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  1. No way, Dubstep is horrible, plus, Zombies already has a tradition going with doing hardcore rock music. I'm fine with it, as are most people. If you want to listen to Dbstep while playing Zombies just use your ipod. Dubstep has no place in zombies.
  2. I'm not too excited for the campain :/ only reason im getting is for zombies and possible MP
  3. Many of us already know all these things with Kony are propaganda. About 30% of the money donated to the organization to end the problem goes to Ugandas military, which also commits atrocities. Oil is all the U.S ever enters a war for. Kony never was a threat. He did all those things years ago, he's inactive, all this hype is just because a few teenagers went into Uganda and filmed a documentary, and now it's viral.
  4. Sorry for the noobiness, I'm an xbox 360 player, Samanthas my favorite zombies character, im a black ops player, and i love halo, bioshock, batman games, cod, and mass effect.
  5. well to introduce myself i would like to say that I am pretty awesome, and have good grammer and i am very modest and never brag about how awesome i am, cause obviously i dont need to tell anyone. There you go, a thorough explanation 4 who i am, what i do, where i live, whether i sign autographs or not, and many other things. thank you.
  6. Im fine with a twist, but the crew should stay the same for now. Takeo still has some scores to settle and so does Sam. But i guess i can deal with a few maps being from a different perspective
  7. Well the crew finds a teleporter and teleports to rural germany in a military facility, they never experience the low gravity of the moon since their not in space, only the sun gun is in space and the master control is in the facility in germany
  8. Whats with the smiley face after saying bowman is dead Anyway, yeah that wouldnt work with those characters from a different universe sort of. I do want another zombie map in America, maybe in an iconic location. Washington DC seems nice, or NYC or LA
  9. Nice idea, seems really well thought out. Heres an idea for a wonder weapon: Natures Wrath. It is a medium sized gun with a green camo and what it does is it shoots out a green beam that explodes on contact and is an insta kill up to round 25, and then it creates kind of a barrier made of vines, which can be useful when reviving team mates, and as a finishing touch, it explodes, killing any nearby zombies that are unfortunate enough to be near the barrier.
  10. Not a space map, it's in the remnants of a German Military facility.
  11. Kinda sucks that the average gamer prefers an old multiplayer experience over a new zombies experience. Zombies is the reason I'm still playing Black ops, and multiplayer has gotten really boring in Mw3. I would love an all zombie campaign and a bunch of new maps and would trade it in for many of my games.
  12. Hey guys, I have a possible map idea that seems pretty neat. It will take place in a German Military base that was concealed from the allies in WW2 using 115 and a cloaking device. It is in a rural area in Germany, and it is daytime. The map is very big, and has many rooms and wide open space. The power box will be located far away underground, and once the power is turned on, all the perk a cola machines are turned on and stuff, however, there is a new trap system. First off all the 'traps' must be linked to a space station called the Sun Gun. (It was a real planned nazi wonder weapon.) Then the trap must be activated and a beam of intensified sunlight will fall from the sky. But in order to not die, the characters must have an anti-beam suit that is provided on the map, right next to the power box for a fee. The story/easter egg: The reason the characters are going to the station is because the space station, the Sun Gun, is a potential threat to richtofen, and the master control is located in the map. Hordes os zombies are located on the radar coming towards the military base, and the person controlling the sun gun has the power to destroy these hoards without needing to link the traps. However, the master control room can only be found through a series of steps, including activating all the master panels found throughout the map, and playing the game of 'Richtofen says.' After that the players must collect the souls of 35 zombies, which must be collected with a new wonder weapon (more on that later.) The characters will find out Maxis's true intentions. After that, the souls must be bought to a machine, which will capture the souls and grant 115 access to the master control and the easter egg song will start playing, from Dr maxis's point of view, and you will be attacked by a hoard of new enemies, freezer zombies. These zombies don't kill you, but if the hit you twice you will get frozen for a while, long enough for a normal zombie to come and down you. The zombies will have a bluish tint, and will have vapor coming out of them. When they are eliminated, you have access to the master room! There is a catch to being in control. Only one person will be in control, and there is a risk to being in control. You are completely vulnerable to zombie attacks, and only one person can stay with you, and the rest are forced to leave. You can't aim the sun gun at the zombies coming either, because they are coming from underground. There is an emergency teleporter though, just in case you want to escape. A key factor to success will be teamwork, because using the sun gun from the master control requires at least 2 people to use successfully and effeciently. A mystery box will be located at the master control room. (Also, if you down you teammates, you will be teleported away from the room automatically The Enemies: Normal zombies Freezer zombies crawler zombies hellhounds Perks: The same ones from Ascension. Wonder weapons: Ray guns Monkey bombs A new weapon that will be called Apollo's wrath. A machine that has the same basic shape as a thunder gun, but the similarities stop there. It has an orangish tint, and has symbols of the sun. The weapon must be aimed and an anti beam suit is required so the weapon doesnt damage you. The weapon does 2000, and it released a beam of energy. It has a clip size of 20 with a backup size of 100. It can only be aquired from the mystery box , and only one person can have it. A catch to this weapon is that while it can be restored with max ammo, it can also be recharged at another room for a fee of 5000. When pack a punched, the weapon becomes Apollos Fury, and does twice the damage and has a larger clip size The other wonder weapon. (This one is vital for the Easter egg) is called the Death Ray. It looks like a black Vr11 and it can be bought off the wall, and so can its ammo. The weapon, at extremely close range does infinity damage, and if in the process of doing the easter egg will capture souls, and to the side a screen will tell you how many souls were captured. At long range it shoots a dark beam that slows down up to 10 zombies, which can be useful if you need to revive someone or something. If pack a punched, it is called Annihliator 115, and has a slighty longer range and can slow down up to 20 zombies and has a larger clip size. The pack a punch machine can be accessed by turning on the power, then initiating all the raps, which will open a large door that can be used to access the machine. Only thing is that the sun gun can't fire into the room since its not outdoors. If you read all of this please give me feedback, I would really appreciate it, and if you have idea I would like to know
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