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  1. I DO NOT OWN THERE NOR AM I A PART OF BORDERLINE DISASTER part 1CyxUbOHvKKA part 20w5EY11vuy0 part 3K0-t8sqGhNU part 4dsrip-7_Ips part 5dXEuM2XdpEI part 6WurMnRbam3E enjoy!
  2. Hey its not nice to be mean to the uneducated (towards nazi zombies) people. Just have a firm "Yes we've known about this for the last year almost, sorry." im not uneducated i just dont come here alot anymore (busy feeding my solo obsession)
  3. i just saw a thread about the WW names, and what they mean. then while playing CotD a thought just came out of nowhere its spelt in 1337 speak and that the numbers are letters which brings me to this VR-11 VR-IL VRIL now, before you discount this think about the shots from the vr-11, they look like a phasing nova zombie on moon, and the nova zombie phase by using VRIL energy cant believe i didnt think of it before
  4. i know what your saying 1: bullshit! 2:TROLL! 3:maybe this was added with mule kick shoot(you dont have to blow up) all the barrels visible from the starting room you should hear guitar playing
  5. same for me only i thought it was a glich and went to nacht and saw it in the start room and started knifing whilst screaming: SINCE WHEN SINCE FUCKING WHEN!?!?!?!
  6. HEY guys remember how the ascension egg insanity started? this is how!
  7. sam appears and you try to kill her but you cant... then a familiar orb of light comes down and explodes, making her vulnerable to attacks for the rest of the fight Richofen: hello again gersh! she escapes weakened and the egg is ove
  8. 75G cryogenic sleepover: complete richofens grand scheme this hit me like a huge fist obviously its complete the egg, but cryogenic sleep? people cryogenicly freeze themselves for one reason... to be woken up in the future! this hits me as this: modern warfare z is coming, because the cold war was too short, and uneventful for treyarch to ride on like they did WWII prepare yourselves my brethren because one of two things will happen... modern warfare 4(modern warfare z) or blops 2
  9. ya know i couldve sworn i was gonna get the Sh*t trolled outta me only one thing to do now, and thats pray for steady aim
  10. this may not be official, i heard it from one of my friends trigun tequila it probably goes without saying what it does but heres the specifics 1.drink 2.gain ability to carry three guns 3. do the now four gun glitch on to the spawn theory i believe that moon will have a verruct style spawn where two people are in one area while the other two are in the other on to the good stuff in the interview one of the guys said something that caught my attention: "this is our season finale" SEASON not SERIES moon is to black ops what der riese was to WaW, the end... for now... send it off with a bang treyarch... send it off with a bang
  11. Some of us get it. Its just that there is no evidence. Cargo could just be like shipment for all we know. And like putzee said we already have the Galil and Commando. The AK would be pretty useless... Could not agree with this more. That's smart. [brains] AK with flamethrower would be fun though..... its the only attachment we dont have on a PaP gun it just came to mind that unless the m60 has a drum mag like the mg42 youd be out of commission for like 3 rounds at a time trying to reload
  12. the last map will have a way out or maybe a cut scene
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