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  1. well i just thought about this, takeo is japanese, and japan was allied with germany during world war 2, and everyone believes that maxis died. when you click on the blank photo as takeo, he says something like a fallen ally, that may return. or something like that. dont exactly remember but something a long that line. but maxis would be a ally to takeo. so it may be dr.maxis that should be in the photo
  2. Since this is the pentagon room,maybe its talking about the pentagon thief when it says doctor? i mean it would not make since for the U.S. to be involving Richtofen or maxis. and if you don't turn on the power he wont come so keep the power off as long as possible to minimize his involvement in your game, because if he takes your weapon and you don't get it back then you stand a better chance of getting killed. Right? i don't firmly believe this theory but i am just suggesting something different.
  3. We've seen "Edward, I know it was you." written somewhere in Der Riese. There is more than one board in Der Riese. yea and every single one of them say the same thing
  4. This is probably a reused texture. It was on the Der Riese boards. This is definitely a reused texture. This was also on the Der Reise boards. Is all you can come up with is reused textures??? On the Board on Der Riese it says "experiment 935 was successful" nothing about Edward or Samantha.
  5. Also i was looking around and saw this on the same chalk board... http://picasaweb.google.com/10357007631 ... 3805265618
  6. Ok i uploaded it to google you should be able to see it http://picasaweb.google.com/10357007631 ... 3205169554
  7. I don't have a facebook and I don't intend on making one to see that picture. Post somewhere else, or do something to your privacy settings. Sorry about that, didn't know my privacy was set that way.
  8. I managed to get a good picture of it with my phone. Heres the link to the page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 1843797288
  9. I don't have a cap card to take a good enough picture to see it well. The chalk board is beside the power on "Five". So if someone with a card or someway of getting the picture could get it, it would be much appreciated! I will try to take a picture of it but if doesn't turn out good enough to read, I don't see the point in posting it if it can't be read
  10. and it dosent have to be an explosion. someone could have died while testing the teleporters, which would cause it to become a zombie because of the vast amounts of 115 in the teleporter.same way the out break started in der riese
  11. There wouldn't be tests during a meeting. No explosion could occur. To the others, as I've stated countless times, Ritchofen's portrait is a reused texture and the teleporters are a test for future teleporters. Why do you guys staunchly believe a couple of politicians will be important to the zombie storyline? It makes absolutely no sense for these people to meet in the circumstances they did, it breaks common logic for how a government is run, an it is overall a stupid idea for a serious story. None of the characters even seem truly concerned about zombies. They're making jokes about their history whenever they even reference them or just out right insult them. Nothing in the map gives the characters any interest in the zombies. they wouldnt stop test for a meet three floors up and how to you know there couldnt have been an explosion or leak of some sort. and also i found more proof linking five to the main story. on the third floor theres files laying all over the ground and they all talk about der riese. and also theres a chalk board talking about samantha... if your gonna make a theory your gonna need better back up then its just reused textures...
  12. third floor. in the room with the pigs. theres files all over the placein that room and they all say the same thing
  13. Ok i found that file five again but i dontknow what it means. it said derriese got RHO or RNO im not for sure which on of the two it is but it says one of them. hopefully this helps
  14. The Pentagon is a military center. There would be something tested there. Also it is utter bull that the zombies would break out for any reason because of all the guards that would be every where. The map was created as a joke, that's why we're playing as politicians. The labs may be a test for what an Area 51 map might be like. Just to say if they were experimenting with 115 and something went wrong and the element got out and if it was in a room with a bunch of scientist and an explosion happened or something of the sort and the element got to the bodys it would zombify them and then the zombie outbreak would start. right? then if there was a meeting under way it would be up to them to fight off the horde once all the guards had fallen to the zombie horde.
  15. That whole dream thing is just a theory, i don't think its likely though because then the whole campaign would have to be dreamed to, because there is a lot of references to zombies in the campaign, and also in the terminal. and the whole "hey, player! drop the chips and get me some ammo!" i think is just in there. and the test subject thing is (i theorize) to be on the teleporter and Richtofen is observing them on that. and the unique side effect would be from the teleporters, because they are being exposed to vast amounts of 115. and the other test subjects appeared in different locations(or in different times) zombified. and all they get is blurred and "negative" vision.
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