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  1. The game started with 4, by round 15 somebody went down and we couldnt revive him so he left...then It was just 3 and I kid you not it was real boring. I trained on the spawn got bored, camped by the lander by stamin-up, defended by the sickle and it was really boring. I usually have fun in ascension, and to make matters worse I was 1 round away from passing my highest round and the game kicks me and I get a message saying "I must be sign into the Playstation Network"
  2. Probably not, sadly. I saw in an interview about Black Ops II a Treyarch rep said that Zombies was their "co-op mode", implying that it's the ONLY co-op mode in the game. Darn I really enjoyed co-op campaign in [email protected], and I was really bummed when they didnt include it in BLOPS
  3. You think theyll have that come back? I think playing co-op will work with how they describe the strike force missions....
  4. yes I remember when Shi No Numa came out and we heard the crew talking, I remember wondering who they were how they got there, hearing Nikolai saying he will paint red square with their blood, simply awesome! The trailers also kinda gave us info about the back story too
  5. I think for black ops 2 I would get Elite. I didnt get it for MW3 because multiplayer looked the same as MW2 and I had a feeling that it would play the same also. Since Zombies is confirmed in BLOPS 2 and you know theyll be adding to zombies, might as well get elite and get maps early
  6. I missed these trailers from [email protected], did anybody else? They did make a lame ascension trailer and apparently they had a Kino one that they presented a while back at COD Elite. Hopefully they make them again for Blops 2!
  7. im ready for zombies just playing FFA until I get a zombies invite
  8. Ill try and play on the 28th and other play dates, Saturday's and Sunday's are good cuz I don't have to work. Hopefully this is better than 115 day cuz nobody was really playing or they kept leaving. Psn:TheDrizzle-0|Availiabilty: 7pm-10pm or later PST (weekends)|Maps: All(verruckt!!)|Team: any
  9. ill probably play later today! Usually in the afternoon or at night....my brother is watching tv and that can take forever for him to stop watching
  10. Ill play!!! my psn is TheDrizzle-0 send me a msg that youre from codz. what time is it gonna be? I have monday off
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