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  1. i posted it here because idk where else... you see, it has been pretty much confirmed by several articles that Treyarch is working on a Sequel to black ops. and it is highly possible, because the campaign says so much and so does one message in the computer from the main menu "CAT NOTEX2.TXT" ENTER "Mr.mason Woods is alive and a sole american prisoner at Hanoi Hilton. thought id let you know" thats the letter sent to Mason, from as of now no one knows, but something about that letter, it was sent 1978, so im speculating that the main menu sequence takes place around the 1978-1985ish, and its weird to think because when we saw Woods "die" we didn't really see him die all we saw was the flames and fire from the grenade, so im guessing that The sequel will take off on the same sequence that Woods died on and itll show what really happended, and if you pay attention to Hanoi the MP map...its pretty beat to shit! and it looks like someone might have Broken out of prison orsomeone broke Woods out of Prison idkk all speculation on what might happen, but i find that i stated everything clearley enough for you guys to look at it the same way i do, and please, please please please, dont be like "well every map i beat to shit" i get it okay, but this particular one is mentionedand in Five theres a picture of it in the board room. just tell me what you guys think!
  2. False. The next map being area 51 is only rumor, don't say that it is real when there is no visual proof. umm actually you FAIL, kuz there was visual proof via leak
  4. dissapointing to say but its done, no more to it, but its weird kuz in campaign when you play U.S.S.D Mason states some of the steps, and states a new one "Hold fire" i mean i don't know who would be willing to get the death machines, don't shoot, and try to see if anyone notices something, but for proof that's its done , when your doing the easter egg for COTD Dempsey says something along the lines of " hope the rewards better this time, stupid Gersch" so really that's just treyarch's way of telling us that its over. but i want to note something for kino, has anyone tried holding Square/ X on there characters picture at the same time to see if anything happens or maybe holding them down on the matrishka dolls see if anything happens, idk, im just bored and tireed out...
  5. it is the next map, and there both facilities
  6. hey where can i find the screaming in the MP40 room, i looked everywhere and i cant hear it at all!
  7. I guess but really what are the odds of samantha having an account! or even richtofen, it wouldn't make sense really
  8. You cannot sign in as Richtofen, dempsey, nikolai, takeo, samantha or DR MAXIS, okay everyone, im not raging, i just remember reading someones thread( someone big on this sight) and they said that they were confirmed but no one could find the passwords, thats not trrue at all, for proof! if you type in RLOGIN DREAMLAND from erichtofen and press enter, sure, itll ask for a password "OH MY GOD THEY HAVE ACCOUNTS ONT HIS COMPUTER OMG" False. you can type in anyTHING and it will ask for a password, i typed in random letters 3 times, and they all asked for passwords, if they actually had accounts it would have been posted on Cheatcc.com when the game firdt came out, just like everything else on black ops, if you disagree, go ahead, from recent threads, ive been in arguments, and i never get proven wrong because i actually DO MY RESEARCH ! ___________________________________________________ Brains?(: [brains]
  9. So im playing ascension with 2 other people and the box ended up in that place with the hole in the wall as a drop (between box spawn and speedy cola) and suddenly the phone ringed so i answered it holding down Square, and all i heard was a howling wolf, does anyone think it might have something to do with the wolf on Woods's arm? andd when you hack the terminal and get a picture of "wolf" a picture of a man pops out, Who is he? what did that call mean, i mean if its a call from the pentagon, why would a wolf be there? oh and, a quick question, why was kenndey so calm when zombies broke in to the Pentagon!?!?! ___________________________________________ can i have my first [brains] please!
  10. hahaha woah dude your freaking out over a video game, HAHAHAHA
  11. you guys please, i never said anything about his sniper skills, but just because hes fakee donsent mean he'll suck, believe me idont care really, i just found him because he was a suggested video when i was watching BESTCODSHOTS
  12. Can you post the source for the leaked info in post #1? I'd like to read the article myself. if youve been following people on youtube you would already know that it was removed by activision
  13. I have a really funny feeling that this is you. ME????? ummmm no not reallyy... :lol:
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