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  1. So do you believe that Arlington walked away from this in one piece or his soul was just finally put to rest? Seems fitting to die and go to heaven on the Golden Gate Bridge of Heaven. :D
  2. If we let go and succumb to Richtofen's demands, he will use the energy of the dead to RIP BACK THE WALLS OF TIME BACK TO 1943! And we will start in Nacht, essentially making the beginning the end... lets roll. *puts on sunglasses* That'd be a cool resolution though. At least I think it would.
  3. Brutus is a guard. Says it on his badge. Not saying he's Ferguson though
  4. If the rift was already mended, then Richtofen wouldn't have told Samuel to do it.
  5. Ready to get your mind blown? Regards, Mac
  6. They are not people. They are dead. Those who look towards the past, are certain to miss the future. I said ARE CERTAIN TO MISS THE FUTURE! *pounds table*
  7. Hmm...which side do I choose? I choose... TAKEOS SIDE! I will destroy every last remnant of 935! :twisted: *hopefully Treyarch will actually look this way*
  8. That laugh at the end of Moon was pretty questionable... How dare he laugh at the destruction of our poor planet!
  9. With the quality of zombies going down, that "marketing strategy" shouldn't work so well but the sheep buy them anyways because it's a DLC.
  10. Funny thing is I think it's the other way around. Richtofen wants to fix the Earth and restore his full power while Maxis might want to control everyone. Can't really know the second for sure of course.
  11. I remember Syndicate mentioned this one of his livestreams. He means rape in the way that you plunder something from someone. In this case being points.
  12. The Jumping Jack crawler took a jump out of Russman in the Die Rise cutscene so the normal zombies most likely bite and eat as well.
  13. I like that. I really like that quote. If you go into this world getting offended by words, then you can get ready to leave it cuz this world is full of way more f*cked up things than words.
  14. That's a very smart deduction on your part. I've been thinking the same thing for a while.
  15. When Takeo says "I vow to destroy every remnant of 935", I'm positive he's referring to Maxis and Richtofen. They both screwed him over and they're both the last remnants of the organization.
  16. OH MY GOD BASEDGOD. You can **** my ***** BasedGod! You're swag to the hundred trillion. Swag to the maximum! GET THAT WONTON SOUP!
  17. This map literally has less easter eggs and story in it than any other BO survival maps. Not a story mode at all.
  18. Look again. It wasn't locked because of that.
  19. I'm pretty sure they're just random posts from people with time on their hands. No legitimacy.
  20. Dan mentioned Nacht nav cards, zipline, and a phd flopper. NONE of these exist on Green Run.
  21. No pics or GTFO. When people don't listen to this rule, you get the Tranzit section. Full of trolls and sheep.
  22. We have the audio files. There are files that can't be heard in game but they aren't groundbreaking. Those navcards might have a place in the game but it won't do anything amazing. Maybe free perks because we all love that don't we? The imaginary "last step" of this EE isn't going to be integral to the story and it isn't going to give us anything new visually.
  23. Smart boy. It's real immature of you guys to put this guy down and insult him. You can go on and believe there is more but sometimes being too open minded is really close minded if you know what I mean?
  24. So do you have any confirmation from the code that the side quests are done?
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