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  1. The Perk-A-Colas are in the elevator xD LoL xD You will have to pay attention if you want to go down through the hoistway xD
  2. (I´m spanish so sorry if I made mistakes, I don´t write English very well ^^U) If you look this photos, you can see that the room... Changes!! Now it´s upside down!! Like Mc Escher´s "Relativity" What do you think about it? :)
  3. Maybe... xD No... I think that the events of Die Rise happened before the events of Green Run... That´s why Marlton isn´t in Die Rise... He´s at the Bunker... :)
  4. Okay, sorry, I don´t know that there already was a forum for this. Sorry! When the Tactical Insection is on your hand, you can see the coordinates of the Multiplayer Map where you are playing (for example, 1.27N 103.77E (Cargo)) But when you put the Tactical Insertion on the ground (it means, when you use the Tactical Insertion), the coordinates are always the same on all the maps: The City Hall. :)
  5. (I´m spanish so sorry I made mistakes, I don´t know writing English very well ^^U) > (Click on the image for full screen) The firstBlack Ops II DLC has just leaked: REVOLUTION 4 Multiplayer Maps, 1 Zombie Map and a new Weapon The new Zombie map is DIE RISE, "The rise" in German As you can see in the image, there are a lot of destroyed buildings, so we could think that the story takes places in a town after the Moon rockets. Well, I think this town isLos Angeles [*] The Bus goes from North to South, and Los Angeles is at the south of Hanford. [*] And now I will say a thing that I found yesterday: We all know that the Tactital Insertions indicate the coordinates of the Multiplayer maps... But what happened if we use the Tactical Insertion on any map? I put this coordinates on Google Earth... The City Hall, a very high building... I think that "Die Rise" could mean "High Rise"... Maybe we could use the City Hall as a HAARP Tower like the obelisk of Green Run. ... and in front of the City Hall there is the Police Administration Building... And the Zombies wear Police costumes... Hmmm... If we "Zoom" the image (sorry I´m spanish and I don´t know the correct word for that xD) we could see an Helicopter!!!! Like the Bus of Green Run!!! And you can also see that the Police Zombies have grenades, blinding grenades... What could happen if we shoot to these Zombies...? Could have there been "Titan Zombies"? I hope you have been able to read all the post xD Sorry if I made mistakes, I don´t know writing English very well ^^U :D
  6. I didn´t proof that, I have to study and i can´t play xD It´s only just an idea, but it´s true that if you shoot at the clock with some explosive (like semtex or Mustang & sally) the clock will disappear and the will appear the form of a sun or a Moon (depending on if the clock have "rectangles" or "sticks" around or not) :)
  7. Hello! I´m spanish so sorry if I make mistakes, I don´t know English very well ^^U XD In Tranzit there are five clocks. If you explode it (with semtex, Ray Gun...) a sun or a Moon appears. But you have to know that the clocks reappear after 30 seconds. For example, if you shoot to this clock, a Sun will appear. There are five clocks: [*:1yfywjwe] Bus station, near Quick Revive ---> Sun [*:1yfywjwe] Bus Station, near the Turbine ---> Sun [*:1yfywjwe] Bus station, at the room that you can open with the Turbino ---> Moon [*:1yfywjwe] Restaurant, inside the café --> Moon [*:1yfywjwe] Bank, near the Bank door ---> Moon Tranzit happens at the morning/afternoon. I´m thinking that if 3 people explodes the 3 Moon Clocks at the same time, something could happen. I think that maybe a fourth player have to stay inside the Tunnel while the other 3 people are exploding the clocks. I think that because this: Day X/2 me ---> Day cross over to me, so I think that maybe a person have to stay inside the Tunnel I hope that you understand me, sorry if I made mistakes, bye! ^^ :D :D
  8. Well, first I want to say that I´m spanish but I like this forum a lot, so sorry if I made mistakes while I´m writing because I don´t write English very well ^^U I have made a Transit Map using the "Mini-Maps" images that you can see at the new Trailer, so this is what I made: As you can see, TranZit hasn´t got any end, so when you arrive at the Town and you defeat all the Zombies, then you return to the plantations that we can see at the begginning of the video. And I want to say something more: I think that the gun that we can see at the end of the video is a gun that throw fire. I can´t explain this in English, but I think that xD PS: I hope you can understand me Thanks for reading! ^^
  9. Well, I think that the first image is about the map we have seen at the video. But the second image... I think that it shows Nuketown Zombies, Why? 1) You can see the Nuketown´s truck at the left of the image. 2) Look at the sky. It´s different from the sky of the first image! It´s orange (like No man´s Land after the Big Bang Theory) 3)I think that, at the top of the image (outside the building) there is something that it appears to seems like the Nuketown Clock Tower, but now it´s broken. So I think that the first image shows "The Map", "Transit" (or whatever you want to name the map with the bus), and the second image shows Nuketown Zombies ^^ PS: I´m spanish, so sorry if I don´t write English very well ^^U :D
  10. Maybe we don´t have to kill Zombies at Zombie Campaign. Maybe Zombie Campaign is just like Normal Campaign, but it is about Zombie Story. For example, imagine that the first mission is to try to kill Samantha and Ludwig Maxis, and then we have to go to Griffin Station because we have to find Maxis. It means, the Zombie Campaign could tell us the story we have heard from the radios, songs and Easter Eggs. PS: I´m spanish so sorry if i made mistakes ^^U I hope you understand me! :D
  11. Maybe they are "Perk-A-Cola emblems". For example, Titan (red) and Speed Cola (green).
  12. I´m Spanish and I know that it isn´t spanish xD Mmmm I think that "i" is an "i", not an "¡" (exclamation point). I think we have to change a=b b=c... or something like that... PS: Sorry if I don´t write English very well ^^U
  13. Yeah, it´s possible. And I was thinking and... The summer solstice is in June 21st... Black Ops II is closely related with Eclipses and other astronomical phenomena like solstices... ^^
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