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  1. UnOriginalUserName

    An idiot proof, WRITTEN Easter Egg tutorial.

    Just some things I noticed... 3. Dont have to mash x or touch any button for that matter. Just go down the slide. 4. You do not have to follow the crystal after knifing as it makes the geyser go off by itself. 6. You only have to take the napalm zombie from the start of the tunnels (mpl side) till you make it to the claymores. 8. Instead of doing crawlers which takes redicoulous amounts of time for this step. Put extra claymores and start the round. Lead zombies down into the tunnels and you will do this step a hell of alot faster then waitng for 8 crawlers.
  2. UnOriginalUserName

    Interaction with Romero

    The rock sliding noise is pap opening up.... Buy yea, everytime the pap goes somewhere a rock goes under water and pap appears where the rock was. Im More interested in finding out what you can do when George makes you electrified. I have been electrified twice aleady and it is either a cool ass glitch or its something we can use. I tried a few things which I have had no success. One of those was trying to see if when Im electrified and a zombie hits me. If they get electrocuted but they do not. Also, it only lasts for a few rounds before it dissapears and you can only be electrified if you stay around George for a long time and you magically get electrified during the groud, pound.
  3. UnOriginalUserName

    Girl character rant.

    Welcome to CoDz And if that were true i would Laugh and be like Wtf at the same time. You know what nothing is not possible at this point. BYE BYE!! Thanks alot, I have been lurking this site for a while now and just decided to join. I think ill give u brains since I always read so much about it but never actually gave/recieved any. Since your a nice Zombie slayer and decided to welcome me then I think thats worthy of [brains]! Edit:... Cant figure out how to give brains but I gave u a thumb up! :mrgreen:
  4. UnOriginalUserName

    Girl character rant.

    I heard Sarah can only throw the nades half as far. Also she is only able to hold herself up through half of the zipline due to poor upper boddy strength -____- Reminds me of when Girls were coming to halo and they put that video up of the girl spartan throwing nades like 2 feet bahahah. Think ill make a vid of that when its out. Everyone is throwing grenades at zombies and sarah throws hers but only makes it half way bahahaha. I cant wait!

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