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  1. Does the cut scene take place at the MP40 teleporter?
  2. Where can I find the rest of the screenshots?
  3. I can't believe it. I was thinking to myself on the bus journey home today who the new celeb characters could be. And Jeff Goldblum was one of the two I came up with. So weird.
  4. The Ultimate staffs have infinite damage charged shots so the bit about them being underpowered is completely wrong.
  5. This easter egg has the best rewards of any zombies map but you get the rewards mid way through the easter egg at various stages rather than at the end so nobody realised they were being rewarded. Rewards: 1. Ending cutscene 2. Upgrade for the Maxis Drone 3. Super powerful Airstrike tactical grenades 4. Upgrade to the thunderfist melee attack to make it even more powerful (maybe even instakill it hasn't even been tested on high rounds yet) 5. Four epic new wonder weapons
  6. Nice thread! Are the staffs obtainable in solo?
  7. Lol I've just been watching some gameplay and they can spawn 2-3 at the same time on 20+.
  8. It's not a big problem because you can just do it at the end of the round. 200 will be nothing in higher rounds. You don't even loose the perks when the generator is turned off. I was actually kinda disappointed that you don't loose your perks because at first I thought you did and I loved the idea of having to drop what you're doing and protect the generator.
  9. Please tell me you can get the upgrade the elemental staffs to ultimate staffs on solo and 2 player.
  10. If the crusaders destroy the generator powering the random perk machine do you loose the perks that you obtained from the random perk machine?
  11. Are the ultimate staffs from the trophies just another name for the elemental staffs or is there a way to upgrade them? They aren't PAPable so do you guys think there is a hidden way to upgrade them like on MotD with the Redeemer?
  12. Can you get permanent tombstone on Tranzit and Die Rise? Also can you get phd flopper on these maps? Or are these two perks exclusive to Buried?
  13. Well if you are gonna ask someone then what MMX said "When you're looking for a specific weapon, you are more likely to think probability is against you" applies. It just takes more than some peoples games to convince me. The only exception to the 1-10 chance measure rule uptil this point has been that everytime someone uses the box (and not get a monkey) the chance of getting one are slighty increased. Wen you do get one the chance resets to its original value. Other than this example there hasn't been an exception to that rule. Unless there is some proof I say the chances of getting a Mark-II are the same on all maps. You're wrong. Look at the description of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r697JmhshZ8 And this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-xxr_WZAfs
  14. The chances of getting a certain gun out of the box are measured on a 1-10 scale. (1 being very common. 10 being very, very rare). The Raygun is an 8/10 if I'm not mistaken. On all maps. I don't see how the Mark 2 has different numbers on different maps, this has never happend before. The way I see it, it's just another one of those hoaxes floating around like the 'dolphin dive on eachother in order to increase the number of powerup drops'. They did it for the RGM2 because it would be unfair to all the people that worked hard on survival maps to get a good score with the original ray gun. And I understand why you would think it, but it's not a hoax. If you ask someone who gets 60s, 70s, 80s on survival maps they will tell you it's extremely rare in comparison to Buried, where it is relatively common.
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