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  1. i HIGHLY doubt theres a passage that WE the players can get into.
  2. how is englund groph? theres like 30 years inbetween them and groph was on the moon base when it got over run
  3. so you think the vril-ya are the ones that shot the temple to the moon? i wonder what their gonna do now that their on the moon. i bet somethings gonna happen that will foil edwards plans
  4. i was hoping someone would bring that up...anyone know what the temple is for or why they teleported it?
  5. and who is that certain someone? think about it. who gave them the vril generator? what else can u do with a vril generator? can we harness it in other means other then through a wand or whatever u want to call it. is there a more magical power other then Sam or now Richtofen
  6. Well it is Siberia, that's my only reasoning... sorry dude but thats not a good enough reason. but i do agree. it makes sense that siberia russia = russian sub. but that just raises the question WHY would a russian sub be sucking up humans through a beam? or teleporting them to the sub.
  7. Well if you look at the top of the lighthouse, it looks like what the Gersch device. I don't know how to describe it, but there is like a little purple thing he gets sucked into I believe. And I have heard this UFO theory before, but I never knew of a yellow light. I always thought the submarine caused the green lights. I tried to youtube the ufo theory, but didn't find anything. if u follow the man as he gets sucked up it looks like he used a teleporter like way of traveling. i believe hes a sacrifice. as far as the sub goes, i made a post awhile back ago how the sub doesnt really fit in. look at the side of he ship. is that a star? Soviet star?
  8. i think the only passage your all gonna see is the passage gourge takes to hollow earth after you kill him. i believe gourge to be a VRIL zombie. all the vril power in COTD that maybe thats what gourge is. a VRIL zombie. when you kill him he goes to hollow earth to heal. thats the only passage and thats it...
  9. demesphor

    Why Go To Area 51?

    do u remember in pirates of the carriabean at worlds end when jack and co wanted to get back to the real world? he was like "oh whats that?" to get the crew to flip the boat? i think richtofen was all about captain jack sparrow in that moment
  10. demesphor

    Why Go To Area 51?

    I could see that. What does the teleporter look like? Haha it's been so long since I've played, but I mean I would think that if they took the teleporter it wouldn't have Nazi insignia all over it when they put it up the only problem with that is the teleporter from der riese was overloaded..wouldnt that mean after our heros used it it died? i mean if i overloaded my computer right now im sure i couldnt use it again....
  11. So again, just to reiterate... lulz, Im not a CoD fan, IMO. I only like zombies. Im more of a battlefield fan. tbh that made u sound so much more lame then u already did. suck it up seriously
  12. going to be logical on this one...paris fell already that much has been confirmed. cant remember where but i remember reading it. but area 51 indeed has not had any light shone on it. i completely agree without a doubt about the season thing [brains] im glad someone brought that up. question is whats the cliff hanger gonna be? there is ALWAYS a cliff hanger in season finales
  13. i was thinking this too. maybe ascension is after moon? the quotes wouldnt match up though but itd be a great find if it did come to show that ascension came after moon
  14. I think treyarch was focusing more on the storyline showing richtofen is becomming invincible

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