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  1. Haven't made a post in a while. How have things been on the site? Seen alot of arguments in another thread pertaining to the future of the site. I see Triix has changed his username. How you been dude? Its been a long time I left the site cos of various reasons. If anyone is interested I don't mind posting why. Twitter is where I live now really and I've made some really good friends through here like Waffles, Strwrsbob, LiamFTWinter; especially Tac, Covy, Mikeh12, MohawkLogan, Johnson (aka LemonLiam). I like to stay in contact with these guys outside of CoDz. If people want to know what i've been up to, I recently started University working on a Video Games Design course, love it! Also been working and launched a new site which is in my profile, (I wont link here to avoid spam). So I was reading up, looks like people are looking for a PS3 playdate. I haven't play a CoD game for like half a year now, but thinking of doing a special occasion playdate with some members of the site. Anyone interested?
  2. Ya. I'm busy running my own forum now. Follow me on Twitter. Easier to contact me and see what i'm up to. :)
  3. What KrazyCookies said, they can't really be compared side by side. Personally, i'm sick of CoD. Its no longer fun for me. When friends invite me to play I feel its more of a chore. Another reason is that Treyarch really let me down with the PS3 version. Its pretty much unplayable and doesn't even run at 60fps, (something ALL CoD's have been able to do and has been one of its selling points). Not to mention each CoD looks like it took 2 months to make and the rest of the time seems to be marketing. There's no innovation. Go look at the MW3 gameplay and tell me if you see anything drastically new? I'd like to see at least 5 things that have been changed that are night and day noticable. The models for guns, sounds, voices and models for the cars are exactly the same. I've been saying this for years, but I am a supporter of innovation. Look at what DICE is doing and you can see pure innovation right there. I guess i've matured a bit more as well since the early CoD days and prefer working in a team and take down objectives rather than worry about my K/D ratio. An example is when you play BC2, you earn a score and thats the only thing visible on the scoreboard because it shows how well you're contributing to the team. Kills don't earn you as many points as defending an M-Com, reviving a team mate, supplying health packs and ammo. I also admire DICE for making sure each version of their game is identical on both consoles, something I rarely see from CoD. Also, any faith I did have is now gone along with half of the original Infinity Ward studio who went to Respawn Ent. at EA. Can't wait to see what those genius' next game is. This is not to say I won't be picking up the game at all, not at all. I will simply pick it up used as I don't believe Activision or half of Infinity Ward/Sledghammer games are worthy of being supported by my hard earned money. I'll simply pick it up used once it drops under at least half price.
  4. No I won't be buying it. At least brand new. Wont support Activision and their greedy campaign. At most ill buy it used. BF3 for me. I am a huge gaming freak. I listen to like 2 hours of gaming podcasts EVERY day. In every single episode everyone has said that Modern Warfare 3 is nothing special. These people actually went to E3 and got to demo the game. Looks pretty much the same as CoD4 and I have even heard that they wont be buying. What kind of polish will they need to put on MW3? Its CoD... its not like its a new engine. Same engine, same MP, same campaign and in 1 and half years, you can't really expand much. I'll quote what a host from PS Nation Podcast said: "Modern Warfare 3? Ya its just that, 'Modern Warfare' with a '3' at the end of it." David Jaffe (the guy behind the God of War series and Twisted Metal), even said its the 'same old sh*t.' A programmer at Naughty Dog even said Call of Duty is no longer impressive. You can make the argument about it being fun and all, but imo, Call of Duty stopped being fun a few months after MW2. And the PS3 owners got the worst of it with Black Ops. Im done with CoD.
  5. Get it on 360. Call of Duty is horrible on the PS3. I regret buying Black Ops because of the problems it has. PS Move is teh epics. What Phil said. lolkinect.
  6. I think its legit whether it does or does not come out for Black-Ops because of MW3. Like Map Pack 4 was cancelled for WaW cos of MW2 right? So I think that if this map pack does not come out, it will be because of MW3.
  7. No, this was cos the enemies were actually called the Taliban rather than a generic name like OPFOR (opposing forces) in all the other games. Don't ask, i dunno why people made a big deal out of it but they did and I personally think EA knew what they were doing and was kind of a publicity stunt, but hey, it worked.
  8. gv9hhAmLEw0 Nah, I mean more like this... Zz_vrbUCCvg
  9. Nobody? Nobody at all? COME OOOON! it will be awesome :D
  10. ahhh this thread again. Well I have something to add. Have you guys played Mortal Kombat? Or at least seen the fatalities and x-ray moves? They are so gruesome. Would give my 8 year old cousin nightmares. Look at Kung Laos buzzsaw. My gonads hurt a little when I saw that. How I see it, is that Treyarch either couldnt be bothered or didnt have enough time to put the facial animations in and twisted it to make it seem like it was too good that they couldnt put it in which raised hype and worked in Activi$ion and Treyarch's favour. Sort of like a publicity stunt.
  11. That was a fun read. For some really random reason, I enjoyed.reading that. O.o Anywho, welcome back! :)
  12. Anybody here thinking of going to the Eurogamer Expo in London this year? Its on late september. http://www.eurogamer.net/expo/ Since we launched our website, (link in my signature), we have grown in terms of size, received new writers and become eligible for Press Passes to the Eurogamer Expo meaning we will get exclusive access to certain areas within, be able to access earlier than the public and speak to developers of games which will do wonders for our site. Public can also buy tickets for a little over £8. Just to confirm who will be attending as press, is myself, MrRoflWaffles, Mikeh12 and one of our new writers, Ben Stoker. Mikeh and Ben will be bringing along a few other friends and I will bring Namu, another one of our writers who I know personally. Will anybody else be going to the Eurogamer Expo in the UK? If so let me know and it would be cool to hook up with some people from CoDz and be able to put names to faces and overall have a great time! I don't live in London so ill be staying at either a hotel or a hostel so it would be great if you maybe stayed nearby. I could bring my PS3 down and we could play some CoD at a hotel or maybe some other games. Thought i'd let people know. Wolfy
  13. nooonono, it's HIS SITE that he's advertising. Btw i gots teh maps for free wolfeh, muahaha Yes but hes helping us out with the info towards this easter egg which is from his site. I don't really see anything wrong with that. Its not just blatant advertising. And good for you spaz, I got Ascension free and will probably be getting this free... aww yeah 8-)
  14. Why are you guys hating on him? Just hear him out. This is not what the CoDz community is known for. Don't go flaming people. He is being polite and following the rules and is just helping us out with info he found from elsewhere. This behaviour is immature and not welcome in CoDz.
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