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  1. Yeah, I have to agree with people's statements that these aren't the new mech suit people. Nor are they Vril-ya, they are most likely just stored zombies because they were shown off to the Nazi Party in that theater.
  2. I agree with this guy. But another thing since you don't need power or something related to purchasing the perks you can buy them anytime. Since you don't have to enter the bus and can just walk on your own. Buying perks shouldn't be difficult that is if they work the same as Survival.
  3. They would have made a serious mistake for not doing the Easter eggs then, (bane voice) But not as serious as yours... I fear... (you haven't actually down anything wrong I just wanted to make the quote...) +1 for yet another Batman reference. And I didn't say take out the EE completely, I sincerely hope they leave those in there. I'm just saying there's nothing wrong with an introductory cut-scene is all. "When the Easter Eggs are finished... then you have my permission to die.." I completely agree, I mean there isn't anything wrong with how the players get there and then they a zombie arrive and the round starts normally. IMO that's what Im asking for and some people on here. Though I see why the devs wouldn't do cut-scenes because it would ruin the feel of zombies concerning the storyline.
  4. Conclusion: 2-hit kill with normal knife melee action, and 1-hit kill with TacKnife or some form of it(Ballistic) seems about rite and pretty balanced if you ask me
  5. This actually makes sense but its creepy to know that if a fungus for humans at this level.....I mean dead people with plants growing out of their belly button..
  6. Can you make one that says Greenchico on it?? If that's not a problem si senor THanks you and yes most of the perk ideas need tweaking not to mention that some are over powered. What's with the explosive? Pyromaniac?
  7. yes, the Paris Map!!!!! and the other 2 filler maps
  8. Like your idea but i still think they shouldn't make it one hit knife like they do now. Panic knifing is just the worst.
  9. All of this we know. I highly feel strong about knifing though. It should be like in Battfield where the knife is an equipment and stand alone weapon, then does DAMAGE with a swipe or total of 2 or 3 swipes depending where the point of impact is, PLUS if you are behind the guy knife him with one swipe as in "takedown" . OR another idea is in like Gotham City Imposters where the knife is a button press like in CoD but the knife only does damage and takes about 2 swipes on average. that is all :geek:
  10. Just epic man...just epic :mrgreen:
  11. Very true the KARD is thicker than what is on the poster the most resemblance gun is the HK45 Then again if we are dealing with a future game then it probably is just a fictional gun.
  12. I like me some Charlie Sheen Let's see here: Simon Pegg(Shaun of the Dead) Willy Smith(Independence Day)-anyone? Shia Lebouf just because he hasn't been in a horror role, Disturbia don't count Jet Li mother lickers!!!!! Im done
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