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  1. well i'm pretty sure that the root cause of the patch is prep for releasing new multiplayer weapon customization skins. i highly doubt there will be any significant gameplay fixes.
  2. devs are not at all above including sneaky (borderline surreptitious?), personal touches to their work. not every easter egg is a capital 'E' Easter Egg related to specific in game mythology or narrative. sometimes what you see is simply what you get....ie one savvy player scrutinized the OG halo enough to notice letters hidden the sole on master cheif's boots while walking over a reflective surface. after much debate it was eventually revealed that the letters MRL had no deeper significance beyond that of an art director tagging the initials of his name. maybe its something akin to this?
  3. put on your googlefingers and you'll find he's merely recycling stale youtube rumblings.... ie. xUZJ7e-1RP4
  4. if that costs 400 MS points, could i pay 200 microtransaction points just to get plain 'ol
  5. haha. did we just have a 'moment'? i'm glad someone else is on the same page please keep this thread going, i love hearing opinions on this subject. and its important because even if they're not listening, there is always the chance that the intended eyes might at least be watching. for or against, its important to voice an opinion on the games as final product vs. games as ongoing service arrangement. with each new release we're seeing much more of the latter, fluffing us up for what seems to be prelude to a tectonic shift in the definition of what purchasing a 'game' means for console gamers as we approach the next gen.
  6. any word on another update that would kinect enable activision to simply watch us extract our pound of flesh for them, instead of having to do that extra step of exchanging it for MS points? i've heard rumors.... confirm/deny?
  7. i share all of your grievances. but nuketown 2025 was part of a carefully worded pre-order promotion wherein a pre-order was the only way to 'guarantee' you received a nuketown code. the reality is that the entire first pressing of blops 2 physical copies shipped with a nuketown download key. so if you bought a retail copy of the game anytime on or around launch nuketown was there regardless of pre-order, or special edition. looks like the problem wasn't people having access to the codes, but in many cases simply getting them to work...hence this new round of system updates. all issues aside, i'm just sick of putting a disc in to play and being greeted by a 15 minute mandatory title update. activision has some gall to focus on microtransactions and other flagrant cash grabs when their game itself is quite visibly still an unstable work in progress.
  8. @op, the dishwasher has no need for PhD in any capacity.
  9. well, in this case we'd have to call it the recycling of zombies, no? activision has already double dipped previous maps via rezurrection, albeit tastefully IMO given the preferential treatment to those who purchased either of the blops1 premium packages. we're on the verge of the first console transition in the better part of a decade, and facing the release of a handful of highly competitive AAA titles throughout the breadth of the blops2 dlc time frame. past hubris aside, its insane to assume that activision would even consider the prospect of revisiting recycled dlc content, let alone content exclusive to zombies. regardless OP was addressing the cycle of zombies, in turn i offer the zombie cycle...
  10. Saw-FTW! :twisted: ENBJp-bflnY
  11. haha. every time i hear the footsteps and slamming gate all i can think of is...
  12. tbh, i think what likely happened is that the process of fine tuning/balancing multiplayer stats for the peacekeeper was probably something that ran far into the later stages of the dlc development cycle. devs had probably been nearing completion of 'die rise' and transitioning to future dlc before the peacekeeper was even a thing. just a thought. regardless, with the addition of the pdw i have no problem with the peacekeeper's absence, whatever the reason. the two guns have remarkably similar stats on paper, but the pdw's mobility and clip size make it a much more compatible with zombies imho
  13. all i hear is jq3dgNMRVwQ suspiciously reminiscent of, 6sY33WidQhc but seriously, i see what you're getting at... search further. there will be cake.
  14. what's the point? infinite zombies. always is, always was. the beauty of it comes from those beautiful OMFG moments of near escape.
  15. an unfortunate conviction, you know, given that you posted this in the DIE RISE sub-forum
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