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  1. Saw-FTW! :twisted: ENBJp-bflnY
  2. haha. every time i hear the footsteps and slamming gate all i can think of is...
  3. sans lumiere


    tbh, i think what likely happened is that the process of fine tuning/balancing multiplayer stats for the peacekeeper was probably something that ran far into the later stages of the dlc development cycle. devs had probably been nearing completion of 'die rise' and transitioning to future dlc before the peacekeeper was even a thing. just a thought. regardless, with the addition of the pdw i have no problem with the peacekeeper's absence, whatever the reason. the two guns have remarkably similar stats on paper, but the pdw's mobility and clip size make it a much more compatible with zombies imho
  4. haha. rollins is going to be the romero of the final map! maybe instead of dog/monkey rounds we're going to have to deal with harley from the cro-mags? maybe the cosmic silverback was just pissed because nikolai broke edge and takeo wasn't posi enough...
  5. It is an absolute drag that the OG maps remain illusive to those who wither didn't have the foresight to buy the special edition discs or wanted to hold out spending the extraa billfold rigt out of the gates. The real kicker is that many of us assumed that the maps would later be available to the general public after a period of exclusivity. The unfortunate reality is that in a time of rampant piracy and a decreasing need for big box retailers as physical game discs are replaced by digital downloads exclusive content is one of the last incentives at a publishers disposal to fuel physical copy fist run sales. Look at how many Retailers pay huge sums to maintain fleeting sales by securing rights to exclusive in game content to people who lay a deposit down for pre orders. The situation with black ops is just a variation on the theme. ... This is posted from my blackberry, I'm aware the typing is probably a mess
  6. 'marvin, what do you make of all this' 'man i don't even have an opinion' 'well you gotta have an opinion. i mean for COTD its better advice than last time with ascension right? like i'm supposed to have any fucking clue that the big secret revolved around playing some fucked up game of corn hole. it was like pelting rusted out washing machines with frizbees that look like diaphragms from a Borg planet Planned Parrent hood..........FUCK'
  7. currently sketching a few test prints... 1: 'mo honor mo' problems' (gold print on black?) 2. A novelty vacation style 'Der Rise is For Lovers' 3. An interstate milemarker 'Route 666' Der Rise logo in the vein of 4. 'AINT NOTHIN BUT A CODZ THANG' (you know, staying true to cube's presence in the game)
  8. JUST FINISHED SCREENING WHAT MAY BE THE FIRST PHYSICAL NAZI ZOMBIES TSHIRT! STOKED. Sam wanted her 115, well here it is, so lick it up bitch. Der Rise inspired mock-up of Germany's SS shock trooper insignia. If interest exists, i'll talk to carbon about screening runs of user voted designs at cost as a board fundraiser. possibly a member fan art competition? would love some input... _________________
  9. i ran kino on xbox live last night for the first time in quite a while and i have a couple questions... the random dudes i was playing with were doing some pretty squirrelly shit... of note, grenade suicide/revivals at random intervals, and diving into perks instead of simply walking over them. whatever they were doing, it felt like zombies were dropping an inordinate # of perks. max ammo was dropped at least twice a level, and oddly enough, fire sale sometimes two or three times a level. running solo i have never even seen the fire sale perk in kino, even into the late 20's. and this wasn't a lobby of people familiar with each other. at least it seemed that way from how everyone was talking. even with the insane amount of perks dropped, the game ended in the mid 20's as there was no real co-ordinated strategy... can someone tell me what exactly was going on? was i in a modded lobby or are there still simple unpatched glitches that can be exploited? could care less about specifics if this was just a case of whatever glitches people are pimping online at this point, but i was just perplexed... :?:
  10. a glorified vacuum? dude, was totally waiting for someone else to drop the dime on this so i didn't get flamed for the leak... exclusive wii edition dlc... kirby. der. toten. /thread

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