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  1. In "Suffer with me" Hudson says he did it because Menendez was going to Kill David Mason. So I don't think he is the mole.
  2. There won't be MW3 style maps. Even if they are small tight cornered the overall design of how building and stuff are place will be far better than MW3.
  3. I'll just put up some analysis of the trailer. 1:01 Breaking Woods out of Hanio? 1:54 Hudson, Operation Charbydis?
  4. except the end of Black Ops wasn't a flashback that was live.
  5. I am going to use a Q.E.D. to play them all at the same time.
  6. already found some things about zombies in New Brunswick. 115 college avenue there is a historic mansion with Italianate style of architecture. Bishop House. It is a historic place.
  7. If you saw the E3 campaign footage at E3 you don't throw grenades anymore you use a arm mounted grenade launcher. My question is how would it be possible to cook grenades?
  8. The only problem i have with your theory is why would they go to Ascension to get a pocket teleporter when they had big teleporters at Kino Der Toten.
  9. I believe that you undue the Nuke from Moon. I think you can all agree this will happen at some time in zombies. Along with that we are still not sure what those rockets had.
  10. No some event happend in between Moon and Ascension that switched the roles back. Something big and bloody most likely. Which could explain the characters appearances.
  11. I believe somewhere in Blops II Richtofen or Sam would have brainwashed the rest of the crew again. Also when Sam says come find me at the end of the Ascension easter egg this leads me to believe she is not in the pyramid because Richtofen knew she was there.
  12. That still does not explain why they look diffrent and the red eyes. Any theories about this?
  13. The only refrence of Ascension i have seen is in Cotd when tank says "Oh come on! This better be more rewarding than last time. Stupid Gersch." That was more of a joke as in Shangri La tank also talks about the player and Treyarch alot.
  14. Currently almost everybody is saying that Ascension happens after Kino and before Cotd. Now i don't understand this. Here is my reasons. The most logical way out of Kino is teleporting. You don't start Ascension being teleported, you start on a lander. All of the characters look diffrent. However they look the same way in Kino and Cotd. Red eyes before they removed the moon on Ascension and changed the menu screen the characters had red zombie eyes. In the radios Yuri says he see Sam, If she was in the pyramid how could he have seen here? Last and this is the biggest one. Takeo says he wants to kill Richtofen for what he has done. He says something similar at the end of the Moon easter egg. In Ascension he didn't have a big reason to kill him. He never talks about it at all in Shangri La. So i think in the Blops II zombie maps will get Sam her body back, Undue the effects of the rockets from Moon easter egg, and Sam will be able to freely travel between the Aether and Earth/Moon.
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