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  1. After completing the stand in achievement, i was running loops around the base of the lighthouse, and when i passed the window next to the back door i could hear elephants tooting their horn. this might be legitimate and not them messing around, as when you see the loading screen you see that the next zombie map (so i assume) will be in a jungle. zombie elephants? or are they just dropping hints? :D
  2. One of my friends told me that josh olin posted something on his twitter which he has now taken down a comment saying something along the lines of "i know its what you all wanted just don't get abducted!" if this is true then.... stuff will happen. it is plausible for several reasons: a.) ascencion was set in a place with rockets b.) the monkeys are wearing space suits and they drop from the sky this is just a theory and want to see what people think. please comment below as i will read it and reply. PEACE :)
  3. however you must remember that the characters reference stalins actions or something about there country, or part of there new memorys are true. love the theory by the way!!
  4. BASICALLY DO THIS: You will need a minimum of 11750 points to open everything by spending the least amount. i got away with spending an extra 2500 but i was lucky and got several double points. i recommend the stakeout and/or mp5 to use. REMEMBER THAT IT DOES NOT COUNT IF YOU ARE ON ROUND 8!!!! 1) accumulate as many points as possible by pistolling and knifing in the first room. i recommend standing next to the window next to the upstairs door as if you are at the risk of getting trapped you can run out that door and continue. open the door up the stairs. 2) Open to your left once you exit so you go past the stamin-up machine. open the next door to the Launch pad. 3) open up the door next to the mp5 and open the next door ahead of you. turn right and up the stairs, and then up to the door that when opened leads to the speed-cola perk (Nikolai matryoshka doll). 4) you now have access to all the lunar landers. turn on the power and fly them all. 5) launch the rocket(don't bother taking it down) and go to the PaP room. Enjoy your Hard earned 45G!! this was my first post, please leave a message if it helped and if you wanna play zombies, send me a message on youtube at AKameleonHD or with my GT:RAF104!! PEACE!!
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