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  1. Already discussed here viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31009
  2. Right now Spyder is up to the part where all the headphone drops have been collected and according to u, the next part is flying in purgatory, so it seems footage may come soon one way or another. Either way, playthegame are starting to look like major fools right now.
  3. Absolutely, Sir! Thank you for reminding me of this! Totally forgot to add that to my post. I had so much going through my mind as I was typing this thread that I forgot to add the Aztec details of the prison itself. Totally about to edit that in. And thinking about is, throughout multiple maps, aztec/tribal mythology is mentioned someway or another, such as the temples in the moon loading screen, the MDT shaped as a pyramid, Shangri-La, etc. Just a through, the Alcatraz dog can easily be Itzcuintli the dog since it literally drags the corpses to itself, perhaps Fluffy somehow fused with it and allowed it to become the hellhounds we know instead of just a floating entity. The Rift in time seems to have all started when Richtofen first teleported, he was never supposed to teleport and the aztecs/ancients were always supposed to be in control of Aether. I have a feeling your theory will be strengthened in the coming maps, makes too much sense not to be.
  4. Also, as I understand, it seems this is the first step in Mending the Rift sort of? setting history how it should happen and breaking the cycle we are shown in the Die Rise intro.
  5. Well, its against my thinking, but I feel you are 100% correct, and I love seeing a community helping each other, this is what zombies should be. So are you saying the ending should be a bit different since there was a glitch involved?
  6. That was very good! so far things look promising, but i hope you can understand the natural skepticism from someone who has been here since the beginning of Verruckt. If you do release videos soon, it would completely throw off everyone going "I found X, but im not going to show you till I get more likes/till I feel like it, but I will tell you how awesome it is". So my own personal question, what exactly is the ending?
  7. In my opinion, a better alternate song would have been "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny cash. Suits this map's old school theme and the lyrics could match up.
  8. I actully invited a group of 20+ people to help with this this was a community effort iam just representing it as i got all people together, plus i was with the founding team etc. we did this with know outside knowledge like PTG and all who had a 48 hourhead start or whatever just trying to get this around Sounds good, but why not post some stuff in the meantime to the general community? Something simple like how many skulls, what comes after, etc?
  9. Very Very interesting theory and reverts back to ancient mythology. Also throughout MOTB, there are many places that remind me of Aztec sacrifices such as the sacrifice tables and the various piles of skulls and not to mention the crystal skulls.
  10. Obviously people can't just not talk about things, especially since not even 24 hours have passed since the release and with all the commotion going. My 2 cents would be everyone talk about it, but not to be too close minded to where nothing enters their head nor too open minded to where their brains fall out.
  11. I mentioned this in the other topic, but why not post how many skulls there are, what comes next,interesting thing that happened, etc. in the meantime while waiting? I would hope you are not doing this to be the first. As much a big a deal as it may sound, nobody remembers who did it first for Ascension, COTD, Moon, etc. Do it for the community, not yourself.
  12. Normally the Wiki is great to check out stuff on older maps, but once something is released, I tend to avoid it as so many edits are predicted to occur.
  13. Just putting this out there, im sure you could become a hero type character if you were to recreate the video from playthegame and prove how easy it would be to fake, not to prove that its fake, just to prove it being fake is a very high possiblity, especially since I can sense they are prolonging this as much as possible.
  14. We have proof when i ended the game the death screen showed our bodies on the bridge in the electric chairs while we were stuck on the island as well i was weasal and i had only my points visable You have proof, we don't. Tell us about the skulls or what the next steps after the skulls are?
  15. I am dissapointed that there appears to be no references to the old maps or story so far, so I hope this is true.
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