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  1. lllpasswordlll

    The Kronorium

    @Tac my, that's embarrassing but thank you none the less and I will see you around as well :)
  2. lllpasswordlll

    The Kronorium

    A new name has surfaced in the zombies story line, (The Kronorium) who or what is it? Is the question we ask, is it a person? Place? A book? All we know is that Richtofen has gained knowledge from such a "thing" but let's dig more into it... A radio in ZNS (Zetsubou No Shima) "he explained everything to me, he will explain everything to you" now let's look at it this way, Maxis is the one talking, now by "you" we can assume he is referring to Richtofen so, by the shadows of evil bio, it states "Richtofen armed with the knowledge gained from the Kronorium" I can assume this is what he means by, he'll explain everything to you, another detail to somewhat back this theory up is. In the same radio it says "his very existence defied logic" now with something with the name of "Kronorium" we can guess that such an Entity defies logic and Time itself Let me know any ideas you might have on the topic of The Kronorium (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. lllpasswordlll

    A theory about who M is

    @Monopoly MacMac we cannot forget that a new name surfaced as well, the "kronorium" do these ciphers say "m"? Does maxis himself say the letter "m" he probably did I just didn't hear it but there's something about one radio that really tickled my fancy... "He explained everything to me and he will explain to you" and by you im guessing he might be talking about Richthofen, something to back this theory is the shadows of evil bio "Richthofen armed with the knowledge of the kronorium" this "kronorium" could be a place, person, perhaps a book, but in all Richthofen got his plan from this thing but what I believe is maxis is talking about the kronorium why? "His very existence defied logic" think about with something with the name of kronorium it kinda addsup Reply back if you have any ideas/theory
  4. lllpasswordlll

    All Ciphers

    @Nieno69 i heard about that but honestly im not doing this for the money, i love learning more things abiut the storyine. @certainpersonio also if you notice how certain letters are upper cased (k k and z) and you are right about the monoalphabet and the conjoined letters im guessing its L and i, i feel we are getting a little closer lets keep workibg in it and im sure we can solve it :)
  5. lllpasswordlll

    All Ciphers

    im currently working in this cipher any tips ideas?, anything will do :)
  6. lllpasswordlll

    All Ciphers

    I'm currently working on the following cipher

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