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  1. You know, with the Giant Robots in the background, I was actually expecting it to be higher. Yea its pretty low for the robots, right?? Bout to roll me a fatty!!
  2. must be because of the giant robots 3arch thought would perfectly fit in :roll:
  3. You speak of the truth!! got my ethernet cable in for extra speed..
  4. Well i have been with a few girls tonight, and again in a little bit, but i have managed to get ready for the early morning release... Now im home, got me some food from jack in the box and patiently waiting to reheat my meal and play. NOTHIGN YET!!!11
  5. My girlfriend just woke me up. Gonna dl and sleep. Wake up and when she leaves to work... Smoke me a dubby and play. 3 more hours left for me. Teehee. Ps. She is super super fine. Like Egyptian Nikki Minaj fine.
  6. When you. Kill the weasel, thegame becomes irrelivant since that's the ending... you kill the weasel and then game over. Your lose everything except the leader board. Buuutt, when weasel kills everyone, for example I did it with the upgraded mr.death machine,... everyone leaves, leaving you as a host??? I'm just walking around with. Nuin to do. Looking for clues. With a big o sign in the middle of the screen saying the cycle is broken.
  7. we had over 4 people in our group but ended up with only 2. I just didn't want the shit to end after the cycle screen. I lost lots of everything. :cry:
  8. I thought.. u know. Yea at times bro
  9. Care to elaborate how they are a fail? These are times based on the usual drop times from our last DLC package, with an hour to save just in case. FYI,.. it actually came out at 4:20 (my time) like i said..
  10. i went threw zombie store, found it and got stung edit: preciate it
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