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    • Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players have noticed that the RNG of the Battle Stadium is not working as intended. As shared on reddit, user Lord-Trolldemort noticed that the accuracy of certain moves was rigged. And as the Battle Stadium is the game's ranked online mode, this could have serious implications. Read more View the full article
    • If you thought Pokémon Scarlet and Violet had been mined of all its weird, buggy content - well, here's another one for you. Players have discovered you can kiss your Meowscarada. Or at least make Meowscarada lean in and call it a kiss. In what was presumably an oversight from the developers at Game Freak - and not intentional - fans have found you can align your character and Meowscarada just a little too well, allowing for a kiss-like interaction when out picnicking. Why would you want to kiss Meowscarada? Well, when its design leaked shortly before launch, people quickly made hordes of fan art, some of which was not particularly wholesome or Safe For Work. Read more View the full article
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