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  1. I did some searches on this and found nothing.. Me n friend were playing 2 player and i noticed my freind was emitting sparks like the zombies when wunderwaffed by George. It was early on like round 5ish. it eventually stopped at like round 15, wew were doing alot of exploring and taking our time so he was sparking for atleast an hour. it was loud too, all i could hear was his sparking when anywhere near him. anyone experience this at all? i apologize if this has been asked already i tried to search it.
  2. putzee

    Where do YOU want the next zombies map?

    arctic zombies would pave the way for new strategies if environmental conditions were taken into consideration. Maybe you will freeze if you've been outside too long, where all the herding zones ares. You can only herd so long before you have to go inside and warm up where the spaces are alot tighter and actual zombie killing must go down.
  3. putzee

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    round 55 solo, 44, with one other person. this map is easiest yet. the hardest map was the first and it just got easier,, if only they increased the max zombie count.
  4. putzee

    6 radios so far..

    i searched the forum and couldnt find a number of how many radios ppl have found. i found 6 with my friend and noticed that some dont appear untill after you get the first ones. like in a sequence, we hoped for a 7th to pop up after we got 6 of them but found nothing. We found these ones maybe someone else found others? 1. starting area with spinning thing, right between some things by the lower window next to quick revive. 2. one by the lander pad near stamin-up, onthe lower self of a caged rack. 3. left of the stairs leading to Phd flopper landinf pad 4. by packapunch on a pipe over the railing 5. right next to speed cola and russian doll 6. right next to staminup, behind a concrete slab. we know radios 4 and 5 must be found in sequence after 1,2, and 3. but we never found radio 6 before so were not sure if it shows up right away or after another is found. please tell me there are more.. please tell me treyarch doesnt consider a few radios, useless rusian dolls and a couple neat steps leading to death machines count as "loads" of new secrets to find. cause that was easy.. same with kino, nothing cool, just dumb easter eggs... so far ne way. BTW: wheres my WUNDERWAFFE!!!!!!
  5. putzee

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    Somebody glitched... Just made 23 with two players. Unfortunately my friend had to go downstairs and eat lunch with his family and while he was gone I realized I was going out for lunch I my father was hurrying me to get off so I killed our crawler and saw how far I could go taking the amount of zombies for both of us. Not long. Nobody glitched it took us one week to get there haha why isnt this on the leaderboard.
  6. putzee

    The Roof

    i dont think the cosic silverback is all that crazy of an idea. I actually played with good headphones on for the first time and it really does sound like one big beast on the roof, also i was the japanese guy at the time and he said "sounds-a-like-a big-a monster on the roof!" or something like that. There are individual pounds on the roof causing rubble to fall down. The nova 6 crawlers do appear before the power is turned on and if you look in the barrels, they clearly were there the whole time. A gorrilla is a little silly and of-topic, so maybe its super-mutant Samantha?
  7. putzee

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    46 on solo, twice..sniffle (running traps). 38 with 1 other person (monkey bomb multiplication baby!) 33 with 2 other people (straight roughin it) all on KINO DER TOTEN

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