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  1. Actually I've noticed a difference with the upgraded Juggernog, one time I had it upgraded was surrounded by about 10 zombies got hit maybe six times and survived just by spraying bullets at each, so it does make a slight difference
  2. Thats all possible but remeber Richtofen is "the doctor"
  3. Yeah I did lol, but not as bad as getting cut out on a high round
  4. No i never had a chance to buy it a third time it just disappeared when I entered the room, but I think it may have something to do with the mustang sally down thing
  5. I like Call of the Dead easier than shangri-La and I didn't do ascension. But I have one big question. So sorta off topic but I have one question about doing the moon easter egg on solo so you get all perks permanently so does that mean that you can't die cause quick revive will keep reviving you since it's always there it will just revive you again, I would really like to know for anyone who's done it on solo.
  6. I had a weird glitch that happened on solo Ascension. I had quick revive and jugg for perks and an RPK and MPK5 for guns. But when I went down I had mustang sally. When i got back up I had RPK and the m1911 so I was like what. So I purposely went down again and again I had mustang sally but when I got up I had two M1911. I was so confused so I ran back to quick revive then it floated away like the box when I saw it. Now this is the weirdest glitches I ever saw. Any ideas why this happened?
  7. Lol, for something made up sounds a lot like a game quote. You should write scripts for zombies [brains]
  8. Is that a quote from the game?
  9. True so maybe he headed off to snn to get the DG-2 and programed them to meet him there.
  10. So just curious then I would like to see why other people think the gang went to shi no numa so that way it will be easier to find one to make sense, I think my reason (getting the wunder waffe) was pretty good but thhere are probably others that are better so thoughts?
  11. So why did gang go to Shi No Numa. I think that the meteor of 115 wasn't the big purpose. Instead I believe some experiments were transferred from Der Riese to Shi No numa, this would also explain the boxes labelled 115 in the starting hut but out of all I think the Wunder waffe was transferred. Assuming that I think Richtofen went to pick up the DG-2 and this is how I think it happened. When escaping from Der Reise Richtofen brought his test experiments, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo with him. Explaining why in the trailer Dempsey says something like, "We're here," followed by Nikolai saying, "finally," Now this theory makes sense because wunderwaffe first appears in Shi No Numa. So what do you think?
  12. gameguy

    Finding Samantha

    I think everyone's seen the loading screen for the moon, where you can see what looks like Sam's shadow holding a teddybear, well do you think that we will find or see Sam on the moon. This just an idea but possibly for part of the easter egg (if there is one) what if you use the teleporters and go to aether to find her, these are just my ideas but I wanna know what you guys think.
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