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    Fattening up Zombies

    Zombies will be fine. the reason they are putting in gametypes is for the competitive zombie players. and they are puttung in 8 player because the maps are going to be huge that there will be too much room for 4 people. With moon i think they did a fine job. if you didn't need to mind your oxygen level then that would be pretty occurred being in space without a suit. with the hacker i think they found a good balance because that way not everyone can get the hacker but that person wont be able to stay with it forever. the juggernog and speed cola at Area 51 was a good idea in my opinion, having the good perks in one area and the rest in the moon. BTW. i hate five and Shang, not because they are bad maps but because is is too tight and you get no space except in some areas but you cant stay there forever. moon was probably the best ending that they could have for Zombies. having you to stick together was probably the best thing for the conclusion for this chapter
  2. oBearz


    well its not bad i think it has a fair balance of cost and power could be quite useful for people who just started playing the game but not as useful for pros at the game.
  3. oBearz


    I like the idea of all but with grape ka-boom i think you should only be able to buy it once a round. why you ask, because people when running trains they would just keep shooting the zombies buy the perk use it and repeat
  4. oBearz


    two new perks one just came to my head right now Name= Hammer Time Tequila Cost= 1500 Effect= lets you rebuild barriers at a faster rate Color= White this one isn't really that useful but just thought i should put it anyways Name= Dual Wield Whiskey Cost= 4000 Effect= lets you dual wield any two weapons except LMG's and big wonder weapons like the "Thunder Gun" or the "DG-2" also you cant dual wield two different guns, for example the MP-40 and the M-16 you cant have that combo it has to be two of the same guns. Color= Golden this is one perk that i would like to see in the game
  5. oBearz


    The one idea that comes to mind when its a new perk is one named "Level Up" what it does is the perks that you buy after this one will have twice the effect. though this perk machine will only appear after the easter egg for the map is completed. it only works for the perks you buy after it so you cant buy jugg first then get "level up" and have the pro version of jugg Cost=8000 Effects Quick Revive(solo)= can take a few more hits for the next 2 rounds. Quick Revive(online)= instead of dying after 30 second pass you get revived if no one can pick you up but if your team mate picks you up you keep the perk. Double Tap= all guns will have a larger clip and will be fully automatic and if it's already automatic it will instead have slightly more damage. not PAP damage but 1.5X damage (this is a good idea because it wont make double tap such a bad perk. Speed Cola= you will reload at a slight faster rate than with regular speed cola and you will be able to sprint faster Juggernog= you will have juggernaut armor on though it wont slow you down, zombies can break it and it wont come back. Stamin-Up= you will have to come up with a pro version of this perk because I don't know what to do for this one PHD Flopper= explosion has a larger blast radius and all zombies that don't die from the blast will stay down on the floor like they do when you hit them with a thunder gun and don't die Deadshot= you will be able to sense if a zombie is behind you like it does in the Ipod/Iphone version. Mule Kick= you can have 4 guns. also the way the machine looks, it should look white and a little bit like Stamin-Up with a ghostly feeling to it oh i almost forgot great idea LILNIG
  6. oBearz


    Would be nice if the brought back the PPSH i loved that gun. there should be a new wonder weapon that is like the "Winters Fury" exept instead of it shoting ice it should shoot fire, like the flamethrower from COD:WAW but with alittle more than raygun damage.

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