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  1. No way, Dubstep is horrible, plus, Zombies already has a tradition going with doing hardcore rock music. I'm fine with it, as are most people. If you want to listen to Dbstep while playing Zombies just use your ipod. Dubstep has no place in zombies.
  2. My moms birthday is on fathers day...
  3. I want the flamethrower back, or at least a wonderweapon relating to fire somehow. Anyone see Prometheus? One of the chics used a flamethrower-like weapon, so I want something like that
  4. anything beats the ps3 Ain't got nothing on the 360 xbox deserves the crown our network was never let down We dont get bothered by a yellow light The PS3 seems to be in a plight Nathan Drake should be struck by a police taser Watch Master Chief use his Spartan laser look at the PS3's price go so low The PS3 is dead, just let it go
  5. I've taken quizzes and I at least have a 75% chance of surviving. I joke about it with my friends and if there is a zombie apocalypse we know where to go. Only reason I think it's not possible is that the military would destroy the zombie virus, unless they created it. If the disease or whatever infects a town they would quarantine it and kill the inhabitants. If it spreads to a city they would use drones to blow the hell out of the zombies. In the movies they show the milittary as being incompetent. Supposing the military can't or doesnt do anything about an outbreak and the disease isn't air
  6. I haven't really seen posts regarding this topic on the codz forums, but what are your thoughts on this topic? The incident has sparked a lot of media attention regarding a zombie apocalypse and people planning for one ect; Rumor has it he was shot in the chest about 5 times and didn't die, just kept chewing. When he was shot in the head he did die. Most say he was on bathing salts, and I agree, but suppose it were a zombie apocalypse? What would you do, what are your plans? In short: Thoughts on the Miami Cannibal? How would you survive a zombie outbreak?
  7. Best movie I've seen his year, Also my new favorite superhero movie. Some parts were pretty funny too. *SPOILER* Anyone just love when Hulk smashed Loki?
  8. True, I don't like the screaming parts, their just really uneccessary.
  9. I heard rumors of an entirely different story, but I'm not sure whether their real or not. If the story does continue, I think that woman could be Sophia. I don't see how Sam could dispose of Richtofen's body.
  10. I'm not too excited for the campain :/ only reason im getting is for zombies and possible MP
  11. Many of us already know all these things with Kony are propaganda. About 30% of the money donated to the organization to end the problem goes to Ugandas military, which also commits atrocities. Oil is all the U.S ever enters a war for. Kony never was a threat. He did all those things years ago, he's inactive, all this hype is just because a few teenagers went into Uganda and filmed a documentary, and now it's viral.
  12. I LOVE ZOMBIE LAND! And the zombie survival guide!! But I would probably die if there were a zombie apocalypse. IDK how to use a hand gun, much less an assault rifle and I dont think I'd be able to hande the recoil anyways : / First thing I would do is look for civilization. My parents dont own any guns, so only things we would be able to use are knives and possible a baseball bat.
  13. Your banned for having a bar code as your signature
  14. Usually a few hours, then i get bored. That's why I'm focusing on maps that I suck at, like five. On Kino and ascension I find myself relying on OP weapons, like zeus cannon, and on five since theres not really a higly OP weapon, it's more of a challenge, and therefore funner. I use different train routes and stuff. I also do really risky things to spice it up. On kino I love Pack a punching the m16 then using the teleporter and using the grenade attachement on zombies below. Speed cola+m16 PAP'd is beast. Grenade launcher reloads so fast and you can refill the m16s ammo easily. Whe
  15. Our school gave us these silence slips, which we taped on our shirts. I lasted a whole period, then someone convinced me to talk..
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