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    Nuk3town and Personalization Pack Now Free!

    Nuketown was first introduced in the original Black Ops and was an instant fan-favorite, “with its fast, frenetic engagements and classic run-and-gun gameplay,” as Activision put it. They reintroduced the map in Black Ops 2 as Nuketown 2025 (plus Nuketown Zombies), and then did the same again in Black Ops 3 as Nuk3town. Also in Black Ops 3 was the Nuk3town Personalization Pack, containing a weapon camo, three reticles, and a calling card (for those into that kind of thing)! Well, great news for those who love Nuketown! The map, as well as the Personalization Pack, is now available for free for all Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC users! Along with this, Treyarch has added a Nuk3town 24/7 Playlist to Black Ops 3 for the next week! So go grab the map, and we’ll see you online. :wink:

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    • rvnleaks

      Amidst the dark and eerie night
      A choice to make – to run or fight?
      The undead horde approaches fast
      Armed with weapons, till the very last
      In Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies
      The battle for survival never ceases
      A test of skill, courage and wits
      As waves of zombies just never quits
      Blood-soaked grounds and a burning sky
      The stakes are high, the danger nigh
      But in this game, we rise above
      To conquer the undead with brute, tough love
      With finger on the trigger and heart in hand
      We face the terror, and take a stand
      For in this game, we live or die
      With Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies, we must survive.
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    • rvnleaks

      and later released worldwide on December 14, 2011.
      The game features the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, with players fighting off waves of zombies as they try to survive for as long as possible. The game also includes a new storyline set in a Cold War-era Pentagon, with the characters from the original Zombies mode returning to fight off the undead.
      The game allows for up to four players to play together via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and also includes a single-player mode with a new leaderboard system to track high scores.
      Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies received mixed reviews upon release, with critics praising the game's addictive gameplay and multiplayer functionality, but criticizing the graphics and lack of content compared to the console versions of the game. Despite this, the game was a commercial success, with over a million downloads in its first week of release.
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    • rvnleaks

      The games in this series are primarily first-person shooters that simulate real-world combat scenarios, with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. Call of Duty has become one of the most successful and popular video game franchises in history, with millions of copies sold and numerous accolades and awards.
      Each Call of Duty game typically has a different setting and storyline, ranging from World War II to present day and beyond. The games often incorporate real-world events and locations, as well as fictionalized versions of historical battles and conflicts. Single-player campaigns usually revolve around a central protagonist or group of protagonists, while multiplayer modes offer a range of gameplay options and customization features.
      In addition to the video games, the Call of Duty franchise has expanded into other media, including books, comics, and a feature film. The games have also spawned a vibrant esports community, with professional players and teams competing in tournaments and leagues all over the world.
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    • rvnleaks

      Dr Maxis is alive, the Maxis Drone is a buildable drone that helps kills zombies, revives players and even grabs power-ups. The Maxis Drone consists of a Brain, Frame and Rotors. The Drones weapon is a MG08/15 and shoots for 90 seconds before needing to recharge.
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    • rvnleaks

      The new Wonder Weapon G-Strike is a tactical Grenade that is an upgraded version of the Monkey Bomb and when activated attracts zombies and becomes the target of a single napalm missile, however, if there is a Giant Robot on the map, the robot will fire several more missiles at the target.
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    • "Explore Jonesy's whimsical chocolate factory!" says the tagline for Jonesy's Chocolate Factory Experience. Billed as appropriate for 3 years and above, and advertising fun and exploration, I used up 40GB of my precious, SSD space to install Fortnite and visit Jonesy's whimsical chocolate factory. Yes, I'm still thinking about the infamous Willy Wonka Experience held in a sadly-decorated warehouse in Glasgow. I didn't visit it in real life for myself, but all of us have already been able to experience it vicariously through memes, quotes from frustrated parents, and interviews with the poor actors who had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they signed their contracts. And now it's in Fortnite. After trying it myself, I imagine the actual thing was pretty similar to Jonesy's Chocolate Factory Experience, a Fortnite Creative map made by player ImSachiko. With a complimentary jelly bean being handed out and children crying in the corner, it does not disappoint. Read more View the full article
    • Dune: Awakening puts a major focus on surviving on the extremely hostile desert planet Arrakis from the Dune movies and books, but that's not the only thing you'll have to survive. In addition to fighting other players, you'll also have the opportunity engage in the kinds of political machinations that are central to the classic sci-fi story. In developer Funcom's first Dune: Awakening Direct video, creative director Joel Bylos explains some of how you'll deal with the different factions at war for control of Arrakis, and it's incredibly valuable "spice." Those factions include the movies' protagonists, the Atreides, and antagonists, the Harkonnens, but other parties are trying to influence the flow of spice and the control of power on Arrakis, as well. "You start the game kind of lost in the desert, and then by the end of the game, maybe you're the next Baron Harkonnen," Bylos said. "As you make your way through the game, you progress and you sort of meet these factions in the world. The Atreides and the Harkonnen are at war, there's a War of Assassins going on, as it's called. And as a player, you decide which side you want to help, which side you want to join, then you start to partake in missions for those factions. And eventually you work your way up through the ranks of the factions, and maybe you take on a position of power as well. So the politics are designed to actually encourage players to develop their own politics around the sandbox system." During a recent Dune: Awakening preview event, Bylos gave a little more context for the politics system. In addition to fighting for control of Arrakis on the ground, both factions are trying to win favor in the Landsraad, the council of Great Houses in Dune that serves as a powerful governing body, by currying favor and winning the votes of the other houses, he said. A Great House delegate might ask for a large haul of spice, with whichever faction delivers it winning that vote. "I expect there to be quite a bit of intrigue among the [player-made] guilds within the factions as well, because you get scored based on various things there," he said. "We want to give people competitive objectives to fight over, so that's kind of the goal." You don't have to get mixed up in the warfare or the political maneuvering directly if you don't want to, though. In the video, the developer explained that Funcom's sandbox approach to Dune: Awakening offers different avenues to contribute to the greater goals of your faction or the player guilds you might join. "You can play however you want," Bylos said. "The idea is to be a sandbox and allow people to approach how they want. One of the rules, or one of the pillars of the game is expression and customization. And that's not just about visuals, it's customizing how you want to play the game. So it's really thinking about like, Well, I really like to craft and just set up my little crafting setup and sell things on the Exchange [Dune: Awakening's in-game auction house] to other players. So you can do that, you can basically Live your life as a crafter, you can also be an architect, as we talked about, you can be a pilot, a scout, you're not really heavily involved in the fighting, but you go out and you craft maps that you sell to other players, as well, of the world." Dune: Awakening is slated to release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, but currently has no set release date. You can sign up for the Dune: Awakening closed beta on its website. View the full article
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