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  1. It could help tie in the Illuminati connection to the whole thing... Richtofen as in Illuminist in is fake biography, maybe it is referring to the Presidential post-apocalyptic tunnels?
  2. One thing I have noticed to be strange, the clock inside the spawn room of the bus depot has a replication of Stonehenge around it. Probably nothing worth note, but the clock at Bus Depot still seems odd. If you guys would like the evidence I used to support my theories, I'm available via PM or Xbox live.
  3. It only seems logical that this whole thing is going to turn into Maxis and/or Samantha vs Richtofen, right? Or am I missing something? A situation where we are going to have to choose which side we wish to be on. Anyone else notice this?
  4. The same achievement was granted when Samantha was relinquished from the pyramid. Sorry to say, I'm starting to believe the same thing.
  5. TranZit is most definitely not a clock. I think we should focus on the characters themselves, as well as the functions of the interchangeable parts.
  6. BirdDog Dan


    Just when I think you guys have it figured out, you don't. A couple posters are headed in the right direction, but maybe this can help. IF YOU ARE FOCUSED ON MAXIS SPIRE, keep going :arrow: . For those of you who have questions about Russman, why would he JUST be a character to live in the area of the aftermath? This is just 100% incorrect, he is in the game for a reason. www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlXreMB5NOw -Sedan
  7. It appears my time here has come to an end. I have enjoyed the welcoming environment from all of you, and please be sure to recommend things you would like to see in future zombie modes and DLC. One truly can't comprehend how helpful it can be for us! And always remember, if you think you have reached the end, you're probably missing something. You will know when there is nothing left to achieve! Day will always become night, and vice versa, the question is... Which side will you chose? Thank you guys, -Sedan
  8. I've been in constant contact with you guys' moderator, I'm sure he will vouch for me when he returns. The problem is this: what have you found that would support the next step of the Egg? If it's nothing, then maybe you should keep an open mind instead of trying to attack people that are here to help. If you think I'm just going to GIVE you the next step you're extremely naive and lazy. Why would you want everyone else to figure this out, rather than you? I see no fun in following another person's steps, be innovative! Try things! You may think they're crazy, but haven't you said the same for
  9. If you don't have anything worthwhile to say, please keep it to yourself. Fair enough. The man you "hear" is dead. He's been dead, you all know who it is that needs help. I've told you this part of the Egg for the past few days. He needs help, and you're going to need to go back in time and save him from ever trapping that girl inside him. Good luck, I truly hope you guys can work together! -Sedan
  10. Alrighty, so instead of this message filling with hate posts lets just take what he's said and act like it's a clue. Let's break it down: 1) "Please guys, focus on why you're here" [We are here for the easter egg on Green Run, to figure it out.] 2) "I'm not here to send you through a WORM HOLE of lies. I'm here to send you down a wormhole of truths." [Worm Hole seems key, relating to the holes denizens make under teleporters?] 3) ... "You're not done, you're not close." [We're missing something big apparently, from what we have found already.] 4) "I don't know how many time
  11. Maybe you should try synchronizing the wormho---- I mean teleporters. :idea: -Sedan
  12. Please guys, focus on why you're here. I'm not here to send you through a "WORM HOLE" of lies. I'm here to send you down a wormhole of truths. Take from this what you will, but it's obvious that the innovative thinkers present have a better understanding of how this works than the ones that spend countless hours here attacking posters. YOU'RE NOT DONE, YOU'RE NOT CLOSE. I don't know how many times I can stress this to you guys. Put your heads together for once, instead of being the man to crack the case. This will take a team effort, as it always does. USE the information in front of you, don
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