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  1. It is not Sam. In DE Groph does not know that the Maxises have been teleported by The Giant Edward. He only learns that they have been "dealt with" when Origins Edward tells him. He would have known if they were sent to the moon because he would have been there to have Ludvig executed. My best guess as to what happened to them would be Origins Ludvig and Edward intercepted them mid-teleportation and sent Origins Edward through to The Giant afterwards. I personally think Weasel is in control. He escaped Alcatraz and made it to Morg City just in time to get caught in the mess. I believe that he was accidentally teleported to The Giant when Origins Edward teleported there from Morg City. His plane is on the roof of Teleporter Z-C, but he is nowhere to be found. He teleported to the moon, but didn't have anyone waiting for him and survived long enough to get to the MPD. Then he pulled a Sam and got stuck inside.
  2. It's to make the map feel larger. It looks like there is more area, but you can't actually go there. Or maybe there's a second robot route that goes there…
  3. A supposed leak from a Microsoft employee has reported the release to be sometime tonight. There is no proof behind the leak, however. I contacted Microsoft Support a few hours ago, and they told me that it was supposed to be released in February, but Activision put it on hold. Whenever Activision decides to release it, it will appear in the Store and the disk will work. When I asked about the leak, they said if Activision wants to, they could release it at any given moment now that it has the OK. That means that tonight could be THE night.
  4. Why haven't we tested this yet? Some here has to have done it and have The Giant.
  5. @Tac Eventually I probably will. I was going to use this as a signature, hoping it would work because it was contained in a 1 line spoiler. Since it didn't, I just posted it and linked it in my signature. I'll probably do it later today or tomorrow.
  6. You just love that phrase, don't you? I've noticed you using it quite a bit lately. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just confused as to why it has gained so much popularity all over the internet, not just here, recently.
  7. Samantha? I assume you mean Jessica, and you're referencing the cutscene. If that is the same camera from the cutscene, it wouldn't make much sense to be there. This could be a small Easter egg, or possibly interactable with.
  8. By seven years he meant that camping on the catwalk has been around since Call of Duty: World at War, the first time Der Riese was released to play. I believe I speak for the majority of the community when I repeat that because glitches are not the correct, intended, or authentic way to play, they are frowned upon. If they were supposed to be used to play, they wouldn't be removed. I personally feel cheated when a player beats me on the leaderboards because they glitched and I played legit. If you need a glitch and a break to get high rounds; congratulations, you just played yourself.
  9. I said it on YouTube, but I'll put it here too. Maybe try this with the Annihilator. We find it in the furnace, so maybe it is used in that room.
  10. We don't know for sure. We know they are working with Maxis, who is in Agartha. The SoE note shows many different earths and mentions universes being destroyed. Maxis tells the SoE crew that their world will be lost. He also told the N4 that in Buried. It appears as though he is using the power he gained in Mined Games to change the timeline. He destroyed the world of the O4 and N4 to create Origins, but messed up and needed the O4s help. After reaching Agartha, he was reunited with Samantha. He noticed she did not seem the same. He is now trying to undo all that has happened and caused the zombie outbreak. He creates worlds like the one he came from and we have always fought in. He inserts the Origins crew to find themselves and stop schizophrenic Richtofen from interfering with the MPD. They have had to kill him multiple times, which has ended in failure. Good Richtofen, with the Summoning Key now in hand, kills bad him and proceeds with the mission by lighting the Beacon for Maxis. Maxis is able to locate the team and will transport them to the location of the first test subject, which Richtofen has knowledge of from presumably using the powers of the Summoning Key on bad him. I don't know any of this for sure, it's all speculation. Specifically the bit about the next map, as I obviously don't have any intel on it.
  11. I've never been to a castle, but I'm moderately sure they usually have dragons. I'll go with Dragon until I hear otherwise.
  12. It is a closed rift. you can look through the open area between the car and the wall and see it. It probably just shows that Maxis and Richtofen can open rifts.
  13. The PaP room ones are to jump across the wall run area in beast before the Gateworms are placed to make a way to get there. It's also a useful way to jump over and revive someone who's down in the far corner instead of jumping up the middle.
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