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  1. and here i was thinking zombies was practically dead... THANK YOU SIR! people like you give me inspiration to continue playing zombies!
  2. well before they patched this, you used to be able to throw grenades in the box and they wouldnt be able to take the weapon..
  3. i got 68 revives by round 14 because i was playing with two jerks that kept holding grenades..i guess that doesnt really count though...
  4. yeah but my hunch about the meteor was at the very least plausible right?
  5. idk if this is REALLY obvious or just unimportant, but i noticed a lot of the "meteors" looked a lot like the other ones from kino, and originally shi no numa, that would explain how the zombies got there in the first place... they contain element 115, and they were i beleive what started zombies in the first place? help me out here guys!
  6. I dant know if any of you xbox players remember the video for escalation, but in the video, they said that their only clue was to shoot everything with a lot of different guns...could be a BIG hint for the story...
  7. Perhaps (not to be racist) but maybe the reason takeo likes fish is because he's japanese...just a thought And I read in a previous post that everyone but rictofen is turning, and that he is experimenting with them...could explain why he was sick...
  8. no not really, if you finally got your favo weapons and got them fully attachet, then what?? more likely if you PaP the gun and then you can PaP the gun again to make them powerful with an scope or an extra mag orsomething. Umm its exactly the same as getting perks at the end of monkeys...
  9. possibly because rictofen is turning into a zombie, because he is the only one immune to element 115.
  10. yeah i heard the ray gun was the japanese superweapon. your right about the others though!
  11. supp guys im a newbie to the site but im pretty decent at zombies, highest round is 28 bcuz i can never finish a game, something always comes up, i play 360 or on a friends ps3 xbox:wearehereusa2 ps3:cookie2monster3 msg me if you wanna play!
  12. actually takeo is kinda interesting even though he doesnt have anything to do with the storyline, infact i havent noticed dempsey or nikolai in the story either...
  13. pack a punched hk21 and pack a punched ballistic knife!!!!! :mrgreen:
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