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  1. well i just thought about this, takeo is japanese, and japan was allied with germany during world war 2, and everyone believes that maxis died. when you click on the blank photo as takeo, he says something like a fallen ally, that may return. or something like that. dont exactly remember but something a long that line. but maxis would be a ally to takeo. so it may be dr.maxis that should be in the photo
  2. third floor. in the room with the pigs. theres files all over the placein that room and they all say the same thing
  3. Ok i found that file five again but i dontknow what it means. it said derriese got RHO or RNO im not for sure which on of the two it is but it says one of them. hopefully this helps
  4. That whole dream thing is just a theory, i don't think its likely though because then the whole campaign would have to be dreamed to, because there is a lot of references to zombies in the campaign, and also in the terminal. and the whole "hey, player! drop the chips and get me some ammo!" i think is just in there. and the test subject thing is (i theorize) to be on the teleporter and Richtofen is observing them on that. and the unique side effect would be from the teleporters, because they are being exposed to vast amounts of 115. and the other test subjects appeared in different locations(or in different times) zombified. and all they get is blurred and "negative" vision.
  5. I may have found something on five i died while i was looking at it so im gonna go back and play again with my friend so he can watch my back and preoccupy my crawler while i look at it. it was a file and it said derriese(no space so im assuming its talking about the server) has got...and then theres a word i didnt get to make out. illl update when i figure it out.
  6. and can anyone tell me how to use the decode command because i thinnk i found something but its encrypted and needs the decode function
  7. has anybody tried to login as sophia? imnot for sure her last nameor anything so... and password could be ludwig,maxis, dr.maxis, lmaxis 935 group935...
  8. when you go into the room with the pictures of ric,tak,nic, and tank theres another portrait on the wall with no one it in... it might possibly be a hint of a new addition to the 4 characters in future maps... which would mean 5 player zombies? or also one of the 4 known characters deaths? this is just a theory. what to yall think?

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