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    MAXIS is a liar

    That's what gets me too. In every case [regarding SoE], the individual was sacrificed for a gateworm. The only difference between them was that the Shadow Man is important, the Gateworm is massive, and it may be a more important ritual site/table. Not sure why any of those would result in him going into the Rift Stone while the others didn't, but it's all i can think of.
  2. Tac


    EDIT: Going to tag you all so you see it: @JustSavage05 @MysteryMachineX @NaBrZHunter That actually isn't Group 935, it's Group 601. If you zoom into your image, you can see concentric circles coming from a radio tower on the left. Here's a close up of the same thing in The Giant:
  3. This is interesting. I'm curious as to why the Rising Sun Facility was "lost." A few things come to mind. One is that the less frequent supply drops somehow spelled doom for the facility, or that this mysterious plane and bright light is the cause. One that I enjoy thinking about, though, is Zombies. Who knows what "the final results" were (I'm sure it could be figured out, but that's for another post), but it involved Element 115 and seems to have taken place at Shi No Numa. I don't know if that means the zombies that Division 9 created (if they did, that is) took over the site but the Emperor was impressed by them? I don't think it is, but I at least want to lay out everything going through my head. As for Takeo, it's really interesting. For some reason he is heralded as a hero by their society, which I assume has to do with his family's very honorable history (see: SNN bios) and his war victories. As for why this would lead to the Emperor being questioned I'm unsure, but I'd chalk it up to general paranoia and not wanting anyone else to be the center of attention. Perhaps his family has a history of causing trouble or something, but at this point it's too much speculation for me to go further haha. I'll look into it a little more and see what I can find :)
  4. *We're coming up on the four year anniversary of this thread (had to repost on new forum) so I've revamped it with new Der Eisendrache information, please read until end as much of the beginning is slightly incorrect now* Shi No Numa and Takeo: The Entwined History In World War II, there was a biological weapons research and human experimentation team known as Unit 731, and they had many compounds. One of the compounds was in the very southern parts of Pingfang, Manchuria, where their excuse for the facility's existence was that it was a lumber mill, so they had logs and wood everywhere. Rumor from around the compound is that they referred to their human specimens as "logs." In the Rebirth intel for the campaign, it states that there was "Japanese biological research in Manchuria on the part of the Imperial Army's covert R&D group Unit 731." The Imperial Army was taking part in it, you say? Seems appropriate, seeing as Takeo Masaki is a Captain in the Imperial Army, judging by the stars on his uniform. Also note that Shi No Numa has wood all throughout the complex, not to mention The Flogger, made from wood. Some of you might say that there was no human experimentation going on inside Shi No Numa and that Takeo Masaki likely had no involvement in it, if it was there. However, I will kill two birds with one stone here and quote something from Takeo's biography, given by Treyarch: That sounds pretty disturbing to me, doesn't seem like a stretch for him to be involved in human experimentation. As noted in the Rebirth intel, it states there was Japanese research in Manchuria. However, some will point out that in Kino der Toten and on the Call of Duty website, quotes reference Shi No Numa as being in Japan, as opposed to where Manchuria was, which was China: "I found another rock. Maybe they stole this from Japan..." - vox_plr_2_egg_pedastool_1 "... we've pinned what sounds like an SOS signal to a remote jungle location in Japan." On the original thread, though, I feel as though AlphaSnake put it very clearly: Then, in a Origins Letter from the Field, Takeo mentions that he fought in the "battle of Muken" and his "leadership & victory" had been brought to the Emperor's attention. Now, there's no such "battle of Muken" in World War I, so what it appears he's talking about is the "Battle of Mukden" that took place between the Japanese and Russians in 1905, which the Japanese coincidentally did get a victory. If you're curious what Mukden is, it was the capital of Manchuria, which puts Takeo in Manchuria. Two counterarguments that I can't reconcile are the sound files of the Kookaburra and Hyena, both of which aren't found in Manchuria, but can be found in New Guinea, as Matuzz points out in his thread (I can't locate the CoDz version). DER EISENDRACHE EDIT New information has recently come to light with Der Eisendrache. In a radio, we heard one Dr. Groph discussing a Division #9's more ambitious weapons designs (prior to discovering Element 115), so it was immediately assumed by me and many others that Division #9 meant Germany's own 9th SS Panzer Division. I mean after all, the SS has heavy Group 935 ties and the division is a Panzer division. Then, we got a cipher (partially) saying that "After the success at the Rising Sun Facility, Division #9 is moving with Phase #2" and that the "island facility" was also operational. Immediately, the frame switched from not a German 9th Division, but a Japanese one. If that wasn't enough, it was found shortly thereafter that scraps of paper were littered through Der Eisendrache, each with Japanese writing on it. The translation is rough (reason in link above), but Takeo is writing to the Emperor and the very end mentions that he is now on the island. Additionally, he makes clear that Division #9 is present. @Matuzz, being the skilled theorist that he is, then went and found the Imperial Army's 9th Division (and wow). Their 9th Division went to both the Battle of Mukden in 1905 and were permanently re-located to Manchuria in 1940. I may have been off about the initial Unit 731 information four years ago, but I seemed to be on the right track with Manchuria! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed,
  5. The new map is finally out, after a long time waiting! As always, we like to ask how far you've gotten on the map and watch the progression in numbers as time goes on. Plus, sometimes, it's just fun to gloat. So, what's the highest round you guys have gotten to?
  6. Hey guys, Tac here! Zetsubou No Shima is upon us and even now, before the map has launched officially, there is a cipher solved. As more and more rolls outs, like radios, more ciphers, and eventually the quotes, I'll throw them all in here. Please note that this thread will be under constant construction, so be patient if something isn't fixed immediately as it likely will soon. Also note that this thread is a small portion of my much larger transcripts thread, which can be found here. Opening Cinematic Trailer Ending Cutscene Radios Codes/Ciphers Scraps
  7. In the theory community, the twists and turns that have come in Zombies from the end of Black Ops 2 forward has produced a bit of controversy in the community. Some love the additions, while others aren't as affectionate. But, of course, this too applies to the gameplay community with the introduction of thrashers, spiders, and of course swimming! Because of this, let's discuss! What are your thoughts on the map as a whole, and the various mechanics, weapons and features that have been implemented?
  8. Tac


    Don't forget Stronghold. Sitting on the rooftop looking towards mansion gets you longshots for days. Was fortunate enough to get 4 in one game with an HVK haha.
  9. Tac

    New Xbox/PC Zetsubou No Shima Trailer

    They already visited that place. Right after he says that and they go through the Rift, they enact their "insurance policy" and come back to ZNS, to now make their way to Stalingrad.
  10. Tac

    Der Eisendrache (in a nutshell)

    What became of Groph? Agreed completely with @Rissole25 and @NaBrZHunter; I think he's dead. Well, we know the Area 51 teleporter does exist. Not that I think he used that teleporter, and he likely did not, but it ought to be pointed out. Is Samantha in Control? I think that Blundell saying the Moon loading screen variant was canon should be considered in all of this. Samantha appears to be a shadow on not the Moon, as before, but Mars (or at least Shangri-La pre-transportation, wherever that may be). What Corrupted the Keeper? I don't think we can say that the Keeper took damage from Groph when above the MPD. We couldn't harm Samantha either, though as a human she too would take damage from these weapons.
  11. Some people will believe this, and some people won't, but Treyarch looks to the community for some guidance to what they do. Places like Reddit, CoDz, and YouTube are all searched by their staff, so a feedback thread is exactly what I think we need. What are some of the best/worst things you guys are finding about the map?
  12. Tac

    Call Of Duty Zombie Labs Cipher

    I did edit the brightness, but of course that causes even further quality issues. To compensate I tried increasing the sharpness and detail, but to no avail.
  13. I find the Infinite Warfare hate to be overdone and absurd, personally. I'll likely buy the most expensive version of this game, even though I don't really have the money to do so, as a fuck you to everyone who disliked the video. Obviously doesn't amount to much, but it's one way to voice an opinion.
  14. Tac

    Call Of Duty Zombie Labs Cipher

    I'm unsure. I lean towards it being low quality as opposed to an incorrect barcode format, but then again if these actually decode into something I can't imagine either of those things being the case. So I don't know.
  15. Tac

    Call Of Duty Zombie Labs Cipher

    I've tried numerous online barcode scanners and all of them won't even recognize there's a barcode present, so that's frustrating.. @anonymous if you number it from left to right, 1-5, read it as 2-3-4-1-5, or CODZL (Call of Duty Zombies Lab).
  16. Tac

    Teddy is a liar.....

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but what exactly are you referring to when you say "Teddy is a liar...?" Are you referring to how the quote is a mystery and you want more like that, or something else (like it being the computer password in Moon)? My apologies for misunderstanding, your inclusion of proper ciphers threw me of a bit :p
  17. Tac

    Jason Blundell answers our questions [kinda]

    Exactly. The precise phrasing was "codes and ciphers," which opens the door greatly on what could be included. I'm so torn on who I think it is. I want it to be someone bigger than the CoDZL person (unless it turns out to be someone huge I guess, like Porter, but still meh). As for the server, my assumption is that it's embedded somewhere in the BO3 terminal, but who knows.
  18. Tac

    Easter Egg Completion Icons

    I've never been a fan of the idea that something will be unlocked on The Giant (no matter how much I hope it happens), but these icons are definitely interesting. Interested to see if they themselves are anything more than indicators.
  19. Tac

    Voting Now Open: User of the Month May 2016

    Well done @DragonGJY, we're glad to have you :)
  20. Tac

    The ULTIMATE weasel theory!

    *can't tell if OP is serious, or nah....*
  21. @urbanrooster The crossword was actually solved by @WaterKH and others (link here)!
  22. Don't forget, voting for User of the Month is open! 

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      Go. Listen to him. Do it! 

  23. I've added all the non-medical/procedural translations to an imgur album:
  24. I apologize, I didn't realize I hadn't added the Emperor cipher to the OP so that has now been done. Along with this, the new cipher and completed genome scrap were also added. Has anyone made progress on numbers 4 and 5? I'm curious about the shinonuma and aurora keys
  25. Tac


    Yeah I personally lean towards there being no one in the fourth chamber. But, back on topic to Takeo, @Monopoly Mac pointed out to me last night that Report 44 shows that 935 was seeking these test subjects out. That differs from the original where, at least with Tank, it was more out of convenience that he was captured. That seems significant.

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