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  1. i want to be billy handsome cuz we have the same hairstyle. second would be Chazz Palminteri. cuz of the way he looks here. :lol:
  2. OK makes sense Thnx. Ill play again and again and wont get it out till i get good players to play with
  3. HELP! Sorry for the lack of inteligence, ive been playing tranzit alot lately cuz i finsihed with school, work, and my girl. MY question is, I just put my first gun in the fridge and 20K in the vault... WIll it always be there, even through 20 games, untill i get it out?? Or is it there ONLY in the next game.. (even if unused) i havnt played yet and i would love to know the facts about the full potential and hazardes ways of using the fridge.. i would give you brains but carbon ATE THEM! thnx
  4. Where's an update?? We need 2 solve the puzzle. This thread could of been very very use full.
  5. I missed out on the hardened coin. So I thought about season pass... but heard nuketown zmbz won't be out for another month. I'm missing out :x :x :x :x :evil:
  6. I promissed my fiance i could wait. So one day ill get you BO2... ONE DAYYY ILL HAVE YOUUU!!!!!!! :|
  7. Where do you buy this from?? Is its from the website using a credit card, or wheres?
  8. We'll put :roll: . Funny how there is an arm on every power switch :cry: Good thread.
  9. Ghost will work caca. Especially since its in the future ok it might take sum work but that's what pro is for :-) why would they get rid of the basic principles of ghost?? You gota combine all 3 perks to help OK
  10. Man! i saw the video, i cant believe aliens are in it! even hitler and saddam are shooting zombies up! Can i haz troll? Im gonna wait these 12 days left. I hate saying that. Since i have always spoiled my self weeks before launch but this time... IM NOT! Thanks treyarch/CODZ.com for proving me with enough sufficient information to feed my hunger.. I shall wait.. in dedication to 3arc! Thanks. the countdown starts NOW! http://www.blackops2countdown.com/index.html
  11. YAY! cant wait either. Honestly, i hope no one here copys me (totally up to you) but im gonna MIDNITE that hoe, with my bootyfull girlfriend and play Tranzit, since its online. then after my girl gets mad at me and goes home, im gonna smoke weed visit Twitch.tv and see others play while im playing tranzit. 22 hours of non stop spraying
  12. I was the type who kept the post to a minimum just to earn max brains. I had under 500 with 150 post. but then we lost the brawns (cant even spell it) :cry: But since i first came here, and notice carbon being a leader, his fun adventures with 3arc and JD2020, This site has remained my Number one check up site, everywhere i went. Whether im in a plane, on a mountain, in a helicopter, ontop of a volcano, or using my iphone while poopings, Thanks CODZ, for being there for me these 2 years and 2 months and counting

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