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  1. i heard a mr micheal rooker was seen leaving treyarch not to long ago. possibly doing a voice dub for zombies??? anyone remember hearing this???
  2. we all know of our favorite pal woods, well why does he have a 115 tattoo AND a werewolf howling at the moon. what we know: moon is a map ARGO wolf howling at moon, the howler (connection to woods tattoo?) woods comes back in BO2 what we speculate: woods had somehow been connected to group 935, woods lived through his "demise" woods is older than dirt in 2025 BUT what if woods was part of something bigger, something like...group 601 the americans form of group 935, in area 51. u got the moon and group 935 connections with said theroy. so maaaaaybe thats the connection
  3. Zombies is going to be big. Mark Lamia didn’t want to beat around the undead bush: “I’m not going to hide it from you – it’s a Treyarch game, we’re making Zombies. It’s a huge world, running inside the multiplayer mode. There are new game modes; it’s bigger and better” Any details to go with that tease? Nope — Mark is saving some of his secrets until later. “Zombies is its own game and it deserves its own time.” Source : Oneofswords. Read more: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads ... z1vSz1SaB5
  4. so ive ehard there gonna have this mini campaign and its gonna have some more...indepth maps for instance shangrila will have been explored more, der riese will be seen from the outside ect. ect. Now has this been confirmed or all hear say? and what do yall think of a mini campaign? NOT a whole game but maybe a single player campagin for SINGLE players? that way all players get wat we want ZOMBIES CAMPAIGN without ruining the 3 things nazi zombies needs: coop, single player, and multiplayer. its not a full campaign but maybe a single player campaign that explains the story from beginning to now plus the new maps? like treyach confirming whats right and wrong and how they imagined it. i think itd be pretty legit and cool of them to say. either that or a book...i think thats what people really want the most as well, confirmation and closure on past events of the zombie world
  5. i agree, the CODZL is bigger but the same formatting of the room. also what is one that table? winters howl perhaps?
  6. i would like to see mr.sherwoods exact tweet cause i believe [email protected] is done with
  7. It might be to channel the power emanating off of the pyramid because as you can see the pyramid does point straight up into the middle of it. In short the pyramid sends up enough power out of the top to power the teleporter for spaaaaaace travel. god i hope not, but im pretty sure BOS2 will tell us what it does cause im sure thats how they get off the moon
  8. HELLLLL NO. ive thought this for awhile too. better or equal question. why is the teleporter double sided
  9. i HIGHLY doubt theres a passage that WE the players can get into.
  10. ^^^ exactly i thought of a hospital when i saw it. cause there in a partial area where a helicopter could land. u know? i found one from reading on here, then saw more and then i looked and their in a square
  11. me and some friends were trying to find the one antena and we found 3 more, there all in a rectangle. could this be a EE? and their not radio antenas they look like rotating lights... on nacht
  12. how is englund groph? theres like 30 years inbetween them and groph was on the moon base when it got over run
  13. first of all little girl crying is samantha weve debunked that to [email protected] and 2ndly can you get a vid of the voice seems like part of the EE weve been trying to figure out since der riese's rerelease
  14. agreeed i say lazyness cause when u play as sarah michelle gellar and u dive she grunts JUST like the men Well what were they going to do for that sound? Ask her to grunt for them so they'd have a sound for her dolphin dive? well yeah. isnt that what they did for all the dolphin dive grunts?
  15. best theroy idea ive heard of. MAYBE!? gertsch (after u save him from kessimir device?) pops up in FIVE as theif? using the gertsch as a way to be teleportered to FIVE? maybe even gone mad by the release of kessimir i mean it takes all powerful weapons to end the EE in ascension. just a thought
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