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    new discoveries for big easter egg.

    Well, someone else has to at least test out this baked dude's claims. There seemed to be a distinct lack of EE in Kino. I would do it, but my Xbox is fried. Edit: What this guy is talking about sounds pretty complicated, and the post above says EE's didn't start until Ascension (wrong, in my opinion). Maybe 3arc just got a little too excited about community involvement and exploration and made the Kino EE's SUPER difficult to uncover in order to give the zombies community a proverbial hard-on. Anyone remember the spawn room in Kino with the boards on the upper windows forming the Roman numerals XIIV? Now, I understand as Roman numerals go, this combination is incorrect. However, if you separate each letter, X I I V, you come out with 10, 1, 1, 5...'10115', which just so happens to be an area code in MANHATTAN! I've pointed this out before, but I'm pointing it out again. Take it as you will. I'm gonna leave it at that. Thank you.
  2. dustyspud

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Perhaps we should, but I won't be doing so until August 23rd at the earliest, unless there is some proof that the DR server in fact does not exist? Something I missed? I'm being sincere, too. I'd like to know if I'm turning into a "the next EE step" guy.
  3. dustyspud

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    Rezurrection bump I made a topic regarding the possibility of finally cracking the Der Riese server with hints and clues in Rezurrection, but it got moved to the Black Ops forum. I decided to post it in here simply as a reply, but included the link if you wish to respond to the topic. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=14998 With the release of the final Black Ops map pack, could we finally crack the Der Riese server, and possibly the DoD server? Aside from finding user names, we have made zero progress in gaining access to these illusive remote servers. I think it's safe to assume there is a boatload of backstory in the DR server, and it makes sense that we would be granted access in the final BO map pack. Also, the fact that hardened/prestige buyers have to re-download the classic maps (instead of just dl'ing the new content) leads me to believe there will be updates revealing the passwords, or at least pointing us in the right direction. Finally, just to make this Moon forum appropriate, maybe all we need will be revealed in this lunar hellscape. Throw in your two cents.
  4. dustyspud

    The Richtofen Shrine

    Oooohhh, nice. Is it only the person with the Focusing Stone who retains perks, or do all players get this ability? Too bad this can't be done on solo, although it might make it impossible to die. Sorry to hijack your thread, Liam. Just had a few questions, then I'll get back to OP.
  5. dustyspud

    The Richtofen Shrine

    A little off topic, but how do you get additional perks, as in more than four?
  6. dustyspud

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    I sure have. Didn't work though.
  7. In one of the radios on CotD, Richtofen says that he thinks he killed the "specimen from Mexico". Mexico, you say? That would explain the writing in Spanish part, but what exactly does that writing mean? (I mean a legit translation, not an internet translation of sentence fragments) Who was this person, and where do they fit in to the story, if at all? As for the map itself, I read in another thread that the map is of Mayan Origin? Possibly another Central/South American nation? This could be a clue to our jungle map, or perhaps it in some way outlines the location of the map, similar to the boards in Der Riese. Also, when trying to translate it, keep in mind some of the torn pieces are actually the pieces of paper around the map with the numbers on them. For example, the purple paper has a 6 and fits back into the poster in a way that the writing will then say "Cuando los 6 -something illegible- juntos poder sera de nosotros." "When the 6 -somethings- are together". That's all I know off the top of my head. Last thought, could this "specimen from Mexico" perhaps be the person in the blanked out portrait?
  8. dustyspud

    Der Riese Server Exploration

    This just popped into my head: what if the 4 radios that beep in CotD are the heros' passwords on the Der Riese server, just in morse code?
  9. dustyspud

    Interaction with Romero

    It takes A LOT to kill him, but I assure you that it can be done. I did it today in solo, and it took a full waffle, a whole death machine, a full v-r11 (not upped), most of a Hyena Infra-Dead, 3 or 4 full scavengers, plus other random damage from throughout the game. I got another death machine which finally put him down. He starts to spark orange instead of blue when you're getting close, and drops a waffle once you kill him. You also get a free perk, but it's not a pick-up, it just gives it to you. He does return after like 2 rounds, though. This, however, does make it possible to get all seven perks.
  10. dustyspud

    Radio Locations

    I found a couple more, but can't describe their location too well yet. I'm gonna play through again.
  11. dustyspud

    Radio Locations

    I've found one so far: Go down the ice slide to speed cola, go outside, and it's basically straight ahead on a rock. It's a recording of Richtofen talking about the dg-2 and some experiment ( I couldn't listen too closely because George and a crawler were on me). Post any others you find!
  12. dustyspud

    How Far Have you Gotten?

    I'm on 16 solo right now with a zeus cannon, commando, matryoshka dolls, jugg, staminup, and the sickle. I lost all my revives like a n00b. Edit: just went down on 18.
  13. dustyspud

    The True identity of the Thief!

    Do you have any idea how many people have pointed out that Anti Earth is arguing his theory as if it were the absolute and final truth and that all contrary evidence is just "fuel for doubt". Probably a dozen or so, but all were labeled doubters or 5 year olds or idiots. Well, yeah, it IS doubt. People DOUBT your "theory". Now prove beyond the shadow of a DOUBT that this is true. Otherwise GTFO already. Pointless thread needs to become productive or die.
  14. dustyspud

    Possibly a very cool finding?

    If you're unsure, use the search feature.
  15. dustyspud

    What Will The New Power Weapon Be??

    We already have a water-based weapon-- Winter's Howl. You see, ice=water.

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