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  1. Basically. It is either the Vril-ya or Illuminati, there is enough evidence for both that it really just comes down to preference. Pretty much, but it would be good to see less conspiracy and more historical theories. If Treyarch fully incorporate the historical theme then I think a lot more love will come for the game.
  2. If that's 12noon PST, it'll be 8pm here, so I may make it. If it's 12midnight, I haven't got a chance :lol:
  3. Lost some of its charm now, but... http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=8254
  4. Jonnyo567

    Paw print

    ^^ first thing that came to mind, I reminisced for a while ^^ Easter egg, or maybe you have to shoot the paw print after mystery man with death machines. I don't know, it's all too confusing.
  5. 25 with my clan lol! They can't play zombies
  6. So would anyone with 10 pages of 'Please...' ^^ I'm a hypocrite I know lolz ^^
  7. I think it will be some kind of mixture. Or maybe like the Ray Gun? I don't know. Hope the original 4 will be back, as that uncovers more storyline than the 'Politicians'
  8. To decode agency standard cipher, use the decode option, followed by the text you want to decode e.g. decode 828yhd873hhf would decode that. Hope this helps! As for Sophia, no-one is sure of her last name, and we can only hope that Treyarch releases new zombie maps with much more information in exchange for our time. has anyone tried "hporter" and for password "raygun" Nice find! I will try this in a minute, cheers for helping. Anyone that is viewing this post who has friends who may be able to help, ask them to join the effort, as this will be well worth it when it's done. [brains]
  9. That's the thing guy's, no-one can be sure if Lmaxis is a valid login. All login's automatically ask for a password, even if their wrong. If I were to type in 3y8wdv8ygd as a login, it would ask for a password. we are however reasonably confident that Lmaxis and Erichtofen are valid. Also, if we can find out Peter's last name, I may have some suggestions to a pass, but I'm not giving anything away as of yet, just in case. I think both Maxis and Richtofen are secure accounts, so the password would have numbers as well as letters. Has anyone tried Samantha935 or a similar combination? If not, give it a go! [brains]
  10. Hey Carbon, I'm probably too late for you to view this post, but could you please make me one? Could I have a picture of Richtofen with 'Nothing makes us as lonely as our secrets' in green? If not, don't worry about it, it's my fault for being late. Cheers anyway! [brains]
  11. Sorry, just wondering, did you get any of these possibilities from me? If so, could you PM me if anything works. I've also got another possibility for Erichtofen (edward); Illuminati! I have done some investigating and so far I have dug up heaps of Illuminati references from Edward, especially from the IPOD Nazi Zombies. Please try it! [brains]
  12. I'm sorry if this topic has already been posted, but I couldn't find any mention of it on the Kino der Toten forums. In Kino der Toten, on the stage there are two stacks of capsules that appear to contain monkeys. These could be the failed experiments Maxis talks about in one of the radios on this map. I strongly believe that the new 'Nova 6' gas zombies are the result of the Nazis testing Nova 6 on the monkeys. What do you guys think? Please reply with your thoughts and findings. [brains]

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