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    115 Day

    I just wanted to come back and wish everyone here a happy 115 day! This game is what brings us all together, and today is the day we can celebrate that. I personally haven't been on here too much, as during IW this place was quiet (guess compared to BO1 and BO2 it still is :(, everyone is just on r/CDZ, me included, now) and now I just haven't enjoyed WWII or BO4. But when I think of the zombies community this place is always what I think of first, so happy 1/15!
  2. The morse is synced up on many lights, specifically antennas, in Groom Lake. They all say "MARE" repeating with a short pause between each burst. Just a reference to Moon, Griffin Station is located in the Mare Crisium crater on the moon. The wisp you saw is character specific. Each character has one in the labs, aiming in and shooting it will play a voiceline from Sam. Nothing more to either one.
  3. I believe it was just for unlocking free fast travel 3 times per round
  4. Do I need any other proof for any of these? If so, just let me know.
  5. In Coming Home, the vermin martyr is the rat that Schuster killed to activate and power the MPD. The song itself is sung by Elena, so it is from Samantha's perspective. She needs more souls sacrificed in the way the rat was to fulfill her father's last wish, "kill them… all." We All Fall Down is sung by Clark, so it is from Richtofen's perspective. The phantom is the Shadowman. That's the voice that speaks to Richtofen. It's established. You saying it's not him and saying you have proof but not showing it is total bs. Weasel isn't even involved in either of these maps and their so
  6. In over two years here, I've never requested any medals due to feeling up to taking screenshots. I finally gathered them, in an imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/OuRsJ These add up to: 3824 rounds 181,799 kills 1,664 revives 2,384 perks 3,880 doors ~10 days, without adding in BO2 I also have achievement screenshots, in a separate album. http://imgur.com/a/KoJfe With all of this together, I would like to request the following medals: Regular and Hardened Introduction CODZ Enthusiast Takeo Russman Doorkeeper
  7. Okay, uhh… Let's recap a bit, shall we? This isn't my first time here, so I'm calling this a reintroduction. In truth, I never introduced myself before. In the beginning, I had been on the Activision forums, as MLG_EPICzZzZzZz (let off, I was 11) since early 2012, then later M16_EPIC for Black Ops 3. I found this place through @DeathBringerZen, who was also active over at Activision. I came here between BOII and III. I started out as M16_EPIC, then changed my name along with my GamerTag to DerKungFuhrer over a year ago. When someone got my name banned on Xbox, I switched both to rerhuFgnuKreD.
  8. Can we get some new medals for Infinite Warfare? Right now the ones we have are all related to ZiS. Some RitR, SS, AotRT, and eventual DLC 4 ones would be nice.
  9. The Willard monologues make it seem like he's using them to get the guest stars back in action. It seems like the celebrities can free Willard, but they would take over for our team. So they may die.
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