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  1. http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/1623 ... 9770de.png http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/9224 ... 6c26f8.png My two fave classes
  2. Can we please have host migration in zombies? I don't mean the one in the lobby i mean while playing the game. I stopped playing zombies on black ops cause every time i find a game the host quits in like round 3-10 and its just a waste of time i know i could just play with friends but most of them suck at zombies and playing solo is too easy. Does anyone agree on this? p.s if there's a legit reason why it's not in black ops and why it can't be in the new game then never mind.
  3. Does anyone want the wonder weapons to have splash damage back? Like the one the world at war waffe had? (still my fave gun ) I find it more fun when the weapons kill you the user and forces you to be careful with your shots more then just cause of the low ammo on most of the wonder weapons. And kinda sick of seeing people using a wonder weapon recklessly. (ect wasting ammo on the gun unless they're near 5000 points, using it on 1-4 zombies the ray gun is a exception, and more) Plus i also find my self more aware of what i'm doing and making smarter chocies with the WaW waffe then the
  4. Does anyone know the chances of getting certain drops from a carepackage? I know you can only get assault streaks (form care only osprey it depends on the type) and there is no ammo.
  5. This is the spawn trap I was talking about only it was happening to the guy who recorded this. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri= ... neuF6YEFXw Idk how to post videos on here so you guys dont have to get on utube yet just links:/
  6. To me the waw der riese wunderwaffe is the best. Don't like many of the new weapons expect winter's howl(I know its weak but it's fun to use for me) and vr-11 (never used it before but knowing what it does to my teammate is helpful if I have to revive and a teammate cover me once I get cotd) Thunder gun is ok but idk if it's just me but I'll go down a lot more while killing at the same time when ever I pull it out. And it just lower's my awereness cause there is no splash damage so I pull it out when it's close to to late :/
  7. Yea blind eye pro boost damage by 1.6 times the normal damage or so I heard and it does helps. I got my Msr gold now next weapon gold will be the model 1887
  8. I saw a comment on tmartn weapon xp video on YouTube and someone said getting weapon xp destroying killstreaks with the gun. Does anyone know if this is true cause my Msr is barely halfway through level 30-31 and this would help getting it gold a lot faster. Would explain why I see people shooting at the pavelow and stuff with guns instead off a stringer.
  9. Waw wunderwaffe DG-2 (not black ops DG-2 it's trash) And ppsh.
  10. Which one do you guys prefer. The Msr gets my vote cause it reminds me of the intervention, pulls blot back faster than the L118A (or is that just me cause when I qs I find my self trying to shoot before the blot action is over a lot, I done this with the intervention before and Msr but not so much with those two only like once a day) And the way the L118A scopes in throws my aim off got the gun to level 29 only cause I didn't have the Msr yet. (my Msr is also a level 29 for now can't wait to get gold for it and it'll be the first gold I gotten) plus Msr just feels better to me I ge
  11. SMG once a dog rounds begins and I'll use that for till at least level 12-15. And wheres the AR's? Are you excluding them for a reason or am I mistaking rifles for a sniper rifle with/without scope?
  12. Hey guys was just playing FFA on dome destorying with the model (no damage but it doesnt need damge its good as it is and level 16)and everything was going just fine till I started spawning in that room closest to that big truck-.- . This guy was just camping in front of it waiting for someone too spawn and it was me for 15 times in a row -.-. It got to the point that I had to change to my QS class and pull my FMG9's out just to kill him so I can get out of there. What's worse was the tactical insertion he has right there cause I'm sure some other poor victim would have to suffer what I just d
  13. Maybe it's cause you died before any zombies spawned even if it's a new round or the new round music cuts off that's my guess
  14. ASR=G36C beast with silencer on SUB=UMP45 silencer+range=deadly quiet weapon LMG=never SNIPER=MSR reminds me of the intervention Pistols=P99 MP=FMG9 after patch if you know how and when to use it Shotgun=models 1887= the animation is fun to watch:) These are just my preference so don't get mad at me for using the fmg9 cause I use them for cqc anyways. And sorry to be off topic but has anyone notice the amount of akimbo mp9 users growing recently? Ps: couldnt think of a best so I just did that instead.
  15. The thing that angers me more than the teleporter is when they go down outside of the bio dome :/
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