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  1. Thanks for that! If my records can get me medals on this site, then I'll take some! haha I don't know which ones I qualify for though.
  2. I entered in all my info in the "edit profile" in settings, but every time I clicked "saved changes" nothing would save, and I tried several times, with different web browsers. As for proof of my records, my NML and all records that don't show up on leader boards are on my youtube: Brightnocturne
  3. I'm trying to update my profile, but it's not working so I'm just going to post all my info and updated records here. I think the last time I was on this website was one or two years ago. The website looks a lot better than it used to! You're doing a great job! The reason I'm posting again is to hopefully find someone with similar records to mine who might want to play Co-op games (both serious and for fun) from time to time, because I have no potential Co-op partner with similar stats and experience as I do. Highest Round: Solo: 50 (Suicide) on FIVE, Kino, Shi No Numa, Verrukt, Tranz
  4. I posted on this site earlier today, but have obviously skipped what I now see as blatantly obvious C.O.D.Z protocol. Hello, my name is brightnocturn and I love playing co-op zombies (I get bored really quickly playing solo since I'm alone and it presents me with no reward in the form of a record I can display). I discovered this website upon watching a youtube video in which it was mentioned to me that firstly, this website existed, and secondly that Treyarch was frequenting it in search of constructive criticism. Although it is unlikely that they will view my post, I hope that the issue
  5. Zombies is a great game-mode that I have been playing for quite some time and has slowly but surely become my favourite part of C.O.D. but I feel that since it is relatively young, in comparison to other game modes, that us zombie players don't need something "completely" new and innovative at this moment in time. The most important improvements to be made are not those concerning maps, perks, rankings etc. The most important improvements to be made are to: Make sure zombies have an immediate reaction to monkeys/crossbow bolts No more script errors Leaderboard scores in the trip
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