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  1. Thanks for that! If my records can get me medals on this site, then I'll take some! haha I don't know which ones I qualify for though.
  2. I entered in all my info in the "edit profile" in settings, but every time I clicked "saved changes" nothing would save, and I tried several times, with different web browsers. As for proof of my records, my NML and all records that don't show up on leader boards are on my youtube: Brightnocturne
  3. I'm trying to update my profile, but it's not working so I'm just going to post all my info and updated records here. I think the last time I was on this website was one or two years ago. The website looks a lot better than it used to! You're doing a great job! The reason I'm posting again is to hopefully find someone with similar records to mine who might want to play Co-op games (both serious and for fun) from time to time, because I have no potential Co-op partner with similar stats and experience as I do. Highest Round: Solo: 50 (Suicide) on FIVE, Kino, Shi No Numa, Verrukt, Tranzit, Farm, Town, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried, Origins. Co-op: 50 (Suicide) on Der Reise. NML: 341 (Suicide); I meant to get 340, but I killed a crawler with a celebratory knife as I was committing suicide haha Proof: There is video proof of my NML and other Blops 1 solo records on youtube: Brightnocturne Blops 2 Records are on the Xbox leader boards. Other Zombies Accomplishments: The record I'm most proud of is Bus Depot Round 40 (Suicide), which was 8th in the World at the time. I was also the first to get to Round 50 (on the Xbox leader boards) on Farm when Blops 2 came out. I took a photo that I'll upload as proof; it's hazy and you can't make out 50 that well, but you can see Brightnocturne if you squint enough Gaming Information: Xbox Gamertag: Brightnocturne I don't play Blops 2 anymore; I mainly just played it to get records then went back to Blops 1, which is much more enjoyable. I'm open to getting back on Blops 2 though, but I'd prefer Blops 1. On an average zombie-ing day you'll most likely find me scouring the Blops 1 FIVE lobbies, reviving randoms at whatever the cost in the hopes that they won't quit. I have absolutely no interest in Easter Eggs. Other Languages I speak: French, Italian.
  4. I posted on this site earlier today, but have obviously skipped what I now see as blatantly obvious C.O.D.Z protocol. Hello, my name is brightnocturn and I love playing co-op zombies (I get bored really quickly playing solo since I'm alone and it presents me with no reward in the form of a record I can display). I discovered this website upon watching a youtube video in which it was mentioned to me that firstly, this website existed, and secondly that Treyarch was frequenting it in search of constructive criticism. Although it is unlikely that they will view my post, I hope that the issues I brought forward in that post have already been brought to their minds or are even being resolved at this very moment. I play zombies on xbox and am usually willing to offer my services to anyone who needs a partner, because I know what it's like having trouble finding partners myself. I will provide a list of my notable records, though you should keep in mind that whenever I play zombies, I usually play Five; I've played all the other maps until the 40s and have never attempted furthering those records after that due to time constraints and the fact that I'd rather just mess around on Five. Ascension is the perfect example of that, I've only played that map a whopping 4 times and got to 42 on my second try with someone who showed me the (exceedingly) easy ropes and it was more than enough for me at the time. I plan on going for round 50 on as many maps as possible over the summer though to close the books on going for high rounds ever again. I say this since all I'll be doing over the holidays will be partying, playing my guitar and playing xbox. I'd like to emphasise that I won't be playing zombies until June for anyone one who does want to play. Although I'm sure I could find a partner anyhow, if anyone experienced wants to improve their records as well, feel free to add me. My xbox name is in fact: brightnocturn My notable co-op records are: Kino: 45 Five: 45 Der Riese: 44 Ascension: 42 Moon: 40 All of the above records are suicides (except for Der Riese) I'd much rather prefer to have a partner who lives in Europe for evident connection and time-management purposes. All the while, I did get my record on Moon with a guy from the U.S. but we did have to quit at 40 because we started the game at a very late GMT hour. Finally, I probably won't post too much on this site, unless it is something I deem of the utmost importance, so as to not waste people's time and have them reading pointless posts. Sorry for writing such a long post, I could have kept on writing but have somehow managed to restrain myself. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day! Ps: I know "nocturn" is spelt with an "e" at the end; I like it better without the "e".
  5. Zombies is a great game-mode that I have been playing for quite some time and has slowly but surely become my favourite part of C.O.D. but I feel that since it is relatively young, in comparison to other game modes, that us zombie players don't need something "completely" new and innovative at this moment in time. The most important improvements to be made are not those concerning maps, perks, rankings etc. The most important improvements to be made are to: Make sure zombies have an immediate reaction to monkeys/crossbow bolts No more script errors Leaderboard scores in the triple digits Elevator doors should close regardless if there is a zombie stepping on the elevator door space (this improvement is specific to FIVE, but it nevertheless applies to any new maps if they so choose to include an elevator) NO MORE EMPTY ZEUS CANNON BLASTS (this has victimized numerous players, leading to many unjustified downs) There should be an option in the zombies lobby to write complaints about any zombie-related issues MOST IMPORTANTLY, there should be a Treyarch team focused on repairing flaws in mechanics of the new game (not just a team that patches ways in which people can hack) I really hope that the staff at Treyarch will take these suggested improvements and any other ones that I may have unknowingly omitted into strong consideration. After all, it is us who will be buying the game. Treyarch, please do not waste your time thinking about how you can innovate zombies before you have fixed the integral problems that have been holding the zombies experience back up until now. Furthermore, I'd like to encourage members of the C.O.D.Z. community to add any of their own complaints regarding zombies at the moment to this list. In this way, we can help Treyarch to avoid repeating their mistakes; mistakes that could otherwise go overlooked in the making of this new game if we keep putting an emphasis on other aspects of the game such as rankings, which as nice as they may be, will hardly (if at all) affect "my" or perhaps more importantly "our" enjoyment of this amazing game-mode. To conclude, yes, there are many amazing improvements that can be made to this game-mode; but they cannot be privileged to the extent that we forget to fix the problems that are holding zombies back at this moment in time. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I'd like to leave you with this simple quote that more or less sums up what I've said: "One must cultivate their own garden before taking on the world."
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