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  1. yeah zombies raising the roof! movin' like bernie.
  2. Thanks, will try that tonight.
  3. My friend and I are decent zombies players, we can get to 30+ on kino and ascension no problem...but five is a completely different story. We've only been able to get up to 14 and frankly I think that's embarrassing. We've tried a couple strategies (falling back into packapunch, camping in elevators), but usually end up doing loops on the 2nd floor... anyone have a better strategy? if you want to help us out my gamertag is in my sig
  4. I think it is the same model town from kino in sam's room picture of dempsy in hidden room more probably old no clips from fivehttp://s1135.photobucket.com/albums/m638/noclipzombies/
  5. it is strange but its not new, if you dolphin dive on someone in a corner it downs you both.
  6. Just played ascension after downloading the new patch... The leader boards are still not fixed but, I did encounter a lot of new dialog. While playing 2 players as dempsy and richtofen, the two characters actually sort of interacted with each other. Anyone else notice this?
  7. leaderboard is not fixed, even after the patch this afternoon.
  8. also the catwalks are only for show, if you no clip on to them you just fall through.
  9. could I get a link to that video? If I remember correctly that is from right before, or shortly after ascension was released. I think he said it turned out to just be a weird shadow, I'm not a hundred percent sure though.
  10. under closer inspection it actually says 8 must survive, but that's a really interesting find. I tried a couple things out to see if there was anything to it but have yet to find anything. first: getting the power on before round 5, ended up as a pentagon thief round... fail second: getting the power on during round five, and reaching def con 5 with 8 zombies tailing me... got to the packapunch room, when the doors opened, only 7 zombies were left... fail due to no clipping? any thoughts? also I have a bunch of random images from no clipping around five if anyone wants to host the images.
  11. ebtcash


    isn't that just combat training? I didn't watch the whole thing but I'm not sure it has anything to do with ascension
  12. not sure if this thread was made to be the actual pick up game thread but... looking to play tonight, need 2 or 3 other decent players. gt: mjohnson406
  13. if you're still looking add me gt: mjohnson406
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