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  1. People these days need their money for their bills but luckily, I have a PS3 laying around the house that ive never even touched. I feel sorry for everyone who cant afford this drastic change. I'd blame Sony since they were the ones who actually decided to get involved for once, not like the years before. Im getting the game solely on PS3 just for the DLC zombie stuff, you know $50 bucks and change, im ok with that. Im also getting it for the XBOX 1 version and that is just for the multiplayer, and later some zombies. I think its worth it because i would be able to enjoy the yearly c
  2. Looks like we've been chosen to wait a month now... sucks denizens balls
  3. I don't see this topic in general. I'm talking about Xbox and y'all confused me with your inside Amsterdam jokes. Your name.. idk don't seem to care sorry.
  4. Your right timelord. I had tons of time available back in the days but now I'm busy making money, taking care of my business and hanging out with my fiance and friends... I guess a month wait is ok.
  5. i cant devote as much time to gaming as i used to, so an extra month wont bother me. I'll be getting digital deluxe edition though. Thank you timeLord. At least your comment made sense. Jenna and tasha?? Please try again...
  6. So whats the plan? yall getting a Ps4 just for the Exclusive? 1) Im trying to decide whether or not to "go ahead and spoil it" with youtube videos and Ps4 users 2) Wait it out? live under a rock for a month.. 3) Go back in time like Dr. Richtoffen and shoot 3arch in the Head.. Im kinda bumbed now since i cant go back in time.
  7. No dont do that bro. Save that money for like drugs, weed, or hookers bro.. seriously dont get the ps4
  8. 7 years have passed and finally Sony comes in and takes control over the DLC content.. Now what? What are yall going to be up to for 30 days?? because of this, I'm not getting the special edition of BO. ill just wait 30 days to buy the game when its cheaper or restocked.
  9. LOL now us XBox users are gonna feel what Sony felt for 7 years.. ill take that LMAO anyday bro by the way.. 7 years ago, having both consols reaked money grubber.. now i own both gen cons. and paid 500 bucks less.. im still getting my DLC XBOX STILL WINS
  10. Naw, 3arc keeping it all the same. Just because exo didn't exist in the 1950's
  11. You know, with the Giant Robots in the background, I was actually expecting it to be higher. Yea its pretty low for the robots, right?? Bout to roll me a fatty!!
  12. must be because of the giant robots 3arch thought would perfectly fit in :roll:
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