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  1. Haven't made a post in a while. How have things been on the site? Seen alot of arguments in another thread pertaining to the future of the site. I see Triix has changed his username. How you been dude? Its been a long time I left the site cos of various reasons. If anyone is interested I don't mind posting why. Twitter is where I live now really and I've made some really good friends through here like Waffles, Strwrsbob, LiamFTWinter; especially Tac, Covy, Mikeh12, MohawkLogan, Johnson (aka LemonLiam). I like to stay in contact with these guys outside of CoDz. If people want to know what i've been up to, I recently started University working on a Video Games Design course, love it! Also been working and launched a new site which is in my profile, (I wont link here to avoid spam). So I was reading up, looks like people are looking for a PS3 playdate. I haven't play a CoD game for like half a year now, but thinking of doing a special occasion playdate with some members of the site. Anyone interested?
  2. No I won't be buying it. At least brand new. Wont support Activision and their greedy campaign. At most ill buy it used. BF3 for me. I am a huge gaming freak. I listen to like 2 hours of gaming podcasts EVERY day. In every single episode everyone has said that Modern Warfare 3 is nothing special. These people actually went to E3 and got to demo the game. Looks pretty much the same as CoD4 and I have even heard that they wont be buying. What kind of polish will they need to put on MW3? Its CoD... its not like its a new engine. Same engine, same MP, same campaign and in 1 and half years, you can't really expand much. I'll quote what a host from PS Nation Podcast said: "Modern Warfare 3? Ya its just that, 'Modern Warfare' with a '3' at the end of it." David Jaffe (the guy behind the God of War series and Twisted Metal), even said its the 'same old sh*t.' A programmer at Naughty Dog even said Call of Duty is no longer impressive. You can make the argument about it being fun and all, but imo, Call of Duty stopped being fun a few months after MW2. And the PS3 owners got the worst of it with Black Ops. Im done with CoD.
  3. well its not really the xbox getting it a month early. Its all the other platforms getting it a month or 2 (pc) late :/
  4. A year might be too long no? Perhaps 6th months or by Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. ?
  5. Highlighting the text below reveals a spoiler relating to Metal Gear Solid 4. If you have yet to play the series or this game, and don't want to know the story, don't highlight it... It was a shame that happened but a great twist in the story. Its like how in MGS4, everyone who didn't fully watch the end of the credits thought Snake killed himself. I was crying manly tears up to that point until after the credits. (What? Wolfys can cry... e.e)... Anyway, the point is, people were p*ssed off that Snake had died but it was also the most perfect ending. Twas so epic... but didn't end that way..
  6. with like 80 people watching....
  7. Sure, my CoDz PSN is in my sig. Make sure you write your CoDz name when you add me as I have way too many people to remember. Im not on that often though, (finishing off school and stuff), but ill let people know when I am. CDZPodcast is a podcast we started recently. I finally got us up on iTunes. Me CovertGunman, Strwrsbob, Lissa110 and MrRoflWaffles are the hosts. http://www.twitter.com/cdzpodcast
  8. Thanks and your welcome (for the iTunes).
  9. Only other think I can suggest is to download it from our website onto your PC or laptop and use compression software to decrease the size but the sound quality will be decreased at the same time. Sorry, can't really do anything about that.
  10. Moar quality = moar quantity in this case, so delete those apps you have :lol:
  11. Try streaming from the website. http://cdzpodcast.podbean.com/ I don't own an Apple product so I wouldn't know if it works or not.
  12. Chaos Drop Zone is now official. We're on iTunes, w0000000000000000000t! iTuney =D
  13. ^This, In zombies I rage a lot tho... freaking nubs... ¬¬

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