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  1. ya the lighting definately affects the camo, but they are silver, no blue or red. accept the waffe which is GOLD
  2. I love this! My friends and I also do this but never to that many and so beautifully placed.. I think you've inspired me to do some spikemore artwork. a [brains] for being borderline obsessive complusive (like a true zombie junkie should be)
  3. enough with the leaked info already.. read the code of conduct for your own sake
  4. sorry to go so off topic that im actually commenting on the title of the thread, but, the AK-47 (in my opinion) is pointless. Yes, we would all love to see what the other guns would be like pap'd and all, but theres already a galil and commando. Why would they add another gun with exact same fire rate and damage? and after all the map packs to come out why now? Im sorry but if putting the AK-47 in the next map counts as "what the community wants" then i will be sorely disappointed. The mp-40 was an exception because it was removed due to unbalanced wall choices, and re-added cause ppl wouldnt stop crying.
  5. i hope your right about more ee's to be found, but alot of us looked into previous maps so extensively just to find out there was nothing more to the seemingly incomplete eggs. I also hope treyarch took all the in depth investigation of their maps into consideration and FINALLY came out with a map filled to the brim with shiny new eggs and plot hints,, but we, or at least I, am hesitant to look too much into the maps anymore and just kill zombies and enjoy the really nice scenery. So I wouldnt take it to heart when ppl bash your theories down. Keep searching and let us know!
  6. i noticed the same thing.. probably meant to be like that to make the map more difficult. p.s. putting the word "glitch" in you thread title is a good way to get ignored. This is not a glitch-friendly forum.
  7. I did some searches on this and found nothing.. Me n friend were playing 2 player and i noticed my freind was emitting sparks like the zombies when wunderwaffed by George. It was early on like round 5ish. it eventually stopped at like round 15, wew were doing alot of exploring and taking our time so he was sparking for atleast an hour. it was loud too, all i could hear was his sparking when anywhere near him. anyone experience this at all? i apologize if this has been asked already i tried to search it.
  8. indeed.. i love snipers in thi map.. escpecially the scavenger with flopr. its like a timed Tgun. better than a tgun for reviving fallen teamates
  9. wow i havent played cod at all in weeks cause of bullsh*t hit detection online that just gets me way to annoyed to play at all ne more, now i see this issue and i am giving up on black ops alltogether.
  10. i dunno, i counted how many full waves of 30 (for 2 ppl) and it came up to like almost 400 for round 40's
  11. i dont get it,, are you physically looking for other landers on the map? or evidence of more landers involved with the plot? 3arc probly had hopes for more landers but it just didnt meet the bottom line, leaving the ground work for the other landers there in a way.
  12. wow.. you spent how long writing a parody for the forum founder.. thats so.. . . .. just nvm.
  13. Monkeys: once your higher in rounds monkeys are hard to kill. unless you activate every trap then run to the perks and wait. When we do this, me and my usual zombie partner will get situated at the end of round when we think monkeys is next, one person at the pap turret and one at staminup fire trap, when monkey round starts activate those traps and run for the others, turn them on and run one person to jugg and one to speed cola. once the monkeys die down ( you probably wont even see any) run to the other perks u have and kill the few remaining monkeys at them. Traps are imperative for later monkey rounds. When we dont use traps there are TONS on monkeys, but use those 4 traps and you might have to kill 2 or three, at most. Oh, and I'd like to add how useful the M72 LAW is when upgraded. If you werent the lucky thundergun spinner, then buy the LAW and PaP it. it have 50 super powerful rounds with 10 in the clip. This thing shreds zombies like paper until round 35ish. My buddy had the thundergun and i had that, and i still had more kills than him for the longest time. Plus the M72 Anarchy is more fun to use than thundergun. just make sure you have PHD flopper for that splash damage.
  14. Those exact bloodstains date back to the WAW campaign,, theyre just decorative.
  15. putzee


    why debrain me? just a game quote.. besides, the numbers can be decoded using the computer in the main menu. one sequence states: WE THINK ECHELON MEANS INFORMATION AND WE ARE SURE ASCENSION MEANS COMMAND when the girl or text says echelon the following number sequence is to be recieved as information, when ascension is said first, Mason takes it as a command. as far as i can tell ne way.
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