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  1. Now that origins is over and everything has been revealed it is time to think about the next game's zombies. To start thing off ill just say that in future zombies there will be two different stories going on at the same time one will be the continuation of buried and the other will be about the real zombies world, the one we saw at the end of origins. I believe that the Z plot of the next game will depend on the percentage of people who got the Maxis or Richtofen ending in Buried. I believe that if more than 50% of people got the Maxis ending the plot for the next Game will be about teaming up with Richtofen and useing his zombie to complete the quest EEs. But if you complete the Richtofen side you will have to link Maxis fragments and reconstruct him in order to defeat Richtofen. Either of which will take place I'm more than one map. I also believe that we will se the Original crew how we know them. Let me explain why I believe this. During the maxis ending maxis takes control of the zombies and Richtofen is only able to control one zombie. Richtofen if course wants to be placed back in control of the zombies so you will be working with Richtofen for a mutual goal. Now when Richtofen takes control you hear maxis screaming which means Richtofen killed him but maxis at this point is a computer program. So I think that you might have to reconstruct Maxis's program and have him finish Richtofen one was or another. The second story that will be going to will be about the real world, not the real world that we live in I mean the real world in the zombies universe. To prove this I will reffer to the origins ending. In the ending maxis tells Sam and eddy to that its time to go to bed and to lock the windows and go to the basement. Why is there need to go to the basement? Ill tell you why, it's because in the real world there is a zombie apocalypse to further prove this Sam or eddy says that he/she wishes the characters in the story were real. It doesn't really matter who said it btw. And the Sam said that her father has a plan , A plan for what? A plan to finish off this apocalypse. Just to remind you guys this is a theory. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask.
  2. Lots of developers reuse the same textures. So i think they are reusing it because it fits in with the atmosphere. The only relevance that i think it has is to show that the area is under quarantine or something of that matter, but other than that it might not mean anything. I could be wrong so don't judge.
  3. this a a pretty fucking awesome theory. Awesome but unlikely for all the zombie maps in Blops 2. i could understand if it was for the last map in Blops 2, that would be the best shit ever. BTW what do you think the DLC zombie map is going to be, i know the game hasnt come out yet but i like to start early
  4. Cyborg Zombie:A cyborg zombie would be cool, though it depends do you mean a terminator type zombie or do you mean a zombie with some robotic parts like a leg,arm and part of the body? if it was a zombie with some robotic parts then i would have to agree with you there. Zombie Racoons: Racoons , now that is something i would like to see. In fact there are a lot of animals i would want to see in the game like Bears(as you can probably tell by the name), koalas, gorillas, tigers, and more... but back on topic. Racoons that steal your money would be pretty fucking awesome. it would make the game more challenging, at least you wont get pissed of at a round that you lose your most valuable perk with no way to buy it :evil: ... F*&$# those monkeys!!! oh sry i lost control there for a second. anyways like i was saying you wont get pissed of when you lose a perk, or when you lose a max ammo, or even when you have two wonder weapons and you lose one of them. maybe if you finish a round without getting robbed you will gain a little more points like 1000-2500. anyways this is my idea :idea: We all know that the map is going to be in a city, probably New Jersey. So i was thinking why not have the Jersey Devil as a boss what it does is one of the following 1. takes a perk and teleports you 2. takes a gun and teleports you 3. takes your money and teleports you other than that he goes for power ups aka they turn red instead of green, these are the following effects 1. Double Points will make everything cost twice as much and lasts twice as long as a regular double points 2. Insta-kill will make it even longer to kill a zombie and lasts twice as long 3. Max Ammo will take away half of all your ammo 4. Carpenter will take open up all the windows and make zombies much faster 5.Death Machine will spawn a turret that will burst fire you until you are close to death and lasts as long as a regular death machine 6.Fire Sale will make the box cost twice as much and lasts twice as much as a regular fire sale, terrible if you have double points 7.Bon Firesale will make PAP cost twice as much and lasts twice as long as a Bon firesale 8.Perk Bottle will give you nothing and take away as much money you spent on one of your perks 9. Bonus points will take away 1000-3000 points nuke is not effected and kills the Devil but will be back in 2 rounds so be lucky that you get a nuke.BTW The Jersey Devil will now teleport to the power p it will slowly walk towards it like George or the Cosmonaut. Hope you guys rage if this will be in the game :lol:
  5. There will probably be a trailer 8/10/12 Most likely it is days left from the "Days left." tweet that he made not the first one. Hopefully we will see something of zombies this month, at least a small glimpse, not of the design but actual game footage.
  6. it is most likely not Sophia because she was probably in her 20's when she was first announced in Der Riese which took place in WWII. This would mean that she is around 40-50 years old ,if this poster is of what happened after Moon, and the girl in the poster looks like she is in her 20's. It is Probably Sam and Probably the skull that she is holding is not Richtofen's but a random Zombie's The girls could also be just a new character that will be introduced in the new Zombies map.
  7. Jimmy Zielinski (Zombies Dev) Tweeted these 3 things -What's 11? 15 Jul -2X or X2 19 Jul -Days left 19 Jul So take 11 and 2x or x2. lets take one of the two 2x, 2 X 11 = 22. now take the other number X 2, 11 X 2 = 22. Days Left. last Tweet 19 July, 22 days later is August 6th Trailer might come out Aug 10 with some zombies footage like the First Strike Trailer. What do you think, Trailer Aug 6 yes or no Link to Jimmy's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy
  8. i really don't think that the first map will be in Paris just because one of the revealed images shows a Diner and that specific diner is one in real life that is in New Jersey and close by is a church that looks exactly the same as the one from the images given. I am 100% sure that it wont be Paris, Maybe in a DLC yes
  9. Meh i guess it is a fairly good idea. but there shouldn't be specific zombies for each round. i just think that set zombies will take away the randomness of zombies. i mostly like how the zombies spawned in Der Riese where the dogs natutaly spawn at round 16 and above. also (wave 50) health bars would make it like an arcade game in my opinion. i would prefer zombies to never have a health bar instead have an item or body part that changes when the zombie gets close to death, like George in COTD.
  10. I still dont think theat Shangri La is on Mars. This is why. 1. How could Brock & Gary be there. 2. Shangri La takes place in ancient times so it is possible that there were more moons in the Earth back then. 3. Zombies cant jusr fly to Mars they have to be there and they cant just appear out of nowhere. 3.5. Since Shangri La takes place in the past the people there cant make spaceships and there is no base there for humans to live in. There could be a secret about Shangri La that only Treyarch knows but they are probably making us overlook the map to hard.
  11. This video will explain everything in Kino. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... kpb4KtctPQ
  12. That would be fucking awesome. someone on this same subject posted some cool ideas for a ranking system and even titles i page 1 the third comment. Also There should be a hacker machine. you pay around 4000 points and you get the hacker. but they should move the hacker to be down on the D-Pad instead of up. but to make it fair if you get downed you loose it. Unless you have quick revive.
  13. Zombies will be fine. the reason they are putting in gametypes is for the competitive zombie players. and they are puttung in 8 player because the maps are going to be huge that there will be too much room for 4 people. With moon i think they did a fine job. if you didn't need to mind your oxygen level then that would be pretty occurred being in space without a suit. with the hacker i think they found a good balance because that way not everyone can get the hacker but that person wont be able to stay with it forever. the juggernog and speed cola at Area 51 was a good idea in my opinion, having the good perks in one area and the rest in the moon. BTW. i hate five and Shang, not because they are bad maps but because is is too tight and you get no space except in some areas but you cant stay there forever. moon was probably the best ending that they could have for Zombies. having you to stick together was probably the best thing for the conclusion for this chapter
  14. it's a good theory but there are a lot of loopholes 1.why would there be a human made base on the moon thousand's of years before it should be there. and before you say "the whole station traveled through time" think about it . 2. why would Maxis kill the dinos to weaken Richtofen's power 3. even if the station went back in time and maxis was just being stupid you need the wonderwaffe to overload the teleporter therefore cause the time travel. 4.If you killed the Dinos then that would create a paradox bacause if you use the missiles on pangia it would kill off all of the "Monkeys" and since humans evolved from monkeys that would mean that there would be no humans therefore ripping a hole in the space-time continuum AKA paradox thank you to you people that gave these same loopholes.
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