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    same for me only i thought it was a glich and went to nacht and saw it in the start room and started knifing whilst screaming: SINCE WHEN SINCE FUCKING WHEN!?!?!?!
  2. pureninja


    What is this I don't even... ...Know... ...why...
  3. pureninja

    Another cotd egg? *NEW*

    the last map will have a way out or maybe a cut scene
  4. pureninja

    Another cotd egg? *NEW*

    neither do i, thats why i used sarahs
  5. pureninja

    Another cotd egg? *NEW*

    ok so i was playing CotD and just solo'd the egg, feelin proud so i was hanging around the ak74 area and noticed those little saucer things so i was all like "hmm maybe..." so went up held X and BWAAAAAAAAAAAA theres 4 of them two in the AK area two just outside the speed cola hallway if its already known i understand, if its not than this could be big
  6. in my opinion ascension is the farthest chronologically And COTD and SL are prequels from inbetween DR and kino(im starting to think however that COTD and then SL come after kino and before ascension
  7. pureninja

    Theory for Picture with no one in it

    ok everyone is saying "its gonna be rictofen who dies" NO! richofen is working on something, a device of some sort (check my thread COTD EASTER EGG WITH WUNDERWAFFE) at the end right after he puts the golden rod into the shoot and knifes the door you can hear ric say "I JUST NEED THE (muffled) AND THE (muffled) AND THEN THE PLAN WILL BE COMPLETE" heres another thing in the ascension song you hear a line "i... can see you darish[?] man.. i... am causing you son of mine" son... of... mine... :!: :?: :shock: if this song is from rics veiw it means he has a son if from sams... well... ever played F.E.A.R 3 :?
  8. pureninja

    all zombies game: how it would work *HUGE UPDATE*

    well youre forgetting, nikolai ant takao(richofen was already there if i recall correctly) would have to be picked up at two spots but that was pretty thurough, nice! [brains] 2u
  9. pureninja

    all zombies game: how it would work *HUGE UPDATE*

    I like to think that if you finish the Kassimir Mechanism that Gersch gives you the original device and you teleport directly to the next map. I honestly think CoTD is a prequel, but yours makes sense, and I could be wrong! [brains] [brains] [brains] i was actually thinking something along those lines but i didnt post it because were getting new characters either way [brains] to both of you for tryin :D
  10. ok ive put some thought into this but the all zombies game if they were to make one this is how it would go down as far as area transition goes nact der untoten :arrow: verruct: die after round 5 verruct :arrow: shi no numa: a door that leads outside with a helicopter shi no numa :arrow: der riese : open all areas and a message saying: all areas open now find the grave like in the iOS versions then to the doctors quarters and in the middle of the path youll see peters grave, walk up, press x to dig, wunderwaffe GET, shoot storage hut meteor FLASH at the der reise you are der reise :arrow: kino der toten: shoot the inner top part of the teleporter with the pimped (PaP'd) wunderwaffe kino :arrow: ascension: activate the power and shoot the red fuse boxes then tinker with the switches and one of the ladders drop down then flip a switch and a few seconds later a lunar lander flies through that huge door and you get on it ascension :arrow: COTD do the egg and shoot the big door in the MPL room with all the death machines and it opens to reveal a teleporter COTD :arrow: SL: do the easter egg, die, SL SL :arrow: moon (geussing) do the SL egg, then go to the cave area with the shitloads of 115 in it, the focusing stone reacts and you are teleported to the place with the most 115... the moon Game Modes ok so there would be a couple of fun game modes, you can choose to just do one at a time or you can do them in combos(2+ or all at the same time) Modern mode: modern box weapons(Deagle, F2000, M240, Etc.) WaW mode: WaW box guns Apocalypse mode: no time between rounds, start at round 5(your pistol is instead a makarov(or in modern mode a toned down .44 magnum) limited mode: limited health with no regen(if you buy jug its fully restored but still no regen, no run, maybye a couple others Realism mode: zombies dont run, but the only way to kill is with a headshot Dream mode: all wonder weapons, start /w raygun and at round 20 AI mode: AI companions obviously there will be difficulty levels: rookie, survivor, hunter, exterminator Map packs ok it would originally come with all the maps we have now (exept 5 and dead ops) the rest would come through map packs, heres some ideas: Giants map pack: a couple of really, Really big maps example: zombie version of the campaign mission Vortuka(the ENTIRE level) WorldWide map pack: a couple of maps from different places around the world example: the paris map we almost got Undead multiplayer map pack: a few assorted multiplayer maps turned into zombie maps Example: zombie version of kowloon more soon...
  11. pureninja

    the question marks on the map

    ok theyre a little off on the map but ya wanna know what they are, ye really wanna know, ok get ready.... reaaaady?..... RADIOS YAAAY now quit it we have more things to do on ascencion.
  12. pureninja

    Paw print

    not sure hw u guys dont know this its been discussed a million times its not a teddy a paw print or craters its six HUGE-ASS peices of 115 and theyve been there since der riese [brains] for tryin tough

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