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  1. You got those back asswards. I don't get what you mean.
  2. I would say either Noon PST, which is about 3 minutes, or noon EST, which is about 3 hours :/
  3. I went to see The Dark Knight Rises today, and before you ask... Yes. It was amazing. But before the film started, they played a bunch of adverts. Expendables 2, Madagascar 3, then... The lights went out, and who do I see? I swear down, seeing that trailer on the big screen gave me goosebumps. If you're planning on going to see The Dark Knight, look forward to the Villain trailer being played before hand. According to the Black Ops face-book, it's being played before most showings. Good luck with it, and report back if you see Commander Briggs on the big screen. And enjoy the film. I promise, the ending was superb. Absolutely superb.
  4. How do we know that's not additions to create a class?
  5. Taken from http://www.charlieintel.com Indianapolis Colts superstar and CoD fan Dwight Freeney stops by Treyarch Studios for a behind-the-scenes look at Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 from Studio Head Mark Lamia, Weapon Artist Mark Manto, Lead Designer Chris Cowell and Audio Director Brian Tuey. Also, any guesses as to what this is? Tipter @ChristianTHeen seems to believe this might be a our first look at the create-a-class menu but we have some doubts since the image is so blurry. You decide...
  6. ccm404e


    Here, here! Real nice to see how long this place has been up and running for. Sense of pride, ya know. *tear rolls down cheek*
  7. I think it's perfectly plausible for the villain to be a brainwashed, almost psychotic version of Mason. One thing we learned from Black Ops 1 is that not everything is as it seems.
  8. If it's of any importance, Cordis Die is Latin for "of the day"
  9. I don't play with randoms. I only ever play Zombies when I got others. But there was this one time... Me and my friends were really struggling to find a 4th guy to do the Shangri La Easter Egg with, so we just went into a random game and asked people whether they knew the Egg or not. After a few times backing out of the lobby, we got a guy who knew what he was doing, and was fine with being told what to do. Not a bad experience if you ask me :P
  10. I'd like to just say that list is of guns we've seen so far. There are bound to be many more assaults than subs 'cause all we've seen in Campaign, and there are tonnes more assault rifles in campaign.
  11. I think most people complained because they were so used to MW2 kills speed, and you know Call of Duty players when it comes to changing things! TBH, people are gunna find things wrong with Black Ops II anyway, Treyarch might as well just do what they feel is right, which I trust.
  12. Since Gamestop is an American company, and a completely different one to UK's Game, You will not get that store's pre-order rewards. That'd be like going into Wal-Mart and being disappointed they don't sell ASDA own brand cereal.
  13. Gunna wait 'till they reveal the Hardened Editions, then pre-order that. I like the idea of Nuketown being back. I do like throwback maps. They make you feel a tad nostalgic, like Terminal coming back for MW3 in a few weeks. It's great :)
  14. It is the new way to launch grenades. As his arm tubey launchy thingy fired nades, the regular grenade counter went down. I imagine that the longer you hold it down, the more it cooks. Or we're not using regular frags anymore, we're using some other more futuristic variation of grenades. Who knows.
  15. Since the Flare was WaW's WW2 conuterpart to the more Modern flash grenades seen in CoD4, and Black Ops II is set even further in the future than CoD4, I highly doubt it. We'll see flashes and stuns returning, or something even futury than that.
  16. A day or so before World At War came out, they uploaded a Trailer to the YT Channel. There wasn't one for Black Ops. You can't really put a date on when we get info. We got little to none for Black Ops 1. This time round we seem to be getting tiny little hints and nods here and there, but don't expect a big reveal thing until after the Multiplayer reveal.
  17. As for this, I haven't heard anything yet on a Prestige or Hardened Edition, but I think that if there was a Prestige Edition, a Quadrotor is not out of the question to be included. Pretty sure it doesn't mean double the amount in a round. They could have done that on Black Ops 1, but they're making a big deal over being able to add more Zombies by moving it over to the multiplayer engine. I'm pretty sure they literally mean, "there will be more Zombies"
  18. It's a tricky one. Would they put them in? I think it'd be wrong to release it as DLC, seeing as people who bought the WaW DLC and the Rezurrection DLC would have paid for those maps a third time if they came out as DLC on BOII. And Treyarch gave Rezurrection out for free for people who had gotten the Hardened or Prestige editions, so it's definitely plausible for the previous maps to just be included for free. As for Zombie amount caps, I dunno. I guess they'll just cap it at the usual amount as not to change them too much. But, i'm sure there won't be any lag on a map with only 24 Zombies on it, if the engine is perfectly capable of running almost double that.
  19. While it's a nice idea Jolteon, the exterior of the diner in the trailers is totally different to the Mack Diner we've seen. My best guess is that the Mack Diner is a reference image for a part of "The Map". Odds are the diner will just be a place we can go with a box spawn and possibly a perk machine or wall weapon. Nice ideas though
  20. What we've seen of it so far is it's use in the campaign. When we think about the Storm PSR in multiplayer, you have to take into account that Vahn and the team will heavily re-arrange the way the gun works to balance it with multiplayer. We don't know for sure how many walls or how thick the cover we can shoot through can be, but I reckon it'd be really, really handy to flush out campers. I mean, i'd kill for this gun to get rid of the guys who camp in the middle section on Resistance. The main downside I see is having to charge it up to fire through really thick surfaces. It takes time. If you're just stood there, ADS, waiting for the gun to charge up, then you're completely defenseless. You've got next to no peripheral vision, and no means of attacking an oncoming threat within good time unless you drop your weapon and switch to your side-arm, making you have to re-charge up again. I think this is what they're gunna focus on mainly in terms of balancing it. It's definitely a slow paced weapon. We're not gunna able to do any run n gunning with this sniper, that's not it's purpose.
  21. Similar to what Liam said, they're gunna be showing something that appeals to the masses. Campaign is very probable, so it'll be a campaign mission that we have seen or have heard about. My guess is either a shortened version of LA Mission, a clip from the Yemen or Afghanistan. I doubt we'd see Strike Force. Whoever it is, probably Lamia, would be stood there divulging into all the real technical aspects that Strike Force contains, and that'd go right over the heads of the "mass" audience.
  22. That is so cool. Really nice guy, nothing we didn't know already, but great to watch all the same. Question... How easy was it to get that interview? No offence to you or anything, but you're not the biggest YouTuber about. More popular than most, but you're not super duper YT famous or anything. Did you just message him?
  23. Jus little old me chipping in here... When we say "Zombies Campaign", what do we mean exactly? An on-rails story mode similar to that of previous Call of Duty campaigns? I think that's what most people are thinking. Nuh uh. I doubt it'll be anything like that. Simply a mode where the game-play and tasks set are heavily contributing to the story. From the interviews and such I've seen so far, we will still have classic horde mode, as we're used to. That's one thing they've stressed, is that Zombies as we know and love is not budging. In recent maps, really from Ascension onward, I felt as though the balance between telling a great story, and making a great map, was breaking down a bit. Take Moon, for example. An epic cliff-hanger for the Zombies story, but the map design was a tad shoddy. Way too much new stuff that wasn't thought through enough in my opinion. So maybe, this is a way in which we can have a mode that delivers greats maps and has superb game-play, and then a separate mode in which we discover everything. Where the more we play and do... whatever the game-mode entails... uncovers more of the previous story and furthers the story too. Just my two cents 'n' such. Have nice day. CCM
  24. The whole "especially if you're into Machinima" is definatley a hint at Theatre Mode in Zombies. Right,I am gon start scripting some epic Zombag Shizzle. Who's with me :D
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