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  1. The thing you have to remember about the future is that it isn't set in stone. Mob of the Dead taught us this. While Weasel should die and the cycle continues, it is possible to break the cycle. Also look at the Die Rise sequence. If you fail, like it seems our 4 did, something reverses time until you alter history. Same thing with the timebomb. If the N4 continue without taking a side, then in Round infinity, they're dead across the map. However, if you change history, they can live. It seems the only way to survive is to change history. Now for my theories: Next map will be the N4 setting something in motion to retrieve the O4. We will not be able to play the O4, but they will be retrieved, and whatever Zombies game is next will include the O4 fighting with the N4. I say this not because of anything Zombies Related, but because of the tech specs of the new PS4 and XBox1. We've been stuck with 4 players and 24 zombies for 3 games now...but as we gain a LOT of RAM in both systems, we can handle more zombies, players, and maps. The setup would be perfect for more players. The "Quests" will only require 4 players, but you could have up to 8. Maybe this is just my dream map, but still, this is a forum where I can express my hopes, dreams, and anything non-trollish!
  2. Quote his message, put the YouTube link in google search. Kudos gentlemen
  3. Lol...first dlc with Treyarch? There will only be more confusion with each dlc...
  4. The original dies after 2 rounds
  5. Pull 20 grand out of the bank for the Epic Run of a lifetime...then fell in the lava pit in power. Pulled 25 grand out of the bank for epic 2 player run. Jumped over the lava pit successfully. Decided to build the electric trap and bumped into my friend...over the lava pit... Pulled 25 grand out of the bankfor an epic 4 player run. Tombstones for 5 perks...the other 3 guys had the same idea
  6. You can't float up the pylon. A video surfaced earlier about someone rising up via power pole, but there is no such "pole" to do that under the tower. Just to be safe, I tried it earlier this morning every possible way I could. The only result I got was watching dirt being blown away and my wife laughing at me like some kind of idiot. I did it in the name of good speculation. :geek: At least your wife had a reason, mine just looks at me and starts laughing...
  7. Just did a moon run through...nothing new to the egg.
  8. There is an extensive thread on ranking... I believe we have strong evidence that the slashes and eyes are days played. Miss 1 day and you lose eyes and a slash...takes 5 days to get it back. If the was your first game in 24hrs, probably updated afterwards.
  9. Placing a turbine kills the infinite turbine.
  10. Use of the cabin: 1) hiding place of a part...kinda like Nacht 2) Bowie Knife- half the cost of the galvaknuckles...and an adequate substitute for the knuckles when a noob puts the hatch on the bus. 3) decent Place to train zombies...especially in a pinch. 4) a great "What the hell?" place when teaching noobs to navigate the fog.
  11. Or it's the bank. I often get it entering the bank, which holds money from previous games. I think this is like the Tank Dempsey shouts to the player, only instead of drop the chips and get me some ammo its a useful tip to explore the bank.
  12. Yup....digging too deep into this crap. Kudos on the pun...
  13. This is part of the power room.
  14. I think he's chuckling at posts like these cropping up everywhere.
  15. Seeing how I drained my full bank, I'll take whatever you give, but I can tell you I've loaned a lot of money to people. I've even given 50,000 to randoms just because. I have probably shelled out over 2 mil to others, with no effect other than a growing white beard,portly belly, and laughing in " ho "
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