shot his 31-79 JGb215 and he got a script error. Take a look of it for yourselves and try to post into your channels so Treyarch could see this!! EKG1cz8D-60
  10. Its strange because our four heroes got to Kino in 1962 and during that same year the players in Five (JFK, McNamara, Castro, Nixon) they were also fighting the same types of Nova Zombies. Maybe those Nova 6 Zomies were made by the scientists and some how they got to Moon. I dont know im just taking a guess.
  11. Hey there CoDzsters, here again to ask you guys why didn't Treyarch add the Nova 6 Zombies in Ascension, COTD, nor Shangri-La?? They only appear in Kino, Five, & Moon. Tell me why you guys think they didnt add the Nova 6 Zombies into the frst 3 DLC maps =) Nova 6 Zombie in Kino Der Toten. Nova 6 Zombies in "Five". Nova 6 Zombie in Moon.
  12. Thanks man, just want to help out the community =) PSN: HParra97 I Love Killing Freak Bags!!
  13. Wow I didn't even see that one next to the astronaut!! Thanks for pointing that out
  14. Okay, I'm new and this is my first post ever so please don't criticise this. Also, I didn't see anyone else post this so here it is: I believe these two images of the loading screen are the same temples and somehow that temple flew towards outerspace and that is how it is viewable on Moon's loading screen image. Maybe our four heroes were on that temple and that's how they got to Moon. I really don't know, I'm just guessing. Like I said, this is my first post so tell me what you guys think about this =)
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