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  1. Hey guys decided to check back this old site and looks like a lot has changed, recognize a few faces and all the people I remember seem to be Mods now or something I like the new look and the new trophies, I'll probably lurk for a while and maybe start contributing a bit more, but to be honest I'm pretty bored of COD for now, maybe when BO2 comes out I'll see what people think of it.
  2. Nah sorry, but Im pretty sure that's Africa. The 3d look you mentioned is caused by the cloud. good work though.
  3. Anyone else think we should try this song backwards....?
  4. Prefer it to the MP5k and that other one in most 1st door rooms
  5. It says deeply intergrated a lot... :shock:
  6. Count me in too, I've made it over level 30 on solo and at mates but on mine I think it's 24, I'm good, and a team player so I don't hog the box or go solo etc. I have a mic aswell and.## :)
  7. The thing is, if IW do include a zombie mode or something similiar, then everyone will go on and on about how they've copied Treyarch and that it's rubbish. But if there is no zombie or survival mode then everyone will say that it's crap because of that! The CoD community is getting very negative and it's not really fair on the developers, it's not like that here but I can just imagine what it will be like over on the Official CoD forums after MW3 releases... :facepalm:
  8. lol quit boosting your posts cheater Oh I see how that might look xD
  9. WOW! This looks pretty awesome, the map names are very interesting... [brains] For the great post, but you misspelled official xD I'll post the rest of the photos here: Phew! So yea, they look pretty cool, and you can also see MacTavish in the background there! xD
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