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  1. Johnny Reklaw

    Numbers in Green Run Question

    19:04:38 Numbers on Marlton's watch.
  2. Johnny Reklaw

    Numbers in Green Run Question

    I tried googling said number...unfortunately 2 numbers are hard to determine. I tried every variation of numbers (i was bored one day) I didn't get a lot of hits on google of actual places.
  3. Johnny Reklaw

    WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    I'm just asking if someone has proved it a glitch, or if we're assuming. I will waste my own time testing it of not..,however I would like something to do in Green Run seeing how I have a full bank now
  4. Johnny Reklaw

    WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    Who has proven it
  5. Johnny Reklaw

    Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    This is part of the jet gun, created in town inside the bar
  6. Johnny Reklaw

    WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    Did you have it completed when you did? Or had you not done it yet.
  7. Johnny Reklaw

    WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    Nice to see a not cell-phone shot version of this. It's interesting... I might try to get my team on this later. May be after the holidays though
  8. Johnny Reklaw

    Will anything happen tonight? 21/12/12?!

    Update is coincidence... They do this regularly. I've see people locked out from joining our custom games because the version doesn't match more times than I care to count. Nothing happened, just like the prophecies of the end of the world. Does Treyarch use leap years?
  9. Johnny Reklaw

    Someone is only talking to Misty too... Samantha? (UPDATE)

    First, the pylon doesn't light up on solo. When I start custom games on solo I never have my tower kit up. Second, I heard this as Marlton yesterday...at least. Think I did. I was listening at spawn for it
  10. Johnny Reklaw

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Can anyone confirm the bolded part? I am having a hard time getting random pubs to cooperate with me Either way, have we scoured the map for any hidden switches ala the Der Ries flytrap. (For those too young in zombies to know, and those too old to remember: Der riese had a switch waaay outside the movement bounds of the map that could only be activated by hitting it with a PaP'd Sniper rifle.) That open area above diner makes me suspicious of any switches nearby One of Zielinski's new tweets makes me think that there is something at the top of the Diner that is special aswell. Here it is: jimmy zielinski jimmy zielinski ‏@ZielinskiJimmy @josecha34156229 above the bar, then jump when over run...over to the apartment, and jump, rinse, repeat. "Above the bar" that is what makes me think that he wants us to try stuff at the top of the Diner. josecha34156229 asked him where he should go to make money. That was zielinski's reply
  11. Johnny Reklaw

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Do we know if it's morning or afternoon. Given we know it's "day" (since the sun is out) perhaps we should focus the clock talk on where the sun is. If we go from the bus station to the diner, the sun is angled to the right. this means that if it's am, the sun is rising, and the diner is east. If its pm, then the diner is west. Either way I don't think the diner is 12(or north). On a random note, does the obelisk cast a shadow? I'm thinking sundial though I don't know where I'd go with it...
  12. Johnny Reklaw

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Am I the only one who sees the constellation Orion here?
  13. Johnny Reklaw

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    it doesn't....thats the point. Watch the video linked there...the code says you need it but the actual egg doesn't require it.
  14. Johnny Reklaw

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    in avoiding posting the entire Easter Egg code we expect to be true, that snippit is taken from the last section of firing all the weapons together into a Gersch device. Listed with Flags is each of the weapons needed (Raygun, Dolls, Crossbow, etc). Yet, the movie clip shows the crossbow is unnecessary. If this is the case, then what does this section of coding mean?
  15. Johnny Reklaw

    Crossbow in the Code...not in the Egg

    So my posts on the egg have been rather silent lately as, well, the data and intel thread says it all...that what we know, but nothing worthy of interest. viewtopic.php?f=60&t=8269 This thread talks about a wierd howling noise...which is nothing more than a ringing sound. In fact, if you watch the entire series, you hear this sound several times throughout (had earphones on in a quiet room). However, this sound seems to appear only in areas concerning the redlights with the bell attached...whether I'm looking too far into this or not, I don't know. However, what I'm really curious about is this line of code "supposedly" taken from the ascension map and seemingly accepted by many as the code for the easter egg within the map. wait_for_combo( trig ) { self endon( "death" ); self thread kill_trig_on_death( trig ); weapon_combo_spot = GetStruct( "weapon_combo_spot", "targetname" ); ray_gun_hit = false; doll_hit = false; crossbow_hit = false; players = get_players(); array_thread( players, ::thundergun_check, self, trig, weapon_combo_spot ); This is the agreed upon weapons needed to activate the freedom of Gersch himself...however, this video here disproves the need for the Awful Lawton (upgraded crossbow) http://www.nextgentactics.com/VideoPlay ... entID=8557 Next Gen has debunked a lot in this entire series of videos...but now the need for the crossbow? In fact all we see is 2 Zeus Canon shots, one doll, and several rayguns. (Start the video around 9 minutes into it) If this is the case, then what is the purpose of the above code if not to prove the exact necessity of certain weapons? Also, since the flags are set to false, is it ONLY necessary for an upgraded Thundergun? This is the first anything to spark in a while, so I'm open to thoughts.

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