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    I'm on top of leaderboard!!

    haha very nice! i made one also myself! have you played the map? I still love it! i love all the chaos about it haha. yeah how sad can you be when hacking the leaderboards. they download the map pack and say: oh great the first thing i'll do is hack the leaderboards! its real sad

    I'm on top of leaderboard!!

    Look: LUDRICOUSZZ nr. 3 but the other 2 are cheaters haha. I'm getting crazy because of all the game invites i get I LOVE the map! the new weapon is the best weapon ever. and we were just running around the map and shooting everything. + it was our second attempt

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    that was me :twisted: *EDIT*: And three others. lol

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    how is that a bad thing? I like topics better when they are active offcourse, i was just saying that this is the most active topic i've seen on this website to stay on topic: WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG?

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    Oh my god this topic is waaaay to active. i posted something 2 minutes ago and 3 replies were posted after that

    Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    Hell yeah that's my name :)

    AK47: lets finally debate this!

    Don't care as long the galil will stay in the map

    Map Pack 3: Map Names

    Hi guys, it really good be legit. at least a part of it. look at this link from nextgenupdate http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/cal ... -info.html don't know how true it is but is really seems plausible. don't flame me if you know it's fake or have a different opinion. ALSO: I'M VERY SORRY IF THIS HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE TEXT FROM SITE: So you guys remember this right: Leaked Information Concerning Escalation: Menu_ZOMBIE_COAST - A shipwrecked crew of fearless explorers is hopelessly stranded in an abandoned Siberian outpost. Their dream of discovering the true origins of the mysterious Element 115 unravels into a Hellish nightmare... this is Escalation Call of the Dead MENU_ZOMBIE_TEMPLE - Temple of Doom? THIS WASN'T INCLUDED IN ESCALATION MPUI_OUTSKIRTS - Fight over the tight interiors and long roads of a rural Soviet town.. this is Escalation StockPile MPUI_DESC_MAP_HOTEL - Battle to control the rooftop of a swanky Cuban hotel.. this is Escalation Hotel MPUI_ZOO - Be ready for long-range firefights in this abandoned Soviet zoo..this is Escalation Zoo MPUI_GRIDLOCK - Intense combat in the aftermath of a Soviet ambush on American soil.. this is Escalation Convoy Then we got leaked Info on Map Pack 3: Leaked Information Concerning Map Pack 3: MPUI_SILO - Conflict erupts near Soviet missile silos. Lots of close engagements and flank routes.. (Silo) There is a map in the leaked Image called Silo MPUI_AREA51 - This map does not exist.. MPUI_FIREBASE - Rumble in a Firebase.. (Firebase) I Think this is Hanger 18 MPUI_GOLFCOURSE - Keep an eye out for snipers in this cliffside resort..(Golf Course) MPUI_SALVA - Two sides struggle for supremecy in a salvage yard.. (Salvage) MPUI_SNOWMINE - Winter combat in a deserted mine. Great for objective-based game modes.. (snow mine) MPUI_WARMUSEUM - Battle for control of the museum. Intense interior firefights.. (Museum) NOTE THAT THERE IS NO ZOMBIE MAP FOR MAP PACK 3 BUT 2 Zombie MAPS FOR MAP PACK 2. TEMPLE OF DOOM COULD POSSIBLY BE ON MP3 theyre are 2 things i noticed: 1 zombie_temple was never on DLC 2. so just like the guy says, it might me in the next DLC. 2 The're is a map called ARE 51 with the text "this map does not exist" as a quote, just like all the other maps have there own. Offcourse everybody thinks that AREA51 is a zombie map, cause everybody wants it to be (including me). but it has MPUI_ in front of it. wich means it will be a multiplayer map and not a zombie map. so let me know what you think

    Best perk overall?

    Talking about stating the obvious..
  10. "When the six -something illegible- are together the power will be ours." Hopefully that helped a little. Regards UnwantedHero. Firstly, welcome to the community! secondly, thank you for the translation

    if there is no secret tunnel...

    I thought exactly the same thing when reading the original post... ah well, imaginary brains for both of us :D

    if there is no secret tunnel...

    Maybe an idea to find out is to get yourself downed in the water real fast in the beginning of the map, so you can see underwater right before george comes, maybe you'll see what happends? you can down yourself by cooking a grenade for example. i'm sure you're on time then

    Underground Passage in lighthouse?

    Maybe the golden rod has something to do with it? because it's getting lifted up from the lower levels?

    Girl character rant.

    Only the first days of CoTD there will be people who will make fun of the girl, after that everybody wants to get to higher rounds. besides if you're with 4 ppl who wants to get at high level, they don't even care about who is who. and if there are people who do make fun of her. you won't get high anyhow cause they will be annoying all the time

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