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  1. I always though that'd be a sweet idea too, never thought of keeping the round/ weapons though, but being able to play through each map in a game would be a sweet idea, and it'd fell like there was more emphasis on the storyline, without spoiling the gameplay. I remember the call of duty exp thing one of the guys said they wanted to keep adding to the storyline, but they didn't want it to have to be objective based, well i think this'd be a great way to do just that.
  2. I don't think it's really so black and white. Sometimes running seperately to your team can take a bit of stress off of them, but then if you're taking it as far as to have so many points more than them that they can't afford to buy their perks back when they down then it's over the top. Also it depends if you're still being a team player or not; some people just go off and do their own thing and just leave the rest to it, whereas some will do their own thing, but still go for revives or help out if a teammate is in a jam... I guess it really comes down to how you're running and how you're treating the other players, and as long as you're being considerate to the other players needs too then running is pretty acceptable, especially on smaller maps where maybe having the four of you in one place might just get you completely overrun. Just my thoughts on it anyway :)
  3. I sorted out MW3 aaaand got skyrim have a look at your nat type on mw3 though, mine was on strict for some reason, you've gotta go through the tedious task of getting onto your router and enabling UPNP, and if that doesn't work then you've gotta forward a port specifically for mw3, it's a pain in the arse to do but i managed it in an hour or so with no actual knowledge of what i was really doing and now i've got open nat and no lag if it's not your nat then i don't know what the problem is :/ actually, stupid as it sounds, but if you're on xbox; testing your connection through the dashboard seems to help a lot sometimes too
  4. i've played it on and off for the past 2 days now, and it's actually pretty sweet. You can't really compare it to zombies on all the aspects though. At first I didn't like the idea of it being two player, but with the game ending if you don't revive the other player I think it actually seems alright, it makes it more teamwork based; which I found most randoms in zombies weren't really into. the way the weapons and other equipment works is pretty good once you get into it too, it feels more rewarding to do that than just have everything available right from the start. I like that they've made the maps into four groups of different difficulties too, and all in all it's a pretty decent little game mode... although it really bugs me that you and your teammate are stuck there because you can't be extracted, yet they can drop in delta squads and juggernauts to help you :/
  5. Mines mainly with weapons like the thundergun, i'll either keep it away in case of emergencies, and then think 'I can get through this bit' and realise too late that's when I should have used itm or if i've got it out i'll just rinse my ammo on unnecessary things and be out when I actually do need it My other bad habit is if i can tell my last clip isn't going to be full when i've got a few clips left i'll always shoot off the excsess bullets to make sure my last ones full, even if it's between rounds.
  6. Yeah, that's all good. I though a picture or something would be enough, but I just wanted to double check :lol:
  7. hey way2g00 what's the requirements for those challenges? i'm up for having a go at a few of them but all i've got is my phone camera, and it doesn't exactly record for very long :/
  8. hey, i might have missed this already, but i was looking round five the other day and i noticed a newspaper on the table in the defcon room, there might be a date or something on it but i can't really be sure cause I don't have a hdtv :/ any chance someone could have a look/ tell me if this has already been checked out?
  9. that's not some kind of spaceship in the top right is it? just next to that circle that im gonna assume is the moon or the sun... my bad if that's wayyy off, literally just woken up haha :lol:
  10. Yeah I think it's really just a question of having the luck to get sent to the right pad at the right time, on the subject though I swear i've seen a perk bottle flashing up there every now and then but i'm not 100% on it, can anyone confirm/deny that for me?
  11. Gotta agree with you there man. The astronaut isn't really too hard to deal with either, and as long as you don't kill him unless it's absolutely necessary then his health stays the same as whatever round he last spawned on; I usually don't kill him for the first time untill i make some mistake and run into him around the early 30's and he only takes one bowie to kill. Admittedly he does get tons of health when he spawns again though but to be fair if it wasn't for that and the excevators then you could end up running laps in the biodome until you got bored of playing. :P
  12. never had that from split screen or anything, but i noticed if you start a match before you sign on to xbox live (or psn in my case) then mule kick will not be there
  13. Team_Damian


    I can't claim to know much about how these things work, but I'd imagine that this dude is selling the shirts for more than it costs to make them for a bit of profit right? what if he gets to advertise on the site in exchange for giving a percentage of any profits he gets through sales on here back to you carbon? Obviously I don't know how much he makes on each shirt so it may not really be enough to be worth getting a percentage of, but wouldn't it at least be worth talking to this guy to see if the two of you can work something out? it might not turn out that you get enough to be happy with so you don't go ahead with it, but wouldn't it be worth having a talk with the actual guy to see what could be worked out, if it can go towards maintaining site costs and whatnot? just a suggestion anyhoo :)
  14. just thought id point out, if zombies are electrified theres always a chance of getting a max ammo, don't think they need to be in the water, but i've found that using the wunderwaffe on zombies down the back of the lighthouse after they're electrified gets me one every now and then :)
  15. ah that'll be it, I started the game right after turning my ps3 on, so I probably wasn't signed in when i started my game. Cheers guys
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