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  1. Hm, I'm really sceptical about 8 people zombies. I mean, wouldn't it be too much chaos ? (with 4 people it is already sometimes with 10 year old kids...). Besides if they make the maps bigger and you're only playing to 3, wouldn't it also bother the game ? I really hope this time they make different zombies modes. For example Solo, 2-4 players, 5-8 players, [email protected] box, BO box or BO2 box...
  2. Hm, very interesting. But from where do you know that 3arc worked on Paris as the final map ? Besides, I had myself a few ideas on how a Paris map would be, and the Eiffel Tower would also be a major part of the map and the Easter egg. I had also the idea that the Teleporter would be under the Eiffel Tower, in the catacombs. But HAARP had nothing to do with all the map, but it is a great idea IMO. My idea was that the crew tried to repair the Teleporter under the Eiffel tower to return in the past to prevent everything of happening.
  3. Die Schwarze Sonne (created by Richtofen, throught stealing datas of the Gersch Device). Rounds : 1 per magazine ; 7 reserve rounds. It shoots a black hole which sticks on the next wall it hits. It "absorbs" like a Gersch Device all the zombies it hits. When it hits the wall, the black hole increases in size and attracts the zombies, sucking them in like a Gersch. Finally after 3 seconds, the black hole "explodes" killing all zombies around it. PaP'd : Maxis' Schwarze Sonne Rounds : 2 per magazine ; 14 extra rounds. Same as above exept with bigger initial black hole, more attracting power, and it would take 5 seconds to explode. This weapon would be very useful to revive teammates despite it's small capacity, since you could shoot it next to your friend to revive him.
  4. I'm really happy they didn't put it in game now XD Awesome find though :)
  5. Wavegun isn't overpowered, it is a very good wonder weapon, but the Wunderwaffe is still the best IMO. It kills zombies around corners, behind you, far away. Even if the BO DG-3 JZ just kills 10 zombies, it is still better then the other wonder weapons.
  6. I came to round 28 in Kino with 2 of my friends and had 44 Revives - 5 Deaths. 2 deaths of 5 I bled out :roll: But the scores were even funnier : I had 1300 kills and them respectively 200 and 100 :lol:
  7. Until the laugh in the moon EE I would have said Richto, but when I heard it I thought that Maxis is even more insane then Edward. Seriously, he said the characters that he would "help them minimize the damage that Richto will cause" and blows up the earth... All he wants is to destroy, like he already said to Sam when she became all powerful. He is the true evil IMO.
  8. Truest statement ever said. This is why I don'tplay with random anymore. I'm just sick of opening all the doors, dying because of this and then people insult me because I died -__-
  9. This is by far the worst zombie EE song. First of all, too much screaming. Until now the screamings where moderated and suited the zombies "mood", but this is too much. Only the chorus is good in this song. Besides, it is too short.
  10. OMG... I must admit, it even looks better then Der Riese... There are a lot of interesting new things to the map, especially the "false players". it will be kinda confusing in game. For the new drop, I think it gives you a random weapon, but could it also be wonder weapons from past maps, like the Wunderwaffe, Winter's Howl, TG, etc ? And hooray, the Gersches are back :D
  11. Exellent idea. If they did it at least for the private lobbies I would be happy, since I almost only play with friends What would be even more awesome is a 24 zombies killing wunderwaffe without glitch !
  12. I got the hardened edition only for the maps 4 months ago. I really didn't care about the medal. I already owned normal BO before, so I had to repay 60€ for it. Finally I sold the hardened for only 35€... Treyarch could have given us more then just a free map. It is kinda disappointing. Besides, I am not sure if the fact that eveyone gets access to the [email protected] maps is a good or a bad thing. In fact, until now I met rather good players in random (even if it took a lot of time) where I get to at least round 20, whereas on BO maps I only meet selfish players you nether try to revive you even when they have the Thundergun, Gersches and the RG. This is why I only play with randoms on the classic maps, because the chances to meet good players on the other maps are way to low. And now that the maps are going to be all-public, it will be the same as the other maps. Finally, since 3arc are updating the maps, couldn't it be possible they put only BO weapons in the classic maps ? I really don't want to loose the Thompson, the FG42 or the STG...
  13. Link40


    Is anyone else thinking the Wave gun looks awful ?
  14. I don't think it's the end of zombies, like said above mainly because of how much money it brings Activision and Treyarch. But I would like to see a second crew made of secondary characters to the storyline, which would also explain some loose-ends in the story. My ideal second crew would be Maxis - Gersch - Sophia - H. Hyena But hey, it's just a dream :roll:
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