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  1. ZombieCarnage3

    There's something wrong with the Earth!

    Maybe, just maybe this is what wiped out all the dinos!? :!:
  2. ZombieCarnage3

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    I will try and get a still screenshot so we can get a closer look sorry no it dosent have to do with the Easter egg. It looks like a shield and a sword but it also looks like it has wings. See if someone can crack the ice
  3. ZombieCarnage3

    Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Cool find [brains] for you but I think it has something to do with the main Easter egg in this story
  4. ZombieCarnage3

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    No what I meant is I'm only 13 ps I'm bilingual ( don't no how to spell it ) in Spanish
  5. ZombieCarnage3

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    I don't really understand the code that much but I want to learn srry
  6. ZombieCarnage3

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    Ok I know this would take some skill but did anyone think abou shooting THE SOUL with the crossbow or something else ( don't take the bolded words in the wrong way I'm trying to point that part so ppl aren't saying stuff like " duhh this is what's the whole thred is about"
  7. ZombieCarnage3

    Acension Evidence in 'Five'

    The building in pic 1 I think looks like cracked the computers I can't remember but I have see them. I PERSONALY think that either there going to make a all zombie pack with a couple of multiplayer maps if not then make up new maps, or mabye both who knows. PS: this game is like a wild goose hunt like someones life is depending on it props for Treyarch
  8. ZombieCarnage3

    Funny Zombies Quotes

    I love when rictofen blames Dempsey for stuff like " hey look no power WHO TOOK THE COLOR Dempsey??" :lol:
  9. ZombieCarnage3

    Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    I'm up for it I have been trying to do it but one guy dosent have a mic GT JohnnyFRENCHFRI
  10. ZombieCarnage3

    Professional Ascension Zombie Squad Teammate Finder Here!

    I just got ascension so I didn't get far
  11. ZombieCarnage3

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    25 never have enough time but 22 on solo
  12. ZombieCarnage3

    trailer? ):

    So were is the trailer
  13. ZombieCarnage3

    The True identity of the Thief!

    What if it's just a scientist that was involved with 115 and stuff

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